World War IV is a fictional war in the Call of Duty series. It is featured in Call of Duty 9: World War IV.


World War III


Europe War Greece-Macedonia war(Late 2022)



World War IV

World War IV


July 15th 2021-Present


Shanghai, America, Russia, Milan, New Zealend, Monaco, Siberia, Britain, Bolivia, Middle east, Caucasus, Europe other parts of the world


Conflict ongoing


Task Force 141 NATO USA Britain France Germany Spain Poland Belgium Denmark Italy Luxembourg Moldova Portugal Slovakia Slovenia Romania Croatia Albania Turkey Czech Republic Bulgaria Greece Georgia(late 2022) Macedonia

Shadow Company Ultranationalists (CIS) China Russia Ukraine Belarus Turkmenistan South Ossetia Republic of Dagestan(late 2022) Other CIS coutries Various ulranationist resistance forces in Asia(late 2022)


Soap MacTavish, Toby Lane, John Price, President Jack Wellston (President of USA) Various NATO and UN presidents ministries and military officers.

Dimitri Reneveger, Commander Jack Sword, General Ian Gold, Alexander Petrov, Gen. Dragovich (late 2022 for a short time before captured). Other CIS leaders military officers and ministries. President of Dagestani Republic Ivan Andreevich Gugaz Resinstence leaders South Ossetia Boyeviki





Thosands and millions of soldiers and civilians killed wounded or captured

Thosands and millions of soldiers and civilians killed wounded or captured


Battles and OperationsEdit

  • Operation: Shanghai - Bear Company raid Shanghai.
  • Battle of Chicago - U.S. Army Rangers invade Chicago.
    World war 3
  • Operation: Payback - TF 141 and B Company secure a mansion in Russia.
  • Operation: Atomic Delievery - TF 141 and Bear Company deliever a nuke to Dimitri Reneveger but escape.
  • Battle of San Francisco - U.S. Army Rangers invade San Francisco.
  • Operation: Commanders - Bear Company kill the Shadow Company commanders in New Zealand.
  • Operation: Rescue - Bear Company and TF 141 rescue Soap MacTavish and John Price.
  • Battle of Miami - U.S. Army Rangers invade Miami.
  • Operation: Ultimatum - Alexander Petrov is captured by at least 2500 soldiers.
  • Battle of Orlando - U.S. Army Rangers invade Orlando.
  • Operation: Gold City - TF 141 and Bear Company raid Gold City (Location) in Bolivia.
    Near Future War Wallpaper nw707
  • Battle of Washington D.C. - U.S. Army Rangers invade Washington D.C. for the second time.
  • Operation: Clues - Bear Company discover where Emperor Dimitri Reneveger is.
  • Battle of Moscow - Dimitri Reneveger is killed and the remains of TF 141 and Bear Company escape.
  • Operation: Nuke - The surviving Ultranationalists detonates a nuclear bomb near the White House, Washington D.C killing the US president and destroying Washington.
  • Operation: Dagastani Ivan - CIA operation to kill the Dagastani president Ivan Gugaz who is supected to be working with the ultranationalists.
  • Operation Snowman - A Bear Company team attemets to rescue the CIA assasins who killed the Dagastani president.
  • Invasion of Turkey - The Dagastani army invades Turkey. NATO brings reinforcements of TF141, US and Bulgarian forces. The Dagastan invade force is defeated.
  • Second invasion of Turkey - Russian and Dagastani forces invade Turkey again. This time Russian strategic rockets hit NATO equipment and some Turkish cities. Many wounded or killed civians and military personnel. The Rusian and Dagastan force in and makes NATO to evacuate the turkish cilivians and militery personnel and Turkey is in Russian rule.
  • Invasion of Bulgaria - The Russian foces invades Bulgaria by two sides from Bosforus and from the borders with Romania.
  • Invasion of Greece-The new Russian navy "Bosforus" and it's naval troops and forces invade Greece from multiple sides and many amphibious assaults of Greece islands.
  • Operation Hyena - TF141 team Col. Price, Gen. Mactavish, Maj. Bucks and Staff Sgt. Frost sneak in arms dealler Warrabe s coastal town and takes and captures him alive.
  • Shutdown in Saudi Arabia - TF141 team is shut down but they survive and manage to escape with the help of Loyalists and the local navy.
  • Operation: Task Force Charlie - Joint operation with Wolf Company, Bear Company, Navy Seals and the U.S. Marine Corps to take over a valley in Nortern Iran and capture Gen. Dragovich alive.
  • The Caucasus Region Unstable - After the capture of Gen. Dragovich the Russia controlled Dagastan, Turkey, Georgia, and other neighboring countries were unstable than ever before. It was a mess every commander of the Russian controlled Dagastani army was striving for power! The soldiers were weakened and less motivated, which was the perfect time for NATO to strike back!
  • Recapture of the Aegean Sea - The islands under russian control were attacked by a NATO task force called A.R.M.A that was also the codename for the operation.
  • 639px-Prague church interior Eye of the Storm MW3
    The Rebellion in Romania and Bulgaria - Although small contries in this big war, Bulgaria and Romania were backed by NATO in the rebellion against Russian forces in their countries. A small CIA team was sent to help them with support of 2 TF141 operatives. They were organise the rebellion and help them to overtrown the Russian force in both countries before NATO is able to officially liberate the countries.
  • The Rebellion In Central Asia - At the same time CIA organises a group of agents to sneak into Kazahstan and help a group of a local paramilitery group to organise a rebellion in Kazahstan and liberate Central Asia from Russian rule.
  • The Rescue Of Boris Vorshevski - The allies learned from a informant that Boris Vorshevski is still alive and is about being sold to Russian Intelligance forces who will ask a ransom for him. As a NATO ally he can not be given to the GRU so TF141 and Wolf Company teams are send to rescue him at the meetup in the Ural Mountains.
  • Georgia joins the UN and NATO against Russia and the CIS Separatist Faciton: Following the new elections in Georgia the 62% percent voted new president George Besovili who declared peace on the UN and NATO and open it's borders to military forces. But not everyone in Georgia was happy of this.A group of nationalists have created a political party with Russian ideals. Some of these men control the paramilitery groups in this sector. Others are just normal players but both are causing problems to the Georgians.They ve stolen militery hardware not once and done a lot of terrorist acts in the big cities.

Next part of the war (My idea)Edit

The OpFor joins the war. They starts as they bomb London, Paris and Hamburg.The OpFor snipers eliminate the president of Greece with Macedonian weapons and equpment.The greece army finds the equipment.They infestigate the equpment and finds out that they are macedonian.Greece and Macedonia start a agaist each other.Then the US makes an invasion of the middle east.

Republic of Dagestan joins the world warEdit

Meanwhile the CIA eliminates the president of Dagestan because from some days he is working with Russia.The CIA agents are captured by Degastani militia.A Bear company team is sended to rescue the agents.Cpt.Toby Lane is in charge of the team.He and the team infiltrates the Dagastani air base.Toby sends Pvt. Tack to plant a chargeon the fuel station in case their are comprosied.The team waits the private to return.Next they continue to
a hangar where they find only a laptop.The laptop shows the location of the prisoners They report to Colonel Price that they got the location. Soap tells them to go to the extraction point. Just as Lane takes the laptop the Dagastani milita opened the door of hangar.The team was compromised. Pvt.Tack browed the charge.Then the team open fire on the militia.They kill them.But then more come.Then they retreat to the forest.Cpt. Lane looked at his GPS.He repoted that the LZ is on the other side of nearby bridge..Then a soldier was shoted.Staff Sgt."Stalker" shouted "Sniper!!!" They got to cover in the trees. Cpt.Lane found the sniper.He was on the bridge.He also saw a incoming BMP.Then he said."We need a bait." A soldier advised."Pvt.Tack ll be he s the fastest of us.Dont woory I ll take out the BMP with my AT4. Tack agreed.He started running.The soldier fired the AT4.The rest of the team eliminated the militia nearby.The sniper open fire.The team moved cover to cover to Pvt.Tack.Then the call the Avenger drone who was scouting the area.Its uses stelth technology.Thats how the enemy didnt foughd him on the radar .The drone eliminated the sniper by taking out his hut on the bridge with his Hellfire missles.Then they continued to the LZ where was a CH-53K Super Stallion. Just as they got in some Dagastani truks arrived and open fire on the helicopter.Staff Sgt."Stalker" got on the ramp mounted MG and open fire at the Dagastani militia.The team escaped from the area.They regrup with the US and British forces at a captured Dagastani base.And officialy Dagastan joined the Forth World War.

Rescue of CIA operativesEdit

TF141 have locaded the CIA s position. A U.S seal team is headed to rescue them.The assasins are in a oil refinery in the caspian sea.Colonel Price was in charge of the US team.A submarine got near the refinery.The teams killed most of the guards in it.They brached the fist door where they didnt find the assasins.Thean they heard a gunshot.A russian killed one of the assasins.They move to the highter deck.Some of the seals cover Price and another seal team while they move to the room CIA are held.They got ready to breach that room after they cleared the area.The russian along with the captured assasins head to a helicopter before Price and the seals coght get to them.There was another helicoter.They got in it and chased the russian.Meanwhile the rest of US navy seals secured the oil refinery.The helicopter started a dangerous dogfight over the sea.They fight longed until the helicopters were nearby a small island near the dagastani coast.Then Price told the pilot to hold stedy because he ll try to hit the tail rotor.The pilot holded steady and shot shot shot from a Barret 50 cal. and the enemy chopped got down.It crash landed in the small island.Price and seals took the CIA assasins. Then the submarine picked them up and misson was complete.

Dagestan invades TurkeyEdit

The Dagastani army invaded Turkey.They first got thorght Georgia and Azerbaijan.There were allies to Russia so the Georgan and Azerbaijani local forces give them premisson to move troops troght their lands. And they move right to Turkey.The Degastani army was supported by russian army equipment (Tanks, Jet Fighters, Artillery, and etc.) A volunteer paramilitery group was formed by Gen. Dragovich.He s a former Russian genaral.Now s in the Dagastani army.All men aged more than 16 can join it to strike down the enemies.Some turkish cites fall down in Dagastani rule.Or Russian because acually Russia is behind this invasion.But NATO dont just sit down and let Turkey fall. They sent TF141,US and Bulgarian army forces.They counter attack the invasion.The Dagastani army was defeted.But for a while.The second invasion wave come up the next week.This time the rusian army joun in the fight.There were rocket atacks of Turkey who destroyed most of the NATO equipment and made many casulties.The Russian and Dagastani forces win a lot of battles.They make the NATO forces to retreat and evacuate the Turkish civilians.They were seperated to Bulgaria Grecce and other parts of Europe with NATO aircraft.But there were captured many captured civians and militery personnel.All of Turkey was under Russian.Then they procide with Bulgaria and Grecce.Meanwhile in some of asian couties become revolutions for ultranatiolist rule.Most asian goverments were overtrown fast. The supreme commander of NATO forces (Who was in charge of the US util they choose someone to be president) ordered TF141 to do something to stop this war and make peace with the enemies. "This is his job, not ours. Now lets finish the dirty work, lads" Col.Price says as they get ready for their next misson.

TF141 misson in AfricaEdit

Price, Soap, Bucks and Frost went to Africa.Frost was a new member of the task force.This is his second misson.He is a good rifleman and shapshooter.Nikolai drop them with a C-130 over Egypt.Their misson is to search for a african armsdealer Warrabe that Gen. Dragovich used to buy weapons from him.CIA s intel tell them that his buying weapons for his army from Egypt.They had the armsdealer dossier only to find him in his heavly quarded coastal town from where he transport the weapons.
Waraabe dossier 1

They were outside the town. They'll go stealth until they reach the town. The team moved up it. "Got a venicle moving in." said Soap. "Get down!" Price shoted. They hide from the moving technical.Then they move up and reach a wall.Price said to Frost."Up you go Frost." He helped Frost to get over the wall. Bucks helped Soap to get over the wall. Then Frost and Soap helped their mates to get over the wall.Then they got to the main square.There the militia saw them and opened fire at TF141.Bucks reurned fire with his MK46.Soap:Frost open fire! Frost fire his ACR with ACOG scope and M203. Soap and Price went to grab Warrabe while Bucks and Frost were returning fire.They took ot a gunner of a technical.Bucks ordered Frost."Frost get on the MG!" Frost got in the MG and opened fire at the enemy positions.Meanwhile Soap and Price ready to breach Warrabe s office.They breach it and killed Warrabe s bodyquards.They gran Warrabe and called Nikolai. "Nikolai we ve got Warrabe.Heading to the extraction point." Said Soap "Roger.I am on my way" Frost and Bruck were in a technical.Price and Soap carring Warrabe got in. "Go!Go!" Bruck hit the pedal.They head to the LZ. When they arrive Nikolai wasnt there yet.The enemy was closing fast. Price said "We goota secure the LZ lads. Soap, Frost plant some C4s.Brust provide overwach.I ll keep Warrebe in cover." Soap and Frost plant C4s Brust got on the small ridge.Burst:The militia s closing in.We ve got 30 seconds.Be advised team there are over huderet gans closing.And a fucking BTR! Soap:The C4s are planted. We'll go to the small ridge. Soap and Frost go there and go prone.Soap:Hold your fire lads.Wait for them to get closer..Standy by to engage.Frost ready the detonator. Frost got ready. Soap:Ok.On 3...2..1.Now! He blowed it. Soap: Weapons free!They opened fire.Price found a RPG. "Frost take this!Destroy the Closing in BTR. Frost aimed and fired the BTR was destroyed.Soap killed a lot of militia gunmen with his M4A3 with red dot sight and GL.After that Nikolay s Pave low appered. Nikolai:My friend.Get in fast the hole viliage s headed right at us. Price got Warrabe inside. Bucks and Frost provide support while Soap get in.Then Soap an a ramp mouted MG and screamed "Frost Bucks get in!!! Frost and Bucks got in and the pave low takeoff.Then the team took out with a C-130.They interrogate Warrabe.From him TF141 find out that Gen. Dragovich is in Northern Iran.And they head there to capture him.

Shutdown in Saudi ArabiaEdit

While Nikolai s C-130 was flying over Saudi Arabia coast some SAMs shut it down.They crashed in the desert near Jubail.Bucks was dead.Soap was heavly wouded.Nikolai,Frost and Price were allright.Price "Soap you allright.Soap! Soap:Oh Price leave.Get otta here. Frost:Bucks is dead!My gun s jammed damm it. Frost grabed Burks s MK46. Nikolai got on the fuselage and looked troght his binoculars. He said"OpForis closing in on the crash site. "We gotta get Soap to a doctor" Price said . Nikolai:We are near the city Jedah.As far as I now the south part of the town there are some ex-loyalists." Soap:"There s naval base of the local navy in the city docks" Frost:"Perfect. That s our escape ticket.We re frends to the locals so they ll welcome us on board.

Crash site

The Crash site

The team headto the city.Price grabed Soap while Nikolay and Frost were with the guns.They abondon Warrabe.He wasnt needed anymore. They ambush an enemy technical.They got in the jeep.Nikolai drove.They were in the city after 10 minutes.There the team head to an old club where some ex-loyalists are hidden.On the way the OpFor ambush them.They crashed in a house.Then Nikolai and Frost got out and opened fire at the enemy. "Price the club is on the alley to the left." saied Nikolai Price: "I need a transtor and someone to get a doctor. Frost:"You know arabic Nikolai go. I ll provide covering fire. Nikolai went to the alley with Price.Frost covered them and then flowed the other two. Nikolai meet his old loyalist friend-Aleksandr Vasilev.He was a lietanand in the russian army for years.He has fought in the Soviet-Afgan war (with Nikolai) Second Russian civil war and in World War III .Nikolai: This is Alex.A old friend of me from the soviet army. Price shoted:We need a doctor! Alex:Follow me. He got in hallway then to a room.The others follow him.He opened the door.In the room there was a doctor and medical equipment. The doctor took care for Soap.But now the OpFor is attacking the loyalist headquarters. Alex bring some weapons cause Price s team was running low on ammo. Frost pick up a JS-15 assault rifle.He opened a box and saw a JS-60 automatic rocket rifle. "Exellent." he said and put on his back.Then the OpFor storm up the courtyard.The loyalist troop return fire. Price:Frost take postion on the balcony.Nikolai,Alex the windows. Frost cooked his rifle and got in positon.

The enemy breached the courthyard.The loyalists and TF141 opened fire.The enemy used smokescrenns to get troth the lines of the loyalists in the courthyard.TF141 was bisy with a enemy helicopter. Price:Frost take out the helicopter with your rocket rifle.Frost shut it down. Alex:"Good work but the doctor is dead! We need to get Soap outta here. The helicopter is on the other side of the street.Price:Yes.Nikolai get Soap and head to it.We ll keep the militia bisy.Nikolai:All.. A milita gunman breached the room cought Price. Frost quickly headshoted him with his Deset Eangle. Price:Thank you Frost.Lets go! They go down stairs. There some remaining loyalists were tring to hold the line. The OpFor is closing on the safehouse.But Price s team made to thin them down to the street.Nikolai come up caring Soap. Price:"Nikolai hand back.Wait for us to suppress the enemy.

Predator Drone Mid-Air
(To others) Ok suppres em men! The TF141 and loyalists suppresed fire." They kept the enemy bisy while Nikolai got Soap to the helicopter. Suttenly a UAV Predator drone showed up.It opened fire on the street. It was on a local PMC company hired from the OpFor. TF141 and the loyalists hide.

"We are outgunned and outnubered.We must get more heavier firepower" said Frost. Alex:"We have a TUGV in the basement of the buliding.Along with some Stinger missles for the drone. Price:"Ok.Lets go." They went to the basewent.There Frost operated the Unnmaned Ground Venicle while Alex s men took some Stinger missles to take down the UAV. Meanwhile Nikolai have lunched his helicopter but wont be able to take off until the Predator is down.The ground drone has 3mm Armor planting,M249MG,Automatic Grenade Luncher and 9mm UZI.The TUGV opened fire at the militia in the street. Frost fire with the M249 machine gun.The militia suround him but he kill them all with the grenade luncher.Then some transport helicopters arrived. Alex:"Frost take down those helis!" Frost shot them down with his GL.The loyalists fired some missles at the predator.One of them hit it right in the wing of the drone. The Predator crased right in the street. Price:The predator is down Nikolai.Where s the LZ?

Modern warfare fight2
Nikolai:I take you from the street.Price:We re hedaing there now.Price Frost Alex and his soldiers go to the street.More OpFor come.Alex s loyalsits cover them while they got in the helicopter and escaped to the docks where the navy send them to Iran.And after Iran they join the task force in Nortern Iran whose misson is to capture Gen. Dragovich.
Battleifeld 3rus transport


Task Force:Charlie Edit

The US forces were at Northern Iran and were heading to the HVI's location.Price Soap and Frost met with Task Force Charlie.It considered of Bear Company Wolf Company and Navy Seal units.A US marine battalion also supported them with veniches.They were in mountains almost to the Azerbaijani border.They reached the target valley.Dragovich's headquarters are there.Suttenly some russian transports come up.salmon:Shit!Price!We ve got russian transports!What now! Price:Keep fighting the basterds.They ve got the paras we ve got infantry and armor. So will fight.Got it!You all no one steps behind we ll catch Gen.Dragovich and end this war.So lets move! The units move up! At the valley the hloe russian paratrooper branch were waiting them.

Wic 0606 both paradrop

It becom a very heavly fight after the US arial support of helicopters arrived the battle was very hard for both sides but the US forces were advancing to Dragovich's HQ.

The marine tanks were providing big support in battle along with the snipers.The battle was almost won!

The Task Force 141 team along with Bear and Wolf Comapanies head to the HQ.There they battle with Dragovich's forces guarding him. Price was using a M4A3 in this battle with grenade luncher. Soap a JS-16 Frost a MK46 Salmon a Ak-47.The other soldiers were mostly using M4 carabines and SAWs. As the teams were advancing some MG gunners pin them down. They need a sniper. Salmon:I will call Wayne squad cover me! (To Wayne) Landwolf Bravo do you copy? Wayne! Get on a hardpoint and take down a MG in courtard.Also support us on the way in. Wayne:Copy! Wayne get in position.He amed his SR-25 and took down the MG gunner. Price:Good job!Procced inside! Smith:Sarge!Support us! Wayne open fire at the enmy positinos inside. Price:Salmon head right! Frost! Soap! You re with me!

BF3 Kaffarov

Dragovich HQ

 Toby:We ll take care for the upper floor. Price:Roger that. And they strated clearin room by room. Wayne get on the roof of the buiding From there he supported Wolf Company who were in hall fighting with lots of enemies.After a lot of close quarter fight Price and Bear company (BC) met up.Then they head to the hall were was Salmon and his forces fight the russians.They brached the and were right to the enemy as the fire on them a other russian solder come with a Ak in his hands aiming at TF141 and BC. Wayne saived them with a bullet in the head to the soldier. They look up and saw him. Price:Thanks mate.Soap:You damm save our assa!Thanks.! They all thank him cause if it wasnt Wayne they would be dead. Salmon:Great job Wayne. Wayne:Oh guys I think Dracovich is truing to ecape.His helicopter is hear.The buiding on the right.Hurry!I support you! Salmon:Wayne if you see him shoot him in the leg! You hear me! Wayne:Yeah head there!We gotta catch him! TF141,Bear Company and Wolf Company head inside and counth up with Dragovich's personal securyty. They were heavaly armed mercenaries but they were faslt killed by Price Salmon and Toby's unts.Wayne was shot! Wayne:Oh shit! Iam hit! Salmon:Wayne! Landwolf Bravo! Damm it!I think we lost him! Price:Fuck He's over there! Soap:Get him! Price:We cant let him escape! Go Frost. Frost was going to jump inside wihle the others shot his bodyguaerds.Dragovich was shot too but his body armor save him. Frost get on board and after a short hand-to-hand combat he trowed Dragovich out of the heli. 
Bf3 2012-10-20 18-23-12-52

Frost falling in a pool after taking out Dragovich of the chopper

Then he jumped in a pool and quickly recovered They were at the building roof were was wouded Wayne.Dragovich caught Wayne as human sheid! He also treted to kill him with a knife!Dragovich:Get back and drop the weapon american basterd.Its over!I kill him and myself. Frost:Not before shot you! Price:Stop this Dragovich.!And will be good with you! Dragovich:NEVER!!!! As he was going to slice Wayne's troat and to jump from the roof Frost shot him in the arm.Then fastly get the knife of him and capture him. The battle was won and Dracovich captured but Wayne was unconsius.A medic take care of him. Salmon:Damm it!Is he alive! Medic:Oh we ll try to save him dont worry. Price:Jamie you can expect everything it was a big bullet that hit him! Salmon:He was my favourite soldiers. Price:I know.He ll be ok.The medic will take care of him.After a lot of work the medics maded to save Wayne Wilson.Jamie:Wayne you survived! Wayne:Yes but if a soldier didnt rescue me I would be dead no.I dont remember his name. Frost:You mead me.They call me Frost.Its good that you survived.You are a great sniper.Maybe the best in the company. Wayne:HA thanks!Also much thanks for saving my ass!Oh shit..When we get back to the base I will buy somethink for you man.There will be alward for you! Frost:Ha thanks Wayne!See you later Price's calling me. He got to Price,Price:nice battle Frost.You re a grat worrorir and saving Staff Sgt. Wayne was a grat think you ve done. Frost:Thank you sir.I was just doing my job. Price:And also Frost.You re promoted to sergeant major.

Interogation of Gen. DragovichEdit


Shortly after the capture of Gen. Dragovich he was at one of NATO's field HQs in Iran and was interogated by a CIA agent.The only thing that he learned from him is that they cant win and bigger people than their commanders control how the war plays out.But his 

tatoos were recognised by Price's informant Nikolai. Ater seeing a picture of him he went to talk with him.Nikolai: Price. Price: Nikolai what are you doing here? Nikolai: I have something very important to tell you my friend. This guy he is not only a general I think he is with the russian intelligence or something.Not completely sure but I think he was before with the russian's TF141. That explains how he survived the shock of being shot with a bulletproof vest then a 5 meter fall from a helicopter and a shot in the arm. But all I know my friend is that the team or oranisation or I don't know what was called Bodark.
Price: Interesting Nikolai I ll call the CIA agent. The spy came. Price: Nikolai my informant told me that this guy worked for some sorf of organisation working for the russian interligance called Bodark. This is a special target we have got here sir be sure you take care of him as the russians will probably try to kill him. CIA Agent: Don't worry Price but do you know anything else of this organisation. Nikolai: No I actually didn't believe it even existed until I saw him tattos. There are loads of tales about Bodark they are some kind of hunters but that's all I know really sorry. CIA Agent: Thank you for the information I ll contact CIA.

After a while the CIA agent came back wiuth James Salmon. CIA Agent: I ve got a new mission for you people. Here's the deal. Our informants in Bulgaria and Romania have learned that there's plans for a rebellion in the russian controlled regions in both countries.Cucurently fire has been stopped but everyone opposing russian forces is shot but the risk of another nuclear strike is inediteble so CIA has prepped a team of agents who will break into the 2 countries and help the rebellion. You will secure them weapons and motivation.Our agents will have that covered but they need you to defend them and sabotage the Russian forces. Price:I take on this job. CIA Agent: You can take only one other operative Price.We do not want to risk a whole team's lifes on a op like this. Price:I will take on Soap. We have done dual ops before and came back so think we ll came back after this one as well. CIA Agent:Ok let him know. Now about Salmon. You have to rescue a well known politian of Price.


Talking about Boris Vorshevski Price:He's alive? CIA Agent: Yes according to a informant of ours GRU are about to make deal for him so they can use him to get money out of NATO. Price: Typical russian mobs. How the situation in world right now dosen't make their pockets full. CIA Agent: If seems they are quite big as you know he is a good NATO ally and I dont think they will him join us so easily as he was the one who stopped the Russian Ultranationalists before. Salmon: What's the plan sir?

Bandicam 2014-05-31 16-13-04-908
CIA Agent: Good question. The GRU are meeting with the russian terrorists who have got Vorshevsky in their hands real soon so we must be fast. The location for the meetup is in the Ural Mountains.This is deep enemy territory so the only way in or out is by land. You ll use a train that goes regulary trought the region that the meetup is then with air support you ll get to the meetup location. From there you have to ambush the enemy from both sides.Kill all of the enemies but you ll have to be really careful with Vorchevsky.Then you ll get him out the same way you got there.But the question now leads to Price.You need to choose a commander for your team as they are the best unit to choose for the job but they need a commander.Price: Hard question....I think I am going to test one of my soldiers. He is still new in the team but I really like his perfomance in battle and I think he ll be a good spec op in the end.Although he is low rank in all these years what I learned is that the rank dosen't matter. The skill does. And same people just have the ability over others.I realised that when I met Soap.And that's why I think it Frost should be in charge of my team in this op.But Jamie I need you to keep a eye on him. Thought he is really good he still has a lot to learn so please take care of him and my team. Salmon: I will sir. Don't worry about them I ll get them back as I take 'em.


The team was already in Russia. They made it in one of the bigger cities in Ural Mountains Yekaterinburg via private flight organised by CIA.They payed a lot for this op and there' only one shot at this so the team should be fast and persise so that they wont draw a lot of attention.The Russian Army presence here is huge its not a coincedence that they ve chosen such a place for the deal for Vorshevsky.

The teams jumped out of the train in on the location Command ordered them to.After that they were guided by a stelth UAV.A hour later they reached a cliff.James Salmon:Tired boys We should not stop now.Prepare your chutes double time.Don't forget that there may be hidden russian troops everywhere defening the GRU.So be prepared.Once land on the bottom of the valley we ll split up and take positions as planned.We attack the enemy from both sides and get Vorsevsky out.Then back to the LZ. Understand?! Everyone copied. Then they jumped off the cliff.

The view wasn't extraordinary as there were clounds but as they opened their parachutes they were exellent cover. When they all landed Salmon contacted Command emidietly:Command any movement. Command:No but get a move on as you ll probably be late for the meetup.They may have already transferred the money so this may just be a change. Vehicles are closing in fast from both directions get to your positions ASAP.Salmon:Copy that.(To team) Get move on boys.We don't wanna be late.

After minutes they reached their position.It was all set.The meeting had started.Suttenly Boris Vorshevsky showed off from a car.A new GRU member also got out of another car.He had a mask.As he approched Vorshevsky he took off his mask.He was middle aged bald and had a lot of scars.He was talking something that could not be understanble from the distance the teams were.One squad got quite close to the meeing.As the russian terrorists were taking their money into the trucks the GRU member hit Vorshevski. Salmon:Get ready! Suttenly the GRU member draw a pistol.Salmon:Shit!Open Fire! All teams started shooting.Most of the russian terrorists were killed in the first place as they were in a more open spot.As the GRU member was aiming at Vorshevsky who was laying on the ground he got shot by Wilson.As he was falling he got into cover.One squad was already taken cover at one of the cars taking out the remaining GRU members.The other teams were closing in on all directions.Frost:Maco get the HVI! Maco came next to Vorshevsky and asked him. Maco:Sir are you alright? We are here to rescue you. Vorshevsky: I am fine thank you but there was grunt who hit me then got shot and taken cover by car but dont see him know..he vanished. Maco: Dont' worry sir he's probably dead get in the car.Command: Landwolf Alpha you have a large number of enemy forces comming from east! Get out of there! They cleared the area Wayne:Area Clear! Salmon:No time for a break! Get in the vehicles!

They quickly got in the vehicles and head for the tracks they had go trought narrow roads then offroad. Frost:Nelson keep following the other car! Don't stop! They reached the railway tracks.There was too much snow and the cars got stuck as they got Vorshevsky to cover machine gun fire started toring them up!

800px-Predator Drone MW3

Frost:We are pinned down! Any ideas Colonel. Salmon:I ll call in the Stealth UAV! Hold on people! (To Command) Command! We need air support immediatly we are pinned down by enemy forces! Command do you hear me! Com... Just as he was talking a hellfire rocket hit the enemy positions! Command:Landwolf do you copy? Landwolf do you copy? Jamie got out of the snow. The blast radious had made a large snow wave that covered everything in snow. There was even a small snow storm going on. Salmon:Ahh..still here not sure about the enemy but the tracks are fine just a bit of snow I ll call the team to clear it up.(To command) Team Are you there? Team... Suttenly he go electroshocked.He fell to the snowy ground. Then a unknown person drag him up.Seconds later the other got out of the snow. Frost:Maco Vorshevsky are you there? Maco get up. Mr Vorshevsky are you alright. Vorshevsky;Yes I am ok. Frost:Nelson? Nelson: I am alright Riggs? Riggs man its not the time to play snow angel Frost:Get up you two! Wolfs how are you. Wilson:Fine but where's Col. Salmon. Frost:Thought that he was with you. Hue Sam:He is not near the cars that's where I and him where taking cover. Frost: The blast radious probably kick him off.Search for him I ll contact him on radio.(On Radio) Col.Salmon do you copy? Landwolf Alpha do you copy? I repeat Land..then Wilson showed him Jamie's radio. White:We checked the area there's no sign of him. Wilson: Damn it! Did you check everything Corporal!? White:Yes sir its possible that the blast radious.. Wilson:Don't say it his probably around here somewhere. Salmon! Sam:Sir I am sorry but although he was next to me its really possible that the blast radious go him I am quite fat after all maybe he was a little bit farer and you know.. Wison: No he's surely alive damn it! Don't be silly people we ve been in worse situations remember 2018? And then suttenly the train honk its horns Frost: I am sorry Wayne but we have to go we ve got one shot at this we have to get Vorshevsky out of here or we will risk the whole world's future.It depends on us.We have to continue 


Wayne come on! Wayne:Shit! Alright. Frost:Prepare to board the train! They go in the train and then back to the city of Yakaterinburg where they got back to the HQ without Col. Salmon he was slated as MIA.

Price And Soap's Missions In BulgariaEdit

While Wolf Company and TF141 were heading for the Ural Mountrains Price and Soap head for the NATO HQ in Greece from there they meet with the CIA Operatives assigned to organise the rebellion in Bulgaria. As they were heading for the border with Bulgaria on a secret militery road one of the agents explained to Soap and Price what's going on. CIA Agent Mac:The Russian army have capture all of the coastline of Bulgaria.It uses the city of Burgas's ship making facility to create more ships for its new Bosforus fleet.They ve got a bunch of Turkish ships that are a real treat for rebellions and anyone against the Russian forces so your job will be to take down the navy situated along the Bulgarian coast.We will be able to organise enought people to take out the ground forces as the Russian army here lacks on military vehicles but we ve got all the Bulgarian Army Ground Forces's tanks BTRs even helicopters but the Russian navy's air defence is too strong and we already lost some helicopters but all you need to do is get to the russian captured city of Burgas destroy the ship creating facility and get out.That will weaken their navy atleast a little but not enough your next treat will be around 200km north to the northern capital of bulgaria Varna there we ve got arms depot that Russian navy and army uses to rearm and also refuel acually.That's the main supplier. These are your main objectives now to get you to the wall. Price.The Wall?
Bandicam 2014-05-31 19-46-45-851

They reached the wall.Soap so this is the new border.Pretty old school, Mac:Yes bascly that's what the negotiantions lead to.The building of a wall that devides the Russian controled Bulgaria from the free one. This one here is the weak spot which we use to get to enemy territory with.Trought a secret tunnel they got to the secret Bulgarian resistance HQ in the tunnel.Agent Mac: Now you meet the leaderof the resistence just call him Rado. Ex-military he is a good leader and didn't happen to be the leader by a conincedence. Price:You picked him. Agent Mac:No not really the people of Bulgaria chose him.Here we are (To Rado) Rado the spec ops that I told you would infiltrate the ship making facility. Price:Price nice to meet you. I hear good words about you.Rado:Yes hmm think I ve seen you somewhere..Do you know a russian named Vladimir Macarov. Price:Yes I personally chocked that bastard years ago. Do you have anything with him. Rado: I was one of the few of his targets to survive suprised that you did as well as I heard a lot about you John how you were caught by Makarov then prisoned.Don't know how you got out but surely it was harded than I did from his hands back in 2009 

Bandicam 2014-05-31 19-52-40-731
It was good time of piece when the new Russia was in place after the Asian War and Second Russian Civil War.Boris Vorshevsky was a great politic.He actually made me get into politcs but these wars...they stopped me.. but this person was just esonishing as everyone was thinking that Russia will now bomb us but he stopped it all and declared peace on the west.Price:But time has changed but people haven't my re still young but I learned that you are ex military a good military commander needs to respect his soldiers and take care of them.Never forget that the rank species or what ever dosen't matter.The skill is what's most important. Rado:Thank you for the kind words now let's get back to the reality and show you the plans.This is a map of the underwater tunnels that my people have bored for months.Via this canal that is officallly closed you will get closer to the facility where you ll plant bombs on these locations and then get out via the same tunnel you came from.You will use scuba gear for this one my friends.We risked a lot getting them so make them count.

Destroying The Shipmaking FacilityEdit

Around Burgas Shipmaking Facility 16:03 pm 

Bandicam 2014-06-02 16-13-52-772

Price and Soap used the secret underwater tunnel that the rebels created for their missionThey opened it and using their scuba gear got to the facility's underground entrance.They got trought some tunnels and reached the main hall of the underground facility where the Russians are creating a submarine just as planned. The construction city of the ships is just above so if they use enoght explosives to take out the ceiling the whole facility whill come down on the giant submarine being made. It was time for them to disguise as enemies.For that they had to take out 2.The personal rooms of the guards of the underground facility were 

Bandicam 2014-06-02 16-25-22-433

just to the entrance they went in.But the problem was that they had to take out the enemies guarding it which lead to a lot of problems.The main one that one of them had to stay there and pretend that he's guarding  while the other one would go and plant the bombs alone.Splitting up is bad on dual missions but it was imebiteble this time. Soap trowed a rock The guards were alerted and one of them come closer to the corner were he had taken cover while the other one come to the other where price was.They open their knifes and took out both guards stelthly with the knifes as even with suppressed weapons in close quarter situations its still too loud to shoot people.Soap hide the bodies and got discuissed as a enemy soldier.Price too. Then he opened one of the ventilation shafts and got in he had crouch. Price:Oh...damn I am getting old for this.. Soap:Goodluck old man. Price:You too. They didn't had much time as the checking guards who check the guards who defend the barracks every 10 minutes will get suspisious the second time Soap tells them that the other guy is in the toilet. Atleast they still have radio communications as anything can go wrong. Price:Soap do you read me? Soap:Loud and clear.Fine on my side. Price:I am

Bandicam 2014-06-02 17-27-53-732

The Security Guards Barracks

making progress towards the ceiling where the storage room is do you think  there ll more explosives there.Soap:Don't know I hope the rebels are right about it. There should be a weapons storage room on the second floor of the underground facility where the explosion will be. Price will blow up the roof of it and everything above should come straight down on the base.Price finally reached there but there were some enemies.One of them was cleaning something in the room that he got accses to by the ventilation shafts. He stelthly took him down with his knife and prep his suppressed Vector to take out the remaining ones in the other room. He suttenly breached them and took everyone and in less than 5 seconds the room was clear.He immediatly plant the bombs as planned and searched for exploasives.Fortenatly he found even more! Over a pallet of C4 which was surely more than enought to blow up everything in the room.He connected them to the main charge and set it for 5 minutes.Afterwards he head back and contacted Soap. Soap: What's your status Soap. Soap:Bored... Price:Planted the charges heading back to you. Soap:Alright hurry up as we ve got 2 minutes until the next check of the guards. Suttenly they come early. Soap:Price they re here plan B. Oh yes the plan B which is always needed never told. As the guards were comming a massive explosion hit the underground facility.The main hall was destroyed and while the guards checking the barracks didn't know what's happening Soap took em out.with a AK12.The exploasions cover up the gun fire.Price came. Price:Soap let's go. Soap:Wait til we re compromised then crawl fast. Good job old man. Price:We still aren't we ll escape before they get what just happened. Soap:Do you think the plan worked. Price:By the size of the explosion think yes let's just get outta here. They managed to escape then they got their scuba gear and jump back in the tunnel they came in.The mission was acomplished.

The Second MissionEdit

While Price and Soap where at the quiet mission at the coast of the Black Sea things got quite loud in the other parts of the regions. Riots have started and the so called wall is now a warzone At the meetup with the CIA operatives on their secret HQ they discussed the next mission. Mac:Let's start with the good news. Price and Soap you ve done a excellent job at the Burgas Facility The construction cites for the Russian Navy are destroyed for now but we ve got a lot of other problems to start celebrating now. The rebels have started the revolution.They just could not wait long so there wasn't anything for us to do to stop em as in this very moment its a lost battle against the Russian army. We should act fast as they are killing civilians as we speak and there's only one thing which we can which is sabotage them. One army is not an army without its commander. This is the reason we are here.As we all know after Gen. Dragovich was taken out of control of the Dagastani forces it create a chaos in the army.That's we ll do here and we ll take em out as they try to take control of themselfes. Price:Who is it? CIA Agent: Major General Rushkov supreme commander of  Russian controlled forces in Eastern Europe. A veteran of modern warfare been always far from the battle commanding but this week he is on a check out in Varna where all the soldiers are being mobilized. It will be done by 4 people.This leads to Rado.Rado we need you to pick your 2 best soldiers. Rado:Ok. I already knew who I would pick. It is Sgt. Todor and Corporal Marto.CIA Agent:Alright time to plan to mission and finish this.

640px-Soap and Price Eye of the Storm MW3

Varna Marine Garden Canal 21:37. Price Soap and Mac where in a you were a ranger Mac... Mac:No time for chit chat as you british say..time for you to go people good luck the rebels we ll be waiting for you on the other side. Price:Alright see you. He trowed his cigar and jumped in the water with Soap.They go to the end of the tunnel.Sun had falled.It was a cloudy evening and had just started to rain.Price:Those board walks are full of enemies.We ll wait til the storm.. suttenly a really loud thunder hit. Soap:That enought... Price:Definetly let's go! They moved stelthly trought the board walks as the enemy soldiers were killing resisting civilians and trowing them into the water.After a while they 

Prague rioters (1)

go trought the board walks and entered another canal. Price:Rebels should be here.They reached them.Todor:Finally you come Price. Price:Had to swim here damn it. Sure this is the way. Todor:Yes.  Todor and Marto helped Soap and Price to get to the canal surface and they head trought some hallways to a tight tunnel. Marto opened a shaft.Marto:Trought here. Soap:Really ugg... Price:Keep moving. Then they used a ladder to get to the street level. Todor:From here we split my friends.I and Price ll take the roofs.Marto Soap go on the street level watch out for snipers on the roof of the apartment buildings. They split up Soap and Marto moved up to the target buiding which was the center of Varna.There the commander of the russian forces was going to have a meetup with his captains the next day.They were going to kill em all.

After stelthly moving trought the city Soap and Marto reached the target buiding where a rebel squad prep their sniper gear. Bulgarian rebel:Your gear is ready sir we are bailing out finish the bastards for us. Soap:We will thanks for the support.They got to the top of it where they would snipe the main target while the others would be blown up with the town hall.After a hours the meetup time came. Price:Bravo Sniper do you hear. Soap:Bravo Sniper copies we have visual of the target area. Price:Copy is there any movement. Soap:None.Seems the officers are late for their funeral. Price:Let us know when they show up. Todor and I are ready he is already into the enemy.Using the fake ID he ll be able to guard for a while but we are not sure we can trust him to do the job so be ready for everything. We ve got grappling hooks if anything goes wrong as it is full of helicopters in the area.We hardly got out of one few blocks south.Ok enough radio talk Bravo 6 out!

Tumblr m3vjnupTJz1rvs8rzo1 500

Soap And Marto talking about the past.

Soap:Nice to be back with old callsigns.What leads you to joining the rebellion and caugting so much Rado's eye to pick you.Marto:Typical. Patriotism and previous militery experience.I was once part of the 68th Special Forces Brigade if you ever heard of Karbala and one of the thousand terrorists acts in Iraq. Soap:I haven't..actually I was in the Royal 3 Battalion Parachute Regiment at the time been in Iraq actually but haven't seen a lot of action there. Marto:I had never been to Karbala myself but just when the terrorist attack happened I was assigned there.The target was NATO base India in Karbala 5 Bulgarian soldiers died that day.. then the convoy showed up. Soap: We ll talk again when we finish Marto.Now let's get these fuckers.(To Price)Bravo 6 do you copy.Price:Hear you loud and clear.

Mw3 prague2

Soap:Aye..the convoy has just shown up.2 APCs 2 Armored Cars between them.Price:Can you see the target. Soap:No visual yet windows are blacked out.They stopped in front of the hotel for the gates to open.Price:Right.Move up as planned.Ready your snipers and clear my way to the balcony of where meetup is.Todor has planned semtex all over the room.Marto and Soap got into the scope of their suppressed RSASS sniper rifles.They ve got powerful ammunition but they cannot risk shooting the blackout windows. The vehicles got into the underground garage of the city hall. Price:Rapelling down the city hall do you see me? Soap Yes we ve got visual on you No sign of any militery officers or guards yet.Price:I ll contact Todor.Bravo Scout do you copy?Todor do you hear me.Todor:Yes..had to go to do the toilet I don't have any time the officers are here.Guards are already heading for the room so hurry up set the plan.Price:Roger. 

Sniping Soap Blood Brothers MW3

After a minute some guards come up armed on full with assault rifles and ballistic vests. Soap:Price something's wrong meeting should have started..shite they are putting up smoke.Price:Use the thermal vision I ve put for backup.Knew something would go wrong.. Suttenly a explosion hit on the town hall roof Price's rope got destroyed.He fell down the balcony. Soap:Price is down.Marto switch to thermal. They both switched to thermal and what they saw were riot shields that the enemy were going to use to take down Price but as they were going to do that Price woke up trowed a flashbang and tried take one of the soldiers as a live shield but he was too good.As he took down Price to the ground he was shot by Marto. Soap killed the others who opened themselfes because of the stun of the flashbang Price trowed.Price go to cover and trowed another one.Suttenly all enemies were death Price scout the room. Price:Think its clear.Damn it they we were here. As he was going over a corner he got caught by a enemy soldier.They got into hand to hand combat.It was too risky for Soap and Marto to take the shot as they could hit Price.Suttenly Price got the soldier's helmet off.Price:Todor! You traitor! Damn you. Price got quite angry.He took the fight his hands after leaving who is he fighting with.Soap:Price leave him!We have to go!We are compromised! Price:Not gonna kill this bastard now! We are taking him with us! You are going to tell me what you know!Todor:You know nothing.Real soon you ll explode.I will survive but you wont.I am using you as a shield so I can take a few fists at you.. And he hit him real hard..Price opened up his Todor's body.Soap and Marto shot him in the chest two times.Soap:What the fuck!? He was still alive he tried to get his detonator but 

640px-RSASS Blood Brothers MW3
Soap shot him in the head.Soap:Price! The building may be rigged!Jump! Price jumped just as a large part of the building blow up.Soap:Damn it! We ve got a traitor and we are compromised.Let's go Marto.Price:Soap get outta there a flood is going to hit you any minute! Grapple to a roof immidiently! I am safe don't worry about me!Suttenly everything below them got in water.Then also a helicopter showed up.Soap:We ll use our grappling hooks Jump!
640px-Yuri and Soap Fall MW3
They jump Soap hit a scaffolding that was used to paint the buiding they were sniping from before the Russian invasion.Marto managed to grapple to a buiding high floor while Soap wasn't able to because of he hit the catwalk and basicly saved Marto but it  was not sure if he could do that to himself as Marto wasn't able to see him.The streets were flooded.The helicopter attacked Marto.He started running.As the helicopter was shooting at the building Marto was in.he got shutdown by a RPG.Price:Soap Marto if you are still with me.I ve taken out the helicopter.Repeat the helicopter is down.Marto:Price I am ok! But Soap cound't grapple to the building.I am sorry Price.Think he fall down into the water.Price:Damn..Soap he dosen't deserve to die this way.He's strong he ll make it.Get yourself in order and meet me and Soap at the LZ.I am sure he ll make it! Marto:I understand Goodluck sir! Trought the roofs they got to the LZ which was in the Dockyards who were isolated from the flooding the Russians did.Price:Marto nice to see..Damn it. Do you think.Soap could survive.Marto:I don't want to lie you but chances are minimal.I am sorry Price.Suttenly Rado called on the radio.Rado:Bravo 6 what's your status one of your team has already reached LZ but is heavly wounded. Price:Soap is alive? We are comming! Almost there! They reached the boats which they were going to use to escape.Rebel:Waters are clear sir.Get on board.Price:How is Soap? Rebel Medic:Not okay.His condition is not stable.He is in a stage of hypotermia and almost drowed to get here. We need to get back to the base fast.Price:Get a move on everyone! Soap I knew you would make it.

Discovering The TruthEdit

Price Marto the rescue team and Soap hardly got back the base.There the doctors took care of him.Price talked with Rado alone.Price:With all respect.If Soap dies you re the one I am going to blame.You ve chosen a traitor.Don't care what the CIA agents think of you but I am watching you.Be careful as if you do more suspisions actions I ll get you and you reveal you to the people of Bulgaria.Don't care what the cost will be but in this hard times your country your own country needs a good learder...Rado:Stop it Price! I can't take it anymore!How can I convince you that he was the best soldier.Never suspected anything on him.He was so good.Actually he was the only one I could trust now I don't trust anyone.I am sorry Price but I don't know anything and you just don't understand what a pain it is for me right now to realise that the only person I trusted turn out to be just another traitor.Price:I want a name.Someone that Todor was close to.Rado:Well he was good friends with everyone.But his squad was most special.Especially the newest recruit Pvt.Atanasov. But don't want them less motivated as they are cucurently Price so be careful when asking them about him. He gone straight to Pvt.George Atanasov. Price:You are Pvt. George Atanasov right. George:Yes sir.Price:Can you come with me for a minute. They got into a room Price cover George's eyes and gave him to another rebel. He contacted the CIA Agent. Price:Mac I want you to do a x-ray scan on someone I will explain you later trust me on this.With a scarf covering his eyes he got a x-ray photo.The photo was sent to CIA for analysis along with all other members of Todor's ex squad.Turned out Marto had his muscles and body differend than others similar to the one Dragovich has.At the same time Soap was better. Price:So its Marto.Both of them are traitors.You too Rado.WIll return to you.Just don't go anywhere. Rado:Price I am not you ll see.. Price went to Marto and his squad's personal quarters.There they were talking to each other.Price:Hello there Marto. Suttenly he got a gun from the ground and hit him with it. Price:Nobody moves or I will break this gun into his fucking scull.Leave.Do not move just leave! All others left. Price:So its only me and you Marto.Why don't you crush me ah.Here I leave the gun! Hit me! Hit me! Damn it! He hit him more times with the gun.Price:I know you dont feel anything you Russian scum.Price hit Marto so hard with the gun that he his head in the bed.His head was really hurt.He got a chip out of his head that was bleeding.Marto:Price yes! Yes! Thank you! He was trow the chip and going to Price but he knock him down. Price:Stay down! And he loaded the gun.Marto:Price leave the gun! You freed me! I can tell you everything! I can tell you what Todor was going to do with George.I know  why you got him to the x-ray first. He was close with him and was going to do what they did to him and me.Before you took out the this chip I could not talk about this.You saved me as the Russians could always kill me by the touch of a button.Before the Russian invasion we were captured by the Russian forces patrolling.They interogated us for hours maybe days.But then they brainwash us.No joke they inplanted this chip which they controlled us with.They also gave us some kind of steroids but not the one they give on sportists

Bandicam 2014-06-08 02-21-10-092

.They were more powerful and make you survive longer.But it dindn't work on everyone.On us it did.But I kind of ovewrited the chip and was on your side all the time.I am telling you that but cound not tell anyone of the chip because it would kill me I am telling you.That's how a rebel died out of nothing just after the attack of the Russians. The wall was still not build.Ask Rado or anyone.But my overwriting of the chip or what ever just lead me to the question could I pull the trigger on Todor.I will never answer that question to myself.But they system that the Russians are doing is insane and I am not only talking about the people you already encounter like Todor but talking about latest level technology.These people disappear like ghosts.They ve got invisible technology and stuff that I don't you ve got.I hope to wrong or atleast CIA will know this.Price I am ready to give any informaiton to you.Give CIA the information ask me anything.Is this enought for you to believe me.Price:For now you are the HVI.You know a lot of stuff ndeed Marto.You and this chip are heading for CIA. Price contacted CIA. Price:The situation is quite complicated. We found who was with Todor but apperantly's on our side.I ve got a chip out of his head while interogating him.He changed completely.Always though why he's a little bit nervous all the time but thought because of the mission.Gentlemen he knows a lot.He told me stuff we know and that we don't know.You have to interogatte him ASAP.Sending him along with the chip in the NATO base in Greece. CIA Agent:Thank you Price:This traitor actually helped us more than the enemy.How's your collegue? Price:He's warming up. Taking only him on the next mission. CIA Agent:Talking about the next mission.Satelites have tracked Gen. Rushkov and his officers to a hideout on the Black Sea shore near the border with Romania.This time no mistakes gentlemen.Price:There wont be on our side.Hope there isn't on yours.

Just Like Old TimesEdit

Price and Soap were sent to the location by sea.The Russians had a small outpost on the beach near the hideout which was underground and it is believed that there are some entrances to the base from the beach outpost which are probably closed by a door that will probably stand out a nuclear bomb so the plan was to get Gen.Rushkov out of his base running which wont be easy.CIA has rented a satelite from the Swedish that can fire ODIN missiles.They payed a lot to get it 600km above the Black Sea coast there is no room for failures.After they bombard the outpost and hopefully gotten Rushkov out of his hiding cave its TF141's turn to take him out.Which just like old times are a 2 man squad.

Price and Soap were in a zodiac it was a quite night in the waters of Black Sea.The outpost was lighting up the cloudy night. As they were comming up to the outpost Price and Soap were talking to each other.Soap: So think Marto isn't a trator. Price:Yes but he was too confused to explain me what exactly they did to him when he was captured with Todor.But I have faith in CIA that they will take every intel he's got to use it against the Russians. This Russian myth seems like a you think we are going to be as powerful as the "Bodarks" as Nikolai call them with these Juggernaut suits. Price:Maybe they surely take a few explosions but don't get cought with it.Use cover and be careful Soap. Soap:Don't worry about me old man.We ve delt with such missions before.We can now right? Price:Fucking right we did.Ready? Soap:My back still hurts from that frame I hit but ready. Price stop the zodiac around 1000 meters infront of the outpost.Price:This is Bravo 6 we are at the safe area.Ready to commence attack.Send in the ODIN. Command:Roger that.ODIN Strike inbound. After over 30 seconds a missile lit the sky and then hit right at the outpost which a create massive explosivion moving TF141's zodiac 2 meters back because of the blast radious which created waves. Soap:Now that's a big explosion! Price:The Swedes know their shit.Let's go! He fire up the zodiac and they went into the destroyed outpost which was in water because of the crater that the ODIN missle created. Soap and Price put on their Juggernout armour and helmets just as they hit the beach.They quickly got their guns and got out of the boat. They reached a whole in the massive door that was the entrance to the base.An alarm was heard.It seems like the door wasn't radiation proff at all.A freaking ODIN took it out who knows what a nuclear bomb would do. Price:Command intel was wrong.The door is not Radiation proof it didn't hold even a ODIN.Command:Then better take out Gen.Rushkov until he gets out of his hole.We do not wanna send a few other millions on another ODIN missle.Take out the HVI ASAP! Price:Let's go Soap! CIA have let us use their Heartbeat Sensors.You know how to use em.Let's not waste em. Soap:How can CIA have em and we don't.We had them before.Price:Finances Soap.That's also why we have to get him ourselfes not just fire another ODIN and the base ll probably fall down on top of Rushkov.Anyways let's cut the chatter and concentrate on the objective. They move into hallways facing heavily armed soldiers.They weren't as armored as Price and Soap as they had Juggernout suits and LMGs but still Rushkov have picked his best soldiers to defend him

Butcher Team Just Like Old Times MW2

The Russian Heavy Troops Reatreating

 but it wasn't a problem for them.Price:Watch out for enemies in that hallway Soap. He saw a few comming out of it and took them out with his PKP with PK-A & Heartbeat Sensor. Price used another PKP with a Kobra red dot sight and Heartbeat Sensor. Soap:Cover me I am going to flank from the hallway! Price:Copy that! Soap runned to that hallway while Price cover him.Then Soap got the upper hand and they ve turn the battle on their side making the enemy fallback.Soap:Price! This is our chance! They are falling back! The enemy fall back to a giant wall. Price:Don't think we are going to open that with C4.Go upstairs I ve got a idea. They gone upstairs to a upper floor which had a lot of supply crates which were all empty strangly enought.Price:We ve been to such bases before! Plant charges here here and here! Soap:I get what you re talking about Price! They plant em and got to the center between all
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charges.Price:Then let's do this! The charges blow up Price and Soap falled down with the rubble right into the center of the enemy room.Soap fired careful shots because the room was full of explosives everywhere while Price took out a enemy with his gun then got his M1911 out and took out the enemies behind them.They cleared the room.Price:ID check! They ve checked all the bodies excuting a few wounded enemies and saw that the door is closing. Gen.Rushkov suttenly appered on radio. Rushkov:This is General Rushkov.To all survivors of the Russian Army.You served me well! The underground base is selfdestrocting! The people of Russia will never forget you! This will be sent to them so they can know the truth... Price:Enough listening Soap we have to overwrite the doors come on! Done it a thousand times!We ve got 30 seconds. Soap:Wait..Come over here! Price looked at monitor Soap was looking at.Soap:We ve got valuable intel here.Price:No time for it we have to get out.Overwrite the doors! The overwrite the doors! Soap shutdown the computer and got the hard drive safely. Price:Faster Soap we don't have much time left. Just as they got out of the cave it exploded! The explosion was so hard they fall down in shellshocked though they got outside. Price:Soap Get up! Enemy Squads are comming up to take us out! Soap:Damn its hard to run with all this armour! They got to cover! The enemy were better this time. Price:We are pinned down! Pop some smoke! We ll use our night vision goggles! Soap pop some smoke! They started shooting the enemy put they had night vision as well. Soap:Damn they re good! A few were taken out already but the enemy still hand the upper hand. But using their Juggernout armour they managed to defeat the enemy.Soap:These weren't regular soldiers Price.Look at them. Price:Pretty high tech gear. Hope the helmet cam still records.These are definetly something you do not see everyday but we have to finish the objective get in this jeep Soap! They put their armour off Soap:Good to be 15 kilograms thinner.Wow its actually quite good here. Feel like I am in a executive car. Price:Yeah These are way better armored jeeps than mineproof ones in Afganistan and Iraq 20 years ago. Price was driving. They chase down Rushkov across a dirt road which lead to a single carrigeway with not the best asphalt in the world.There were bumps and even tank tracks.That was no problem for the luxury Armored SUV that was too luxury to be a militery vehicle as well as the engine wasn't a regular one.It was a V8 with a Turbocharger and definetly modifed a lot.Soap and Price continued the chase and caught up with Rushkov's convoy which ran slow because it had BTR support. Price:Look up for some guns in the back. Soap got to the back of the SUV and found the controls for a 30mm Granade Launcher.Soap:Damn this is high tech! Similar to ours but even more modern dammit. He managed to fire once then got the hang of it while the BTR was shooting and not doing much to the Armored SUV where Price and Soap where. Eventually he took out the BTR and the chase continued. Soap took out one of the enemy jeeps which where normal army Tigers with heavy LMGs. Seems like Rushkov had his finaces low in the end of his carrer because Soap took out the bridge and block Rushkov's vehicle.It falled into the ditch and turned over.There Soap and Price took him down. Price:Command We are taking out Rushkov of his vehicle over! There was some radio problems probably because of the terrain Price tried to contact back but he cound't. They opened the back door of the SUV and draged him out of the car. Rushkov:John Price I ve got something to tell you before I die. Price hit him.Rushkov fell on the ground as Price drawed his M1911. Price:Don't you try to run now! Rushkov:Haha! You fools folllowing orders is simple but you don't understand that you ll be ordered to take me alive! Just like Dragovich.We control everything and I know a lot of things you your "traitors" that you caught or killed while you tried to kill.It was all a set up.Just that flithy young sleeper agent Marto stopped us.But you still don't know anything.Haha! Suttenly command called.Command:Bravo 6 be advised! Stand down! Stand down! .The HVI needs to be... Price:Command do you read me!? Say again! Rushkov:See British fools! Soap:Shut the fuck up! You wont get out so easy! Command:Bravo 6 do you read me?! Stand down on the target I repeat this is straight from the top! We can't touch him! The HVI needs to be taken alive! Price:Roger that Command. Suttenly the crashed vehicle caught on fire there was gasoline everywhere. Rushkov:Shit help me!You have been order to! 
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Soap And Price After Finishing Their Mission In Bulgaria

Price:Our orders are to not touch you! I would help you but I am soldier I follow orders as you said! Rushkov:No!!! Price!!! The petrol got on fire and as got to the fuel tank the whole car exploded. Soap:Accidents happen right Price. Price:Yep.Actually no all heard is that we can't touch him, Soap:Don't know but we definetly can't touch him now!Haha! Price:Hah! Man I miss the others its time we go back to the team ah Soap. Soap:Aye! Done here. Price lit a cogar and they head for the extraction point.

Georgia Joins World War IV On NATO SideEdit

While Price and Soap where liberating Bulgaria Georgia had its new presidential elections after high demand of its people the corrupted Russian controlled president was taken down and a new one was elected called George Besovili.He declared peace on UN and NATO and opened its borders for western militery forces.      When Price and Soap returned to the NATO base they realised that Jamie Salmon has gone MIA. The TF141 team led by Frost come back as welll as everyone of the Wolf Company expect Salmon.Whern the TF141 commanders came it was already suspected that Salmon was killed in the blast radious of the Predator missile and the best theory on his sutten dissapear.Officially he is MIA but persumed dead so Wolf Company needs a new commander.Wayne Wilson would take on the company but his condition is really unstable and have gone into fights with his team mates so for know he is resigned out of the comapny and it itself is sent for reorganisation in Australia. Task Force 141 and Bear Company are the only ones who will do the dirty work for now.After discussing Salmon going MIA, CIA TF141 and B Company planned their next mission.CIA agent:CIA will investigate the situation with these Russian bodarks that appear more and more.Surely there's a lot we don't know about.The 2 Russian commanders we had but fortenatly one of them got buried just like he had to thought it wasn't the time they that said themselfes so we ll do our best to learn more but our next mission is quite simple people.You are going to Georgia if you watched the news you ll know that there were new president elections there.The new president is our type of guy so is to the people of Georgia or most of them but not this one.Mihail Zhakov-Russian-Georgian bissness man with more Russian in him if know what I mean. Price:Ain't he a good Russian or a bad Russian? Soap:Don't think this counts here Price.Kamarov may be an ass but atleast he dosen't shoot you on sight. Price:Oh haven't told you more about Beirut have I? CIA Agent:Back on topic gentlemen this russian is not any of those.He's a Vladimir Macarov type money whore.He will not shoot you on sight you only if you are the highest bitter. As you know the Russian secret service likes to use such people a lot. Price:These are their main investments other than luxury houses islands cars and whoever knows what else. Soap:Probably the houses on the moons lol. CIA Agents:Indeed.But that's not our job.The guy controls all the paramilitery forces in this sector Anti or Pro Russian dosen't count with these grunts so our job is to take out this guy and his armory in Georgia. Its located on the northern part of it near the Georgian-Russian border.From previous ops of it we ve got intel on this terrain so it is going to be a simple mission of a bait and a snare.

TF141 Mission In Northern Georgia:When Things Go Wrong Edit

The plan was quite simple.Price's TF141 team would attack a village used by Mihail Zhakov's paramilitery forces.The local viligers were taken out of the villiage.They were either killed or forced to leave their homes. There's a lot of armories within the villiage so the TF141 team should be careful. They reached the area via a HALO jump from a stealth transport aircraft.They all landed and gathered where they gear up with weapons and ammo.Then they split up. TF141 went to a ridge from where they overloocked the village using their Night Vision Googles. They planned to attack the village from 2 sides.They would split up on 2.Price with Frost Soap with Mako. The first team would attack from west the other from east.They had everything planned and they just had to wait for the sun rise to engage.After a while it did.Price:Soap Mako are you in position? Soap:Damn right we are.Waiting on your go. Price:Roger(To Frost) Frost on your go we ll engage the village.Just a security check on Hornet's status. "Hornet" was Toby Lane the commander of Bear Company's nickname which was given to him the last time they went to Moscow.Price:Crazy Bear what's your status? Toby Lane:Frecking bored man...will you attack already Bravo 6. Price:Yeah hold on tight all alright there. Lane:Yep.We need some action already even backup pilots are bored. Price:Probably they wont be bored for too much long as people like Zhakov like to run fast so try to catch him and not use the

Soap and Mako's position on the outskirts of the village

backup heli which is also the extraction ok? Lane:Yeah we ll do.Good luck Price:You too.(To Frost)Man good to be back with you guys.Not with some weird brainwashed patriots that are just worst than even Kamarov. Frost:Think Mactavish have metioned him before but didn't really understand who is he. Price:Long story a typical ruskie not like these modern mobs we always go after.Anyways on your shot Frost. The teams were going to use Russian arsenal in this mission.In these kinds of situations for the best assault that Price's team have to create a modified gun that you can get ammo for from your enemies is the best combination which is the AK-12.Frost fired his AK12 with PK-A scope and GP-25 Grenade Launcher.He first sprayed a little to get the enemies's attention then aimed with his GL and took out a enemy squad. Price:Weapons Free! Sutenlly a lot of the targets on the rooftops started falling down one by one. Soap and Mako were taking them down using their modified SKS-es Soap:Price Mako will try an flank the enemy I ll support him.Try to get trought the centre of the village ok? Price:Good Soap just be careful! Price and Frost managed to do what Soap told them to with the support of Mako who managed to get the attention of the enemy making the patrols which Team 1 (Frost and Price) attack really vounrable.Tough Mako was pinned down Price and
Frost soon got trought the enemy positions on the center of the city and flanked the ones who pinned down Mako. Soap:Price no need to come where.We ve got em! Watch for reinforcements. We want to be the flankers don't we!? Price:I ll ask Mako how much you ve got em! (To Frost) Frost keep on taking em out! I ll cover your back and contact the others that we ve engaged! Frost took allmost of the enemies.Then he used his small recon drone which had a 9mm rapid fireing turret that was based on a Uzi.He used it as an additional tool because he was out of grenades for his grenade launcher.It was a backup weapon basicly which turned the tides of the battle completely and some of the enemy surrendered.They were surrounded by both parts of the 4 man TF141 team. Price:(Russian) Is Zhakov here? What do you know? Russian paramilitery:For Russia!!! One of the paramiliteries cooked a grenade.All of them stand back quickly as we was going to run to kill them with the grenade the drone hit him.He fell to the ground and the grenade blow up with him and the rest of the surrending paremiliteries.Frost catch his drone and got it into his rucksack. Soap:Impressive technology kid.Price: Indeed you saved our lives Frost. We own you. Frost:Not me.This drone was on auto pilot.It detects danger to friendly forces and tries to stop it.It can even self-destruct itself if it has to with quite powerful explosion actually.Do not measure it by size.Also don't worry the only way these liquids the terrorists used 20 years ago can only be armed manually or by the system which has been tested.. Soap:Yeah yeah..don't tell me these bullshit.Tests tests then what.Oh well there's still some technical issues not resolved. Price:Haha! Enought Soap! If this drone is as generous as appears now it should not blow on us.Now let's call in the bird for exaction.We are done here let's hope "Hornet" and his boys have the same luck as we do. They called in the helicopter.They managed to contact the B Company team from there. Price:So Hornet you re chasing down Zhakov. Lane:Yes he should be in an Armored Truck 2 vehicles ahead of us.We ve taken out most of the enemy vehicles you just need get ahead of us and block Zhakov's vehicle will you? Price:Ofcource we will Hornet.Always risking them vehicles.That's why they make myths of us giving bad luck to helicopters. Soap:Talking about the army boys eh? Let's not forget what they did for us on their homeland or Moscow not sure how many times.It was such a carnage of helicopters being taken down the russians can create a whole museum of Black Hawk Apache and any other US army aircraft all before we reached the mighty Dimitri Revenger who killed him.Wolf Company and we so those army boys can fuck off. Price:Let's not forget that they saved our asses in the end Soap. Frost:True I would order my squad to not surrender but it was my first mission in TF141 back then and decided to pray which worked out eventually. Price:Yeah.Too bad we lost Macmillian that day.His time had come to get officailly off the grid so as Zhakov today.Stay sharp lads. They continued to the highway where the B Company team was chasing down Zhakov's convoy which already had reinforcements to support him.

TF141's Stealth Black Hawk head ahead of the highway chase they heard the gunshots but managed to get ahead of them and got to the entrance of a tunnel.Price:This tunnel should not be too big go around it. Helicopter Pilot:Roger that! The helicopter got around it and soon was cruising over its other entrance. Toby Lane soon contacted Price Lane:Bravo 6 where the hell are you? We ve entered a tunnel and are suffering heavy damage! Our vehicle wont last long! Price:We are just in front of the tunnel. Stay.. suttenly a rocket hit the stealth helicopter strangly enought it was guided and the missle warning didn't fire as well. The tail rotor was destroyed which made the helicopter rotate and crash into the forest below the road. As the vehicles got out of the tunnel they all got hit by RPGs from unknown locations.The soldiers didn't even saw the trace of the rockets.Their vehicles flipped. B Company's one got out of the road near the helicopter crash luckly.But Lane's team dind't had any luck though.They were blown off with the car due to the damage it took when it got hit by the unknown RPG and the ground because of the blast radious while Lane was trown out of the car just as it hit the ground.He was over 5 meters in front of the car and watched how it slowly blowed up with his team. Suttenly Price appeared. Price:Toby! Get up! Its too late for them! Come on let's get out of here! Price grab him and started running with Lane on his back! As he reached the crash site of the helicopter where Soap Frost Mako and one of the pilots who was trying to help the other who was heavily wounded were, they got ambushed. Price got hit but he managed to give Lane to Mako who get him to cover.Then Soap returning fire with his DMR on one hand helped Price to get to cover. Soap:So what do we do now sir!? We are outnumbered and outgunned! Price:Think I have a idea. Price didn't wait for an answer and shouted Price:YES! OFCOURCE! Ofcource I have a plan! In all these years I cannot let myself and my team die in a place like this so we ll improvise as we always do.Right Soap. Soap:Yeah.That's what I thought. Price:Great.(To Mako) Mako you ll help Hornet.Pilot you ll save your buddy out of this right.No time for surrender these folks out there wont let you surrender anyway so I want you to fall back while me Soap and Frost ll cover you! Got it! Others understanded the plan and prep themselfes.Frost deployed his drone. Price used his AK-12 with Kobra sight and foregrip.He got additional ammo from Lane who was already falling back wtih the rest of the team.Soap his modified SKS battle rifle or DMR.He took out longer ranger targets.The enemy weren't your normal troops though.They were well trained and equipped.Actually way better than the TF141 team.Atleast on equipment.For skills it was not sure yet as Frost took out their drones that were closing in.Frost:Wow these guys have drones.Luckly I ve taken em out but surely these aren't regular Russian army troops. Price:Definetly! Zhakov probably has escaped by now.So shall we.Let's go lads! Fall back! They fall back and split up a little in the woods so that they can lose the enemy for sure.As the sun fall down they regrouped. Soap:Wasn't so hard to find you guys eh. Price:Told you that I can take care of myself and that we have split up but you no no! You stick with me! So we had to risk Frost being caught and killed. We didn't lost enought soldiers did we. Soap:Sorry Price. Price.Let's not fight ourselfes.To get back home we have to be together.So whoever dosen't want another with us.Step ahead right now! Nobody moved even a finger. Soap:Ok.Then we should start planning the exfil.How's the comms. Pilot:Not good sir.Think they are jammed.But if we get on top of a cliff I think we may be able to contact HQ. Also my co-pilot is better.He's now sleeping in the shelter we found with Mako and Toby. Mako:It's not much but better with the grass and rocks we added for more shelter. Price:It will be enought for half of us to sleep there.The other half expect the wounded will patrol.How about gear and supplies. Mako:I am sorry to say it but very bad. We ve got enought rifles for us all who are able to shoot but not enought ammo.Also we ve got food and water for a day or two.Luckily I managed to grab some of the supplies of the helicopter after we crashed. Probably there's not much lef of him right now.The good part about our guns is that we can trade ammo with our enemies so getting more ammo wont be a big problem but escaping with it will be.As we all saw we are not dealing with regular troops so don't we stand much changes stealing ammo. Price:We don't stand a chance either way but first we ll have to contact HQ.Surely they ll send in a rescue team soon enought. So we have to talk to them ASAP.I want you up early morning tommorow.I ll need 2 people here guarding the wounded and the camp.The rest will come with me on scout.We ll recon the area and try to contact HQ but for now have some rest lads. Frost planted Claymores around the camp and got some rest along with the rest of the team.

TF141: Behind Enemy Lines Edit

It was almost sunrise.The sun was half seen when you looked at east. Price's team was already up. Their supplies have almost finished.But Price and his group of "well" soldiers which meant capable of moving and shooting have gone to the nearby cliff to contact HQ. They reached a small dam with a narrow path which had no guardrail. Soap:I do not like the looks of this. Price:Me neither but there's the cliff. As Price looked up his eyes were flashed. He quickly realised that that was a sniper glare.Price:Sniper! Get back! As he turned around a shot came by and Price got stopped as if he hit a invisible wall.But in a matter of mileseconds the object cleared and it was a very high tech soldier who fell to the ground dead.At the same time Price who hell to the end of the part of rock they were on collapsed and he fell on the concrete dam. At the same time the others were ambushed by the other spec op troops who apreantly were sneaking up on them until that sniper took one of the spec ops. Soap:Price! Price:I am fine! Get yourselfes out of there and head for the cliff. I ll meet you there we ll see who helped us. Soap:Helped us? Price!!! The comms were jammed. Soap:Mako Frost we ll have go trought the dam! Price can take care of himself don't you worry we ve been in such shit before get yourself alive on the other side of the dam I will pop smoke! Soap trowed 1 smoke grenade.They waited for the smoke to fill and one by one crossed the dam! Then they lost the enemy in the forest. Atleast for a while. Soap:We should not stop.Our enemies have advanced technology and may track us down quicker than we think so let's get a move on lads.As they reached the cliff Frost stopped Soap. Frost:Shh! There's a mine.Soap looked down and saw that his foot was a few sentimeters to the wire. Soap:Shit! Thanks Frost! Frost: I ll disable it you two try to NOT step on it. Soap:Surely you can. Frost:Before Delta Force I was trained for defusal of anti vehicle & personel mines in the U.S Army. Frost disabled the mine and the team moved on and secured the cliff. Suddenly a soldier appeared from the bushes with his hands up. Price was behind him aiming at him with his M1911. Soap and Mako nicked him while Frost was covering them. Price hit him a few times then asked him a question. Price: Who the bloody hell are you? Who are you working for? You haven't got time to tell me you don't understand me. I won't ask you again... Russian soldier:Captain Price...we have common ememies we have to work together... Then Price hit him again. Price:I didn't ask you what should we do.. Russian soldier: Ok ok..stop.. Im Sgt. Sasha I was working for Mihail Zhakov's paramilitery force. In the perfect moment where you almost had us "the cleaning teams" ambushed both of us. Force above you, me, Zhakov even your commanders have ordered "some forces" to be dealt with. They ve send the best troops of the enemy this time you are have very limited chances. I know how these spec ops operate. I know how you operate as well that's how I tracked you. If I wanted to kill you Price I would done it a few minutes ago. Let's get out of this shit together. Then they heard movement. Sgt. Sasha: We have to move or its goodbye!!! Price: Ok Im taking the risk. Get him up. Where are we heading Sasha? Sasha: Quick down the cliff. They quickly went down the cliff. The Spec Op forces knew they were close. Sasha: We re gonna lose them in this cave straight ahead. It was my safehouse until now. But its not safe anymore. I have supplies we should pick up. Is this your full team Cpt. Price Price:No.. we ve got wounded at a small camp. We ll have to get back to them ASAP. They went in the cave. Sgt. Sasha: Get all the supplies from here. We ll get out from the other side. Get everyone I ll set up a Claymore at the entrance that will slow down the enemy. Price: Quickly grab all the supplies lad we haven't got much time. The team got all the supplies and head futher into the cave.They used flashlights to navigate trough the black misty cave.On the other side of the cave it was all peaceful. The team headed north; northwest where a few hours later they managed to find the small camp where the pilot Captain Bernett, Toby Lane and the copilot would was now walking and capable of military combat as much as he can. But it wasn't the same for Toby Lane his previous wounds have opened and it was a serious situation. The supplies Price's team got from the cave will hopefully help him. Price intruduced Sgt. Sasha to the rest the team. He took full responsibility for him joining the team. Nobody trusts Sgt. Sasha but the team had no other choice but to take him with them. The camp was moved. TF141 was walking north until dawn. There on a hill they set up a camp. They had limited options for a camp fire was hidden inside the campside and it took too long to cook food. Nevertheless everyone ate. The supplies would now last them for a few days. The night was long Soap and Price didn't sleep. They managed to establish contact with HQ. Price: Bravo 6 I repeat Bravo 6 Op. AWCDT50423 (codename for operation) is down. We are on the run request immediate exfil! Command: Bravo 6, Warshark AWCDT50423 down confirmed. Rescue operation Bravo Super 66 is a go. Bravo 6:Thank you.Give us more details. Warshark:Bravo 6 open up your charts. Exfil by rally point Bravo. ETA 8 hours. Are you able? Price:Confirm. Warshark:Copied. We are gonna get you out of there boys. You don't to be advised of the heavy enemy activity you already know that. Do your best. The teams are already ready to take you back home. Maintain radio silence. Good hunting. Price: Thank you sir. We ll expect you at the LZ. Bravo 6 out. (To Soap) This is our only chance to get out of this Soap. Go get some sleep. We ll be moving out in a few hours. Soap: I ll try. Do you think we ll make it Price. Price: We always do. But we ll keep losing more and more soldiers Soap. This recent trend has been worrying me for quite some time now. Soap didn't know what to say to that. He went to the camp and tried to catch on some sleep. Price also went to the camp where it was warmer. He managed to catch up on some sleep as well. The next morning it would be crucial for them.

Just after the sunrise the TF141 team had moved on from the camp. They had all the supplies with them armed as much as possible. The helicopter pilot Captain Bernett was carrying a AK12 while the copilot was carrying "Hornet" who still couldn't walk. Suddenly they sumpled into a enemy convoy. Soap:Bloody hell what are we gonna do now? Price: Stay hidden. Don't move a muscle Im thinking. Sgt. Sasha: Me too. Do not turn your radios on. The enemy has high tech equipment as I said before. They can detect us with heartbeat sensors and or FLIR any second.We ll have to go back another way. Price: That will delay us. Sgt.Sasha: Any other ideas Price. Price:None. Fuck let's go.They head north.The team was moving quickly. They didn't know if the enemy has detected their movements or not. Frost was leading as he had an eye for mines. The others were behind him. After a few kilometers north and mines every 1km they were moving east on route to the extraction point was high in the mountains. The terrain was difficult but it wasn't a problem for the team. They were running late though.They would be left behind if they didn't arrive on time at the LZ. Price was getting worried. Price:I don't think we ll make it on time. Do you think we could contact HQ again we are quite high in the mountains. Sgt. Sasha:Its too risky Price. Price: We ll have to try. Price: Mayday mayday Bravo 6 Bravo 6 request a delay in our extraction. There was no answer. Price continied trying to contact command for the next kilometer. Panic was started in the team. Everyone was looking all around for enemies. Then finally someone answered. Command:Bravo 6 please authenticate. Price: Access code:Black Tango. Bravo 6 we are on the run. Request immidieate contact with commanding officer of rescue operation BS66 Command:Standby we are triangulating. Price:Dammit. Sgt. Sasha:You know that the enemy will detect all of this. Price:They can feel free to listen and to come for a party right there. Price pointed out some small abandoned cable car buildings where they head to. Price: This is the perfect extraction point. Come on everyone. The buildings were on a steep hill if you apporach them from the north while from the east there was a old bridge. On all other sides it was a cliff straight down the cliff atleast 300m, probably more. Price: Set up defensive positions here lads. Use everthing we ve got. Command: Bravo 6 we have established contact with BS66 commanding officer on this frequency call him with Neptune 3. Price:Neptune 3 Bravo 6? Neptune 3: I hear you loud and clear Price. You are risking a lot contacting us. What's the issue? Price: We are unable to reach the LZ. Request a new extraction point. Get a pen out. Price stopped and got the charts out. Capt. Bernett help him. Neptune 3: Go ahead Bravo 6 Price: 2 miles Southwest of EP Bravo less than 1 mile west of waypoint 4343E request extraction here. Make it fast. Neptune 3: Copied your request Bravo 6 we ll head over there. Make sure you are alive when we get there. Price: Don't worry about us. Get here as fast as possible. Neptune 3: Contact you on the short comms when we get close. Keep em open. Price: Copied. Then mortars fire was heard. Sgt. Sasha: Into the buildings! Go Go Go! The mortars damaged the buildings, blew up the bridge and some of the claymores the team lined up but not much. Frost set them up again. Sgt. Sasha: We can expect them any minute now. Price: Is Lane secured. Copilot:Yes sir. Price: Ok. Frost what happaned with your drone? Frost:Its still here actually yes. Price: Good. Fly it high above this cliff we need to now when the enemy is comming. Frost's drone had a camera with zoom and FLIR on it as well. He deployed it. In 5 more minutes they were all ready to engage the enemy. It was all quiet. The silence was making them more and more nervous. But they weren't losing courage. They had a plan which motivated them to use all their strength. As it was all clear suddenly the Russian spec ops opened fire from 2 sides they had. Bullets were flying from everywhere. As much as they were prepared for the attack the spec ops still pinned them down. Price (on comms): Bodarks again! These bastards aren't a lot but they surely are good. Stay in cover lads! Frost:I have visual on helicopters closing in fast no not friendly. Sgt. Sasha: I ve got a GP-30 grenade launcher to welcome them. Price:Good. Don't fire until you are completly sure you get a hit Sasha. Ammo is very limited. Sasha: I know Price. The choppers come in closer. Frost: Sacrificing the drone for one of those Hinds. Price:What?! Repeat Frost! Frost: Trust me! Frost flew the drone towards the Hind's tail rotor as it was making a bombing run and detonated the self destruct mechanism the drone has. The Hind's tail rotor was destroyed and it fall the mountain and eventually crashed. Price: Wow Frost. You know how to pilot a drone for sure. Soap:No shit. He can't evade a massive helicopter for f- sake. Frost:Haha.You need a skill for that you know. Price:Stay frosty boys. Not much left. Sgt. Sasha: Not much cover left too. Then Sasha jumpted from his cover as he evaded a RPG which destroyed it. He managed to get inside the building, Sasha: My god. You don't wanna know how much bullets my kevlar took. Price:Its more important that you can shoot. Take out the rest of those helis. Sasha managed to take out 2 more Hinds but he ran out of ammo. The copilot got shot lightly. He dropped his gun. Copilot: Fuck we wont last any longer. My wounds have reopened. Dammit! Price ran to him. Price:Hold it together mate. If you wanna get out of this you will shoot the enemy. Heard me!??!! Copilot:Sir yes sir. And he continued to shoot back. Soap got a heavy hit. His kelvar didn't take the bullet. Soap: Fuck Im shot badly. Price:Keep it together Soap! And then at the worst possible moment enemies climbed out of the cliff. It was something Price could never predict. Buck: Behind us!!! Fuck Im shot! Bucks fell to the ground! Price:Noo Price managed to took out 2 spec ops soldiers with his AK12/Kobra RDS. Some of the team was shooting at one side. Others at the other. More and more Bodarks were climbing out of the cliff. Sgt. Sasha: Come on traitors! Sasha rushed them with Price. They managed to make the enemy to take cover. Then they trowed grenades. Sasha: Yea go go! And then a Bodark with a Machete jumpted Price. Sasha was no way able to aim fast enough to take him out. But then the Bodark recieved a few shots. A screaming Toby Lane appreached comming out of the ruins of the building with his M1911.He shot the Bodark a few times and fell to the ground as he was still wounded. Price finished the Bodark with his M1911. Price:Nice moves you making Hornet. You saved my life. Now its to save your ass again. Stay covered and that's a nice M1911 you ve got there. Hornet: More spec ops behind. Price and Toby shotted with their M1911s while Sasha grabbed a RPK out of the enemy. And then finally a friendly Apache appreared shooting at the enemy followed by 2 Stealth Black Hawks. Neptune 3:Price you still there? Price: Barely. We ve runned out of Kevlar. We wont last any longer. Get those choopers down now. One of the Black Hawks opened fire at the enemy with the Apache while the other Black Hawk landed after taking out the Bodarks climbing on the cliff. The Navy Seal team Neptune got out of the chopper and returned fire with TF141. Neptune 3: We ve taken care of the hikers. Feel free to jump in Price. Price:Not before my team. They call you Dusty right. Dusty: Correct. Price:Maj. Dusty I need your men to cover me. While I get him (pointing at Hornet) on the chopper. Dusty: Will do Captain. (To Voodoo) Voodoo pop smoke. We need cover. Voodoo trowed a smoke grenade.The Seals in the other Stealth Black Hawk also popped smoke with a grenade lancher. Navy Seals helped Soap get on the chopper.The pilot Cpt. Bernett get inside along with his copilot. Then was Price with Toby. Frost and Mako get in as well.Everyone was in.The Stealth Black Hawk took off until support of the other 2 friendly choppers. They head towards the NATO aircraft carrier off the Black Sea coast. Neptune 3:Warshark this is Neptune 3. Mission accomplished. Warshark:Good hunting Neptune. We are waiting you to come home. Price:So its nice to see you Dusty after all these years.How long has it been since we last joined task force? Dusty:About 5 years. Command has been assigning us on different fronts. Different targets. Price:Yea.Im afraid to say on recent missions we have been the targets. Dusty:You talking about the Bodarks right? idea what their name means but dealt with more than enough on this half failed mission only..actually the only thing that is positive is that we are still alive. Dusty:We ll turn things around Price. You ll see that we might see each more often now. Just before I was called for this mission I visited the Pentagon and they ve got more info on the wolfs also known as Bodarks. Price:Actually we might bring more info than you and CIA think out of this "failed op". Sasha here will enjoy being a defector after he has a few converstations with us. Sasha:Sounds like after all we gone trough these days you are going interrogate me Cpt. Price. Price:If its needed I will. Soap:Actually we might have a job offer for you Sasha. Nikolai would like another "good Russian" to work for him. You know what a payphone is? Sasha:They still exist? Soap:Haha I was suprised to learn that 5 years ago.

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