Unlocked By
Wilson Brothers
Call of Duty: Nuclear War
Cpl. Jethro Wilson
Wolf Company and German Forces
HK MP5SD, Suppressed HK UMP and Suppressed HK G41
Braunschweig, Germany
Find the nuclear bomb. Attempt to disarm the bomb.
Shadow Company and Russian Mafia
Multiplayer map

Walkthrough Edit

Jethro and Wayne Wilson are sent in to Braunschwieg to disarm a nuke. They reach a checkpoint but Wayne is taken then Jethro continued on then he gets to the bomb and attempts to disarm it but then Duke aims at Braunschwieg and Nikita fires a Nuke onto the very same building.

Transcript Edit

Briefing Edit

"Jethro, I am General Max Taylor. I have you here because the is a nuke here. I want you to disarm it, no exceptions."
— Taylor
— Jethro

Ingame Edit

(Level starts off with Jethro and Wayne in a Bell UH-1D)

  • German: Wir sind fast da, hang on!
  • Jethro: Roger that.
  • Wayne: What did he say?
  • Jetho: We're almost there, hang on!

(Helicopter hovers over a blocked road.)

  • Müller: Gehen! Gehen! Gehen! Holen Sie sich, dass fucken Atombombe entschärft
  • Jethro: Go! Go! Go! Get that fucken nuclear bomb defused
  • Wayne: Let's go!

(They move out.)

  • Hans: I am a Colonel Hans Schrader. Wayne your with me.
  • Wayne: Okay, please speak english. see ya bro.

(They leave)

  • Müller: Oberst Schrader ist ein guter Soldat, er wird sich um ihn kümmern. Follow me Spot. (Colonel Schrader is a good soldier, he'll look after him. Follow me Spot.)
  • Jethro: Understood.

(They head out.)

  • German: Enemy Nachzügler und Hund Patrouille auf der rechten Seite. (Enemy straggler and dog patrol on the right.)
  • Jethro: Roger that, Hauptmann.
  • German: Korporal Wilson nur sagen, meinen Rang in Ihrer Sprache. (Corporal Wilson just say my rank in your language.)
  • Jethro: Okay Captain Müller.
  • Müller: Take the dog and his master, I'll take the ones on the right.
  • Jethro: Roger that.

(Jethro shoots the dog and the soldier then Müller takes out his target, then Müller and Jethro move out to another street.)

  • Müller: Patrol Mannschaft vor ihnen. (Patrol squad up ahead.)
  • Jethro: Copy that.
  • Müller: Nehmen Sie ein und ich werde die anderen zu nehmen. (Take the one and I'll take the other.)
  • Jethro: Roger that.
  • Müller:Gute Nacht, du Bastard. (Good night, you bastard.)

(Jethro shoots one followed by Müller. They move to a street with the target building visible.)

  • Müller: Da ist sie, die Atombombe ist drin. (There she is the nuclear bomb is in there.)
  • Jethro: Very well.
  • Müller: Wir müssen die Bombe entschärfen. (We have to disarm the bomb.)
  • Jethro: Alright.

(They head out and are spotted they go loud.)

  • Müller: Going loud.
  • Jethro: Finally.

(They fight off the enemy soldiers. Wayne and Hans approach them.)

  • Wayne: Bro! You okay!
  • Jethro: Yeah!
  • Müller: Colonel!

(They reach the building. Wayne trips and his injured and Hans attends to him. Müller and Jethro enter the building.)

  • Müller: Let's get to the bomb.
  • Jethro: Okay.

(They get to the bomb.)

  • Jethro: Alright give me some time.

(A Chinnook with Wayne in it leaving.)

  • Jethro: WAYNE! Alright let me deal with this bomb.

(He starts disarm it. A satellite is shown and blinks. A black and white camera shows the roof of the target building.)

  • Nikita: Launch.

(The camera goes back to Jethro and the screen whites out.)

(End of mission)


Jethro Wilson

  • 52nd Battalion Wolf Company

Status: MIA?/KIA?

Wayne Wilson

  • 52nd Battalion Wolf Company

Status: MIA?/KIA?

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