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"A wolf never lets its prey escape."
Sword Strike

The WOLFHOUND Empire (formerly known as; just WOLFHOUND) is a military nation-turn-Empire, founded by Andrew Lord and Aaron Hound. It was originally a nation, and but became an Empire in 1901. The Nation of WOLFHOUND was as government ruled singularly by the Fleet Marshall as a Stratocracy, but after the reformation, it becomes a Federal Monarchy and Semi-Stratocratic Government.


WOLFHOUND is the one of the most powerful government force; as well as Nation on Earth that was created outside of time. It was created in 1842 and has become 1000 years more advanced than Earth. All WOLFHOUND members are free to leave when they want and people are free to choose to join or not. They cannot be arrested by any other government force apart from themselves. The demonym term for WOLFHOUND citizens, and soldiers is WOLFHOUNDer, and the they can speak all languages, but majority of spoken language is either English, Arabic, Latin, Russian, and/or Swahili.

Regulations and Policies

  • No citizen of the WOLFHOUND Empire will be subjected to bending the knee to the Emperor, High Kings, or any other titled individual.
  • No soldier shall abandon a comrade when the possibility of saving said comrade is 60% or higher.
  • Cigarette and tobacco are outlawed in the Wolf's Den, and smoking them is air pollution and violation of illegal substances
  • All citizen weapons must have citizen recognition chips
  • Unitary Authority in any Wolf's Den Continent is strictly forbidden no matter the situation
  • Murder, illegal Drugs, and Sex-related crimes are capital crimes, and the offender will be exiled from the Wolf's Den.
  • Torture is also a capital crime, and the offender will be exiled
  • Creation of Nuclear Weapons is strictly forbidden, and offender will be permanently exiled.


  • W - Warriors
  • O - Of
  • L - Lord's
  • F - Force
  • H - Hound's
  • O - Office
  • U - United
  • N - Nation
  • D - Dependence


WOLFHOUND's Armed Forces have the second biggest military force in the multiverse, and is only rivalled by Darkness's Imperial Military, and EDEN. Thanks to a multiverse device, they are stationed in The Hub of the Multiverse named as the Wolf's Den by WOLFHOUNDers and has existed since 1859. During 1863; WOLFHOUND's Armed Forces became part of its first ever war known as WOLFHOUND's Power War to fight for the control of WOLFHOUND from its founders Andrew Lord, and Alex Hound. WOLFHOUND's Armed Forces has four main components WOLFHOUND's Air Force, WOLFHOUND's Army, WOLFHOUND's Navy, WOLFHOUND's Homeland Force, and WOLFHOUND's Marines Corp, and primarily stationed in the Military Sector of the Guardian Continent; the former capital city of The Wolf's Den, the capital of the Nation of WOLFHOUND/WOLFHOUND Empire. WOLFHOUND's Special Forces has 3 units: Wraith, Alpha, and Top.


The WOLFHOUND Empire is responsible for creating four Constituent countries created in Universe-4789 and were created atop unusual things. Metal was created atop a 5 kg Weight Plate, Ukuprinta atop a broken printer, Ascending atop on a staircase, and the now independent nation of Highworld built atop a metal locker.