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Leader(s) Emperor Darryl Rangers (Leader of WOLFHOUND)
Fleet Marshall Derrick Rangers (Leader of WOLFHOUND's Armed Forces)
Appears in Metal Gear Solid
Country WOLFHOUND Empire's Wolf's Den (Originally known as the Hub of the Multiverse)
Type Military Nation, later Empire
Active 1800-present
Motto A wolf never lets its prey escape.

"A wolf never lets its prey escape."
Sword Strike

WOLFHOUND is a military nation, founded by Andrew Lord and Aaron Hound. It was originally a nation, and but became an Empire in towards the end of the 20th century.


WOLFHOUND is the fictional highest and most powerful government force; as well as Nation on Earth that was created outside of time. It was created in 1842 and has become 1000 years more advanced than Earth. All WOLFHOUND members are free to leave when they want and people are free to choose to join or not. They cannot be arrested by any other government force apart from themselves. The demonym term for WOLFHOUND citizens, and soldiers is WOLFHOUNDer, and the they can speak all languages, but majority of spoken language is either English, Arabic, Latin, Russian, and/or Swahili.

Regulations and Policies Edit

  • No citizen of the WOLFHOUND Empire will be subjected to bending the knee to the Emperor, High Kings, or any other titled individual.
  • No soldier shall abandon a comrade when the possibility of saving said comrade is 60% or higher.
  • Cigarette and tobacco are outlawed in the Wolf's Den, and smoking them is air pollution and violation of illegal substances
  • All citizen weapons must have citizen recognition chips
  • Unitary Authority in any Wolf's Den Continent is strictly forbidden no matter the situation
  • Murder, illegal Drugs, and Sex-related crimes are capital crimes, and offender will be exiled from the Wolf's Den.
  • Torture is also a capital crime, and the offender will be exiled
  • Creation of Nuclear Weapons is strictly forbidden, and offender will be permanently exiled.

WOLFHOUND meaningEdit

  • W - Warriors
  • O - Of
  • L - Lord's
  • F - Force
  • H - Hound's
  • O - Office
  • U - United
  • N - Nation
  • D - Dependence


WOLFHOUND's Armed Forces has the biggest military force in the world, and is only rivaled by Darkness's Imperial Military, and EDEN. Thanks to a multiverse device, they are stationed in the hub of the Multiverse named as the Wolf's Den by WOLFHOUNDers, and has existed since 1859. During 1863; WOLFHOUND's Armed Forces became part of its first ever war known as WOLFHOUND's Power War to fight for the control of WOLFHOUND from its founders Andrew Lord, and Alex Hound. WOLFHOUND's Armed Forces has four main components WOLFHOUND's Air Force, WOLFHOUND's Ground Forces, WOLFHOUND's Sea Force, WOLFHOUND's Homeland Force, and WOLFHOUND's Marines, and primarily stationed in Andrewaaron; the capital city of WOLFHOUND Nation/Empire. WOLFHOUND's Special Forces has 3 units: Wraith, Alpha, and Top.


WOLFHOUND's Army Officer Ranks Edit

Army Enlisted RanksEdit

  • E-9 Chief Deputy Sergeant/Sergeant Major (CHF DSGT)/(SGT MAJ)
  • E-8 Deputy Sergeant/Senior Sergeant (DSGT/SRSGT)
  • E-7 Staff Sergeant (SSGT)
  • E-6 Sergeant (SGT)
  • E-5 Corporal Sergeant (CPL SGT)
  • E-4 Master Private/Corporal (MPVT/CPL)
  • E-3 First Private/Lance Corporal (1st PTE/LCPL)
  • E-2 Private First Class (PFC)
  • E-1 Private (PVT)

WOLFHOUND's Homeland Officer Ranks Edit

  • SP-2 Commissioner (CMR)
  • SP-1 Executive Commissioner (EXCMR)
  • O-10 Captain (CAPT)
  • O-9 Captain-Commander (CPT-CMD)
  • O-8 Corporal-Captain (CPL-CPT)
  • O-7 Chief (CHF)
  • O-6 Sheriff (SHF)
  • O-5 Senior Sergeant (SRSGT)
  • O-4 Staff Sergeant (SSGT)
  • O-3 Sergeant (SGT)
  • O-2 Senior Constable. (SRCON)
  • O-1 Constable (CON)

Homeland Enlisted Ranks Edit

  • E-9 Senior Chief Deputy (SCDPY)
  • E-8 Senior Deputy (SDPY)
  • E-7 Chief Deputy/Tactical Deputy (CDPY/TDPY)
  • E-6 Deputy. (DPY)
  • E-5 Tactical Agent (TAC AGT)
  • E-4 Senior Agent (SR AGT)
  • E-3 Agent (AGT)
  • E-2 Probationary Agent (PR AGT)
  • E-1 Recruit (REC)


  • SP-2 Director Admiral (DADM)
  • SP-1 Deputy Admiral (DTYADM)
  • O-10 Admiral (ADM)
  • O-9 Vice Admiral (VADM)
  • O-8 Rear Admiral (RADM)
  • O-7 Commodore (CDRE)
  • O-6 Capt (CAPT)
  • O-5 Commander (CDR)
  • O-4 Lieutenant Commander (LTCDR)
  • O-3 Lieutenant (LT)
  • O-2 Lieutenant Junior Grade (LTJG)
  • O-1 Midshipman/Sub Lieutenant/Spec Ops Lieutenant (MID)/(SLT)/(SPECOPSLT)

Navy Enlisted Ranks Edit

  • E-9 Master Chief Petty Officer (MCPO)
  • E-8 Senior Chief Petty Officer (SCPO)
  • E-7 Leading Chief Petty Officer (LCPO)
  • E-6 Leading Petty Officer (LPO)
  • E-5 Chief Petty Officer (CPO)
  • E-4 Petty Officer (PO)
  • E-3 Leading Seaman (LSM)
  • E-2 Able Seaman/Seawoman (AB)
  • E-1 Seaman/Seawoman (SM)

WOLFHOUND's Air Force Edit

  • SP-2 Executive Air Chief Marshall (EX-AIR CHF MSHL)
  • SP-1 Vice Air Chief Marshall (V-AIR CHF MSHL)
  • O-10 Air Chief Marshall (AIR CHF MSHL)
  • O-9 Air Marshall (AIR MSHL)
  • O-8 Air Vice-Marshall (AVM)
  • O-7 Air Commodore (AIR CDRE)
  • O-6 Group Captain/Control Captain (GP CAPT)/(CTRL CAPT)
  • O-5 Wing Commander/Executive Commander/Spec Ops Commander (WG CDR)/(EX CDR)/(SPECOPS CDR)
  • O-4 Squadron Leader/Spec Ops Leader (SQN LDR)/(SPECOPS LDR)
  • O-3 Flight Lieutenant/Special Lieutenant/Control Lieutenant (FLTLT)/(SPLLT)/CTRLLT)
  • O-2 Flying Officer/First Control Officer/Support Officer (1st FG OFF)/(CTRL OFF)/(SUP OFF)
  • O-1 Pilot Officer/Control Officer/Second Support Officer (PLT OFF)/(CTRL OFF)/(2nd SUP OFF)

Air Force Enlisted Ranks Edit

  • E-9 Senior Master Sergeant/Watch Sergeant/Senior Master Chief Sergeant (SMSGT)/(WSGT)/(SMCHF SGT)
  • E-8 Master Sergeant/Senior Control Sergeant/Master Chief Sergeant (MSGT)/(SCTRL SGT)/(MCHF SGT)
  • E-7 Flight Sergeant/Control Sergeant/Chief Sergeant (FL SGT)/(CTRL SGT)/(CHF SGT)
  • E-6 Sergeant (SGT)
  • E-5 Corporal Sergeant (CPL SGT)
  • E-4 Corporal (CPL)
  • E-3 Lance Corporal (LCPL)
  • E-2 Leading Aircraftman/Senior Aircraftman (LAC)/(SAC)
  • E-1 Aircraftman (AC)

WOLFHOUND Marine Corps Edit

  • SP-2 General of the Marine Corps (GOMC)
  • SP-1 First General (1st GEN)
  • O-1O General (GEN)
  • O-9 Lieutenant General (LTGEN)
  • O-8 Major General (MAJGEN)
  • O-7 Brigadier (BRIG)
  • O-6 Colonel (COL)
  • O-5 Lieutenant Colonel (LTCOL)
  • O-4 Major (MAJ)
  • O-3 Captain (CPT)
  • O-2 Lieutenant (LT)
  • O-1 Second Lieutenant (2nd LT)

Marine Corps Enlisted Ranks Edit

  • E-9 Master Gunnery Sergeant/Sergeant Major/Staff Specialist Sergeant (MGySGT)/(SGTMAJ)/(SSPC SGT)
  • E-8 Master Sergeant/First Sergeant/Staff Sergeant (MSGT)/(1st SGT)/(SSG)
  • E-7 Gunnery Sergeant (GySGT)
  • E-6 Senior Sergeant (SRSGT)
  • E-5 Sergeant (SGT)
  • E-4 Specialist/Corporal (SPC)/(CPL)
  • E-3 Lance Specialist/Lance Corporal (LSPC)/(LCPL)
  • E-2 Private First Class (PFC)
  • E-1 Private (PTE)

Warrant Officer RanksEdit

History Edit

After the Power War, Andrew, and Alex remained in power until 1933, were they died, and was succeeded by Aaron Rangers. They didn't participants in any of the World Wars, or the Cold War, and remained in the shadows. They later had a confrontation with Darkness, and EDEN, and a council decided Humans weren't read to expand outside of the Solar System. The Nation of WOLFHOUND was renamed the Empire of WOLFHOUND, and Derrick Rangers was made Fleet Marshall while his younger brother Darryl Rangers was made Emperor of WOLFHOUND. WOLFHOUND later became involved in a conflict with force commanded by Darkness starting the Super War, which started with Project Chimera. In 2013, Jamie Salmon (MGS) joined after leaving DIO, and changed his citizenship from Australia to WOLFHOUND. He quickly climb the ranks after passing the Senior NCOs test, and became a Corporal Sergeant. WOLFHOUND's actions through out the Super War; is to protect the Human race, and attempt to keep them out of it. The veils around most of the planets were lifted during the conflict revealing that they were terraformed the whole time.

Multiverse travels Edit

The Wolf's Den sits in the Hub of Multiverse allowing people from all the fictional word, and multiverse to join. They have ventured in 4 universes aside from their own, and the Wolf's Den;

  • The hub of the Multiverse later known as Wolf's Den; location of WOLFHOUND's Nation/Empire
  • Earth-00; WOLFHOUND and Darkness's real world
  • Earth-01; Metal Gear Series world
  • Earth-02; Disney World
  • Earth-03; Nirn the planet, that the Elder Scrolls series set on
  • Earth-04; The Mirrored world, also known as the Inverted world, as everyone in this world is the polar opposite from Earth-00.

After traveling to Earth-04; WOLFHOUND, and EDEN agreed that going any further may become dangerous, so for once they agreed to create law that restricts them going to any other parallel worlds other than the ones listed above. Other universes discovered are;

  • Earth-05; Tomb Raider Series
    • Earth-05A; Original Timeline
    • Earth-05B; legend timeline
    • Earth-05C; Survivor Timeline
  • Earth-06; Fallout Series
  • Earth-07; A world where the Holiday Figures exist, and all strive for peace. One of the alternate Universes that WOLFHOUND recruits their soldiers. The figures remain neutral, and create the respective creations.

Super War Edit

Following the beginning of the Super War; more alternate worlds, and fictional worlds. Darkness began the war with interfering in the Metal Gear series, and than attack the real world. Following that they fought in the Elder Scrolls Series starting with Skyrim which is set in 4E 201, and later in the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The following alternate, and fictional worlds are the current worlds; that the Super War ventured into. (In chronological order Earth-00 chronology)

  • Earth-01
  • Earth-00
  • Earth-03
  • Earth-05B; Tomb Raider series Legends timeline
  • Earth-06; Fallout series
  • Multiverse Hub/The Wolf's Dens
  • Earth-04; Inverted World

Weapons, Equipments, Military Animals, and Vehicles Edit

Weapons Edit

WOLFHOUND Empire possess nearly all Weapons that were manufactured in the 20th Century, and 21st Century. However they have several main armaments, and most a Russian, and America made weapons.

  • M8A1
  • AK-107
  • RPG
  • AT4
  • Stingers
  • Colt Single Action Army
  • Mk. 2 - Tranquilizer
  • AK-12
  • Stinger
  • Rail Gun
  • Patriot - A submachine gun with infinite Ammo
  • Spas-15
  • USAS-12
  • PSG1
  • Mosin-Nagant - Tranquilizer
  • FN Minimi
  • F-92 Ballista
  • Privot Arrow
  • Pistol Crossbow
  • Compound Crossbow
  • Compound Bow
  • Spears
    • Titanium Military Forks
    • Titanium Trident
    • Titanium Motolance (Special lance which used while riding a Motorbike. It uses a device allowing the user to easily dislodging it from their victim so they can continue riding without stopping.

Equipment Edit

  • XV-6 Space Jump Module (SJM)
  • Sneaking Suits
  • Multicams
  • Windlance - Ammunition for the Ballistas
  • Toyota Sienna - Ammunition for the Trebuchets
  • C-B4 - Ammunition for the Catapults
  • Silver Bullets - Used to combat Darkness's Imperial Military
  • Silver Arrowheads - Used to combat Darkness's Imperial Military
  • Silver Bolts - Used to combat Darkness's Imperial Military
  • Titanium Arrowheads
  • Titanium Bolts
  • Titanium Spearheads
  • Weapon Spawn - A Device that can spawn any weapon, and any amount of ammunition. This are outfitted to SmartWatches worn by WOLFHOUNDers, Katanas, Accords, and Ballistas.
  • Titanium Motoharpoon - Used as the ammunition for the WOLFHOUND Suzuki Katana], and is fired in a single shot motion.
  • Oxygen Cylinders - Used as ammunition for the Trebuchets, and usually used with a battlefield with already present naked flames or uses a burning arrow/windlance to set them off.

Vehicles Edit

Military use of Animals Edit

  • Mules - Used as transport to traverse difficult terrains.
  • Camels - Used as transport to traverse difficult sandy terrains
  • Tarantulas - Used as a scare tactic, and to discourage enemies from using sewers, and underground paths of the Wolf's Den.
  • Scorpions - Used as a scare tactic, and to discourage enemies from using the underground paths of Wolf's Den
  • King Cobras - Used to discourage enemies from using the underground paths of the Wolf's Den.
  • Wolfdogs - WOLFHOUND favours the Wolf/Border Collie mix. Used as scouts, and attack units.

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