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William Calvin Morgan
Morgan with gun
Biographical information
Real name William Abel Acton Calvin Morgan
Also known as The Crooked Man, the Boss, The Leader, Project's Leader, Earth's Ruler, The Shinnok of Earth, Crooked guy, The New King of Kings
Nationality England flag English
Born 2nd of December, 1952
Age 65
Status Alive
Birthplace Nottingham, England, UK, Europe
Physical description
Eye colour Blue
Hair colour Brown
Ethnicity Aryan-Caucasian
Height 5'9
Weight 65kg
Blood type B+
Gender Male
Career, affiliations and family information
Affiliation(s) Dixmor Project, Bloody Mary, Tweedledum, Tweedledee, Richie Donatelli (former), Vivian (former), Alvin De Carlos, Shinnok
Occupation(s) Investor, entrepreneur, banker, leader of the Dixmor Project, shareholder, former crime lord
Notable family members Edward Morgan I (great grandfather), Edward Morgan II (grandfather), Flaky (grandson), Abigail Morgan (grandmother/great godmother), Elizabeth Morgan (great grandmother/great great godmother), Henry Morgan (great granduncle)
Goals Take over the universe, enslave humanity, make Satanism the world's only religion
Video Games, Movies and Cartoons information
Main appearance(s) (Video Games) The Wolf Among Us, mentioned in other games
Voiced by (English) ?
"This is what I'm talking about. We lashed our ropes to this diseased world... and ever since, which one of us has been there for you? Who filled your lives with the promise of more? Who was there while they idly played in their towers... judging you, treating you as mindless children too stupid to command your own destiny. Without me, who will pay your rent when you're on the verge of eviction? Who will dare challenge their brutality when it leaks to our dear citizens? Who will protect you... from the Big Bad Wolf?"
— William Calvin Morgan

William Abel Acton Calvin Morgan is the main villain of The Wolf Among Us. He is the puppeteer responsible for ordering the murders of Faith and Lily. He directly employs the Tweedles and Bloody Mary as his muscle, and has a controlling interest in the Pudding n' Pie, since he and his henchmen show up after Barzini Richie Donatelli is shown to be making a phone call about a "problem" as Snow and Bigby apprehend Ichabod Crane. He also uses Alvin De Carlos as muscle, with his pawn shop - The Lucky Pawn being a front for his loansharking activities. He also has a large stake in the Fabletown government, revealed when Crane was embezzling to pay him off. He is directly responsible for the series of events that form the central conflict of Fabletown. He lives and meets with his envoys at the Crooked Palace.


Morgan is shown to be very calm and collected secretive ruler of Earth who causes the events in the world. He runs an extensive criminal syndicate consisting of his family, Borlinghathen, Cornet, Dixmor, Barzini, Arbogastt and all of their associates and minions. He offers drugs, runs all the banking cartels, strip clubs, pawn shops, factories and the whole world itself. It is mentioned that he killed his own family rather than let them stand in the way of constructing his empire.

The Wolf Among Us

In episode 3, Calvin ordered a hit on the town's sheriff Bigby Wolf in an attempt to kidnap the towns mayor, Ichabod Crane. He later spares Bigby's life in exchange for the mayor.

In episode 4, Morgan is mentioned many times throughout the episode by his thugs and finally makes his first appearance at the end of the episode, in his palace with all of his minions.

The last episode begins within his palace, with him being warm and welcoming towards the sheriff. However, tensions quickly flare up between the two, and he offers to give up Richie Donatelli in exchange for an alliance. However, this greatly angers Richie and his girl and Richie asks for assistance against the other thugs but they all back down, showing them to be greatly fearful of the Crooked Man. Eventually, all the thugs get in a fight with Bigby and the Crooked Man along with Bloody Mary escapes to his limo. William is encountered again at a large foundry after Bigby kills Bloody Mary. A tense standoff occurs between the two due to him holding a gun fully loaded with silver bullets. The Crooked Man requests he is kept alive and brought to trial, which is what Snow White wanted, and he was brought to the Fabletown Government for a trial.

Bigby handcuffed Morgan and returned him to the Business Office. There he finds Snow White, Grendel, Holly, Umberto Dixmor, Aunty Greenleaf, Beauty, Beast and Bluebeard there. The Crooked Man tries to convince the people that he did nothing wrong because he didn't force anyone to do anything. He then goes on to put the blame on Bigby and Snow for allowing the people to have glamours so bad that they turned to him for help. He also claims that Richie misinterpreted his orders and didn't want Faith and Lily killed. Soon the people start to take his side reluctantly, until he was proven guilty by Nerissa; Nerissa claimed that she heard him tell Donatelli to kill Lily and Faith, and can bring at least five more witnesses to prove it.

Now, Fabletown is convinced with the new testimony that he is guilty. As they all disagree on how to punish him, it is decided that Bigby gets to decide his punishment. He has three options; execute him, toss him down the Witching Well or to imprison him. Before Bigby can announce his decision, the Crooked Man uses his cufflinks to strangle Bigby and tries to throw him down the Well. Bigby then counters him, and now makes his decision.

Bigby simply decided he will just throw Morgan down the Witching Well, both to Aunty Greenleaf's and Snow White's dismay. But unknown to all, Morgan had actually find a portal down at the Well, which he used to travel to Earth.

Leadership of the Project

Once on Earth, and in the United States of America, William facilitate Umberto Dixmor's move to Never Never Land, and Morgan sent his best man, Luigi Delvecco, to clear out a secret casino underneath Nekros, sometime after the death of his old mentor who had been revealed to be a traitor.

With the money from Hell's casino, the only thing that remained was for Umberto to gain revenge on Giuseppe Travonni. Whilst Umberto ordered Maxwell Dixmor's death, Travonni assisted in killing Maxwell, and escaping soon after also killing Umberto. After Umberto's death, Murkoff Dixmor and his brother Luccardo Dixmor managed to make a presidential election on who should run the Project, until Morgan convinced them to make him the supreme leader and he set about conquering the rest of Multiverse Federation. Upon the complete of this task, he will become so powerful that the One Being and Azazel themselves shall call him "Master".

Personality and traits

Highly intelligent, the Crooked Man puts on a facade of maturity and benevolence in the eyes of the Fabletown community; but in reality, William is a shady loanshark, influential and extremely manipulative. He, without qualm, fully exploited the Fabletown community in its financial instability, manipulated Ichabod Crane, and orchestrated the murders of Faith and Lily (as well as the attempted murder of Bigby Wolf); the former two's deaths were carried out by Richie Donatelli, whom the Crooked Man later betrayed to Bigby. Despite all this, the Crooked Man is always calm and collected, and the only time when his facade breaks is when he attempts to strangle Bigby to death with his handcuffs.

Journal Entry

The Crooked Man has slowly built himself into one, if not the most, powerful figures in U.S. His operation started with a crooked sixpence and a crooked house - two things he cared about more than his wife or children, whom he killed rather than let them stand in his way. In his rise, William has ensnared many people in his criminal web, providing them with what they need, but always at a high cost. He is cunning, persuasive, and ruthless.


  • While you are conversing with him in the opening scene of the mission "Cry Wolf", he will remark that "Fabletown has been very accommodating of my ventures" ever since he came across its shores; this implies, as does his British accent, that he is originally from UK, Europe.
  • When he is pointing a gun at Bigby's head, what happens with it changes based on whether or not you agree initially to his demand to be returned alive to the community.


Theme song

William Calvin's theme song is King of Kings by Motörhead. This theme was supposed to be used for Murkoff Dixmor back when everyone thought he was going to led the Project. However, despite not being a Dixmor, rather a Morgan, Will is still the true overlord of our entire planet and so he is literally the King of Kings.

Motörhead - King of Kings (William Morgan's theme)

Motörhead - King of Kings (William Morgan's theme)