World of War: Global Warfare
Developer(s) Golden Age Games
Publisher(s) PremierVision
Engine WoW 1.1
Genre(s) First-Person Shooter
Mode(s) Singleplayer Campaign, Undead Carnage Co-Op
Platform(s) PS3

World of War: Global Warfare is the third main installment in the World of War series. It was confirmed on the 8th November, 2010 and is in production stages. It is going to be developed by Golden Age Games and it will be published by PremierVision. It is confirmed to be the goriest installment in the series, including more obscene language than the past two installments, including noticeable damage to faces and body parts after scripted events. The game also introduces a new mode, Undead Carnage.


The game is set in an ongoing war between the American, Britain and Australian forces versus the Ultranationalists and Taliban. The game is set in the year 2043, when the war is picking up speed and getting bigger. Just about topped off by an assassination.





S.A.S. (Cut)Edit

Richard Woods

Andy Barlow


Roger Pullman

Josh Holmes

Michael Baron

John Croshaw

Dylan Carter

Carl Bombarder


Ian Jordan-James

Lancer Johnson

Prince's RS-13Edit

Roger Prince


Joe Valirover

Olaf Tutchenko

Alexander Faust

Campaign OperationsEdit

"Mutation": Day 1, 2043 - Escape from the mutation compound in one piece.

"Political Battle": Day 2, 2043 - Kill Joe Valirover.

"Mountain Climb": Day 3, 2043 - Reach the summit of a mountain.

"Undead Research": Day 4, 2043 - Capture and kill Lancer Johnson.

"Operation: Alpha": Day 4, 2043 - Escape the compound and return with intel on Alexander Faust.

"Death to Dictators": Day 6, 2043 - Kill Alexander Faust.

"Frostbite": Day 7, 2043 - Discover intel on the base.

"Crossroads": Day 8, 2043 - Continue in-search of the intel.

"Compromised": Day 8, 2043 - Find the intel and leave.

"Forest": Day 9, 2043 - Get intel in a woodland base.

"End of the Line": Day 10, 2043 - Kill Olaf Tutchenko.

Undead CarnageEdit

This game introduces a Cooperation mode called Undead Carnage. In this mode, Josh Holmes, Roger Pullman, Carl Bombarder and Olaf Tutchenko all become playable characters as they attempt to hold of infinite waves of zombies that are approaching Olaf's office.


Light Machine GunsEdit


Sniper RiflesEdit

Giganto 43


Cyclops Pistol




  • This game is going to run off the recently confirmed WoW 1.1 game engine.

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