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Wolf Company
Wolf Logo2 version
Logo of Wolf Company
Leader(s) General James Rogers (Retired)
General Atkins and Lieutenant Colonel, now Fleet Marshall and Leader for Life Jamie Salmon
Appears in Modern Warfare series and Future Warfare series
Country Australia
Type Counter-Terrorism, Warlike missions, Special Operations, Bomb Disposal, Recon and others
Active Since the fall of the Nazis-Death of JS
Motto Pack Hunters

Wolf Company is an Australian army force primarily sent into war, bomb disposal and any other special mission. Here is a quote from the General of the US:

"That's the Wolf Company, the best team in the world. Several WIAs and MIAs but never any KIAs. Lopez their your new friends. Hook up with them, and send your best men."
General Taylor


Formerly a War Force Group of the army. In 1945 this company was formed by a Unknown General. Before the time the SASR was formed it was as the 17th Battalion Wolf Company. When the SASR was formed it game the 51st Division. Through the 60s to 90s they've been fighting in various non-warlike and warlike operations. They payed no contribution in Iraq War in 2003 instead they focused on Afghanistan. In 2012 they fought in Sino-Australian War. They then finally gave contribution to World War III in 2014. They are response for the ending of World War III. They are later sucked into the Third Sino-Japanese War in 2029. Straight after the Third Sino-Japanese War, they are sent into World War IV.

Notable Members


Team One

Team Two

Enlisted and Warrant Officer Ranks

Team One

Team Two

Less notable members

Less appearances, but still minor

  • Private Johnson. (Mentioned/KIA)
  • Lance Corporal Meat. (KIA)
  • Staff Sergeant West. (KIA)
  • 2nd Lieutenant Roger Rogers. (KIA)

Less notable members

  • Smith
  • Nguyen
  • White
  • Martin
  • Kelly
  • McMath
  • Brown
  • Collins
  • Taylor


  • F88 Austyer (Primary Weapon)
  • M4A1 carbine
  • Barret .50 cal (Secondary Sniper)
  • SR-24 (Primary Sniper)
  • SPAS-12 (Primary Shotgun)
  • M14 EBR
  • Stinger (Secondary Launcher)
  • Javelin (Primary Launcher)
  • MP5k
  • Riot Shield
  • USP .45
  • M1014 (Secondary Shotgun)
  • M249 (Primary LMG)
  • Desert Eagle (Primary secondary weapon)
  • AK47 (Captain Salmon only uses this until the Future Warfare series)


  • Sikorsky MH-53 (Modified)
  • AH-64A Apache
  • Eurcopter Tiger
  • M1A1 Abrams
  • Bushmaster
  • M113


CoD Modern Warfare 2 Soundtrack - Boat Ride

CoD Modern Warfare 2 Soundtrack - Boat Ride

Wolf Company theme song.

Wolf Logo

NW version early concept


NW2 and MW4 version early concept

Wolf Logo2 version

Wolf Logo from NW to any other appearances of Wolf Company


The Motto of Wolf Company is Pack Hunters

Wars contributed to


Wolf Units
Officers Gen James RogersCapt Jamie SalmonLt Jack ManningsLt Rebecca "Beck" Mannings
Enlisted/Warrant Officers Pvt Hue SamCpl Jethro WilsonCpl Wayne WilsonSgt Josh RogersSgt Jack "Phantom" JohnsonWO2 Archer