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Winona Lopez
Winny Lopez
Nickname(s) Winny
Appears in Call of Duty: Nuclear War, Call of Duty: Nuclear War 2 (Mentioned)
Rank Techincal Sergeant, Senior Airwoman (Mentioned)
Affiliations USAF, AFSOC
Status KIA
Birth 1989
Height 5’5” (165 cm)
Weight 123 lbs (55.79 kg)
Hair Blonde
Eyes Brown
Race Caucasian-Aryan
Death 2019
Weapon SCAR-H, Glock 32, MP5SD, M4 and M39 MER

Winona Lopez is a character in Call of Duty: Nuclear War and was mentioned in its sequel.


Winona is a Mike's best soldier and favoured as well. Winona mostly carries a SCAR-H or M39 MER. She is an American-Australian. She is killed by Shepherd.

Wiona Lopez gym

Wiona Lopez posing in the Air Force base gym locker room.