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Wayne Wilson
Nickname(s) Sarge, Landwolf Bravo
Appears in Call of Duty: Nuclear War
Call of Duty: Nuclear War 2
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4
Call of Duty: Zero Tolerance
Rank Previously Gunnery Sergeant, Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant and finally Captain (Nuclear War Timeline)
Sergeant (Zero Tolerance Timeline)
Affiliations USMC MARSOC, Wolf Company (Nuclear War Timeline)
2nd Battalion, Federal Republic Regiment (Zero Tolerance)
Wolf Division, DIO (Zero Tolerance Timeline)
Status KIA (Nuclear War Timeline)
Alive (Zero Tolerance Timeline
Birth 1986 (Nuclear War Timeline)
February 2nd, 2002 (Zero Tolerance Timeline)
Sex Male
Height 5'3"
Weight 127.2
Build Athletic
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Green
Death Day 12, 2045 (Zero Tolerance Timeline)
Weapon Silenced SR-25, SR-25, M82A2 Barret .50cal, CheyMac Intervention, Desert Eagle, FN Minimi, M4 SOPMOD, MP5SD, M290 Silenced and Javelin (Nuclear War Timeline
SR-98, Uzi 9mm, HK PSG1, Zastava M93 Black Arrow, HK417, and Remington Model 1100
— Corporal Wilson
— Captain Salmon
"This belongs to your corporal."
— Captain Salmon

Jamie and Wayne's reunion in Call of Duty: Nuclear War 2.

Sergeant Wayne Wilson is the Uncle of Jethro Wilson, and the Designated Marksman/Sniper for Wolf Division.


World War III

Wayne Wilson is an American-Australian and former Marine. He is a member of the Wolf Company. He fought along side Jamie and his team. He was captured by Opfor and given to the Shadow Company. He was later rescued by Task Force 141 and Wolf Company. He fought with Jamie once again. He later commanded Aura to get to a sub.

Third Sino-Japanese War

He only appears once in this war.

World War IV

He appears in mostly all World War IV battles. He his an Elite Sniper that is usually assigned for Sniping mission. He is seen providing sniper support on several occasion. He is later assigned to help the British, Americans and Germans cross into Moscow. He is later mortally wounded by a shot to the right of the chest by a sniper. He is dies slowly as the sniper tries to take another life and men are being shot in the back, head, heart or head.

Biography (ZT)

Wayne Ahiga Wilson is the son of a Native American activist man, and an Australian Attorney woman, and half-uncle to Jethro Wilson. Wayne's mother gave her current married name in order to hide the fact that his born from extramarital sex, and both his biological father, and Wayne lived in bliss. However in 2005; Wayne required a blood transfusion from his biological father, and thus gave away the fact that is an illegitimate offspring. Wayne's stepfather annulled his married before dying in a car crash, and Wayne's mother helped his father get citizenship; so she can raise him.

Military Career

Wayne began his military career at age 17, and is the only member of Omega Squad to be deploy to the Irish Drug War. He assisted Irish forces and Northern Irish forces during Operation Silver Water, Belfast Raids, Raid in Cork, and Operation Two Irelands. After the end of Irish Drug War; Wayne Wilson was transferred into the Special Air Services, and than Wolf Division they were deployed to Federation-controlled regions of the US to support America in it's war against the Federation, however after Civil War heightened Wolf Division was called began to join the war.



  • Wayne shares equal knowledge of stealth to Captain Price.
  • Wayne is the only enlisted soldier without rank abbreviation in Wolf Company.
  • Wayne and Jamie bear some resemblance between each other.
    • Both are pro snipers later elite snipers.
    • Both were Staff Sergeants and later promoted to an officer rank (Jamie to Lieutenant and Wayne to Captain).
    • Both were commanded by a General at some point. (Jamie commanded by General Rogers and Wayne previously commanded by Lieutenant General Shepherd and General Taylor.)
    • Both talk with an American influenced way of speech however Jamie started to refer to Lieutenants as Leftenants.
    • Both have a moustache.
    • Both have a body built like Arnold Swarzenegger.
    • They are both elite stealth experts.