World of War: Modern Times

World of War-Revenge(Final)

World of War: Revenge


World of War: Global Warfare

The World of War series is a newly founded series that is going to be made by Golden Age Games, Montana Hills Studios and Pickaxe Productions. It is going to be published by PremierVision.


World of War: Modern TimesEdit

An introduction to the series. This is a realistic type and is made to simulate the difficulties and challenges of Warfare, this has been successfully completed.

World of War: RevengeEdit

A less realistic installment though buzzing with potential when a co-op campaign and fresh, new online multiplayer look. This game has been completed.

World of War: Global WarfareEdit

A confirmed World of War title. This game is completed.

World of War: StrandedEdit

A newly confirmed title scheduled to be made by Pickaxe Productions.

World of War: Over the TopEdit

A World War I-based installment going to be developed by Montana Hills Studios.

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