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A Villain is an "evil" character in a story, whether a historical narrative or work of fiction. The villain is usually the baddest bad guy or main antagonist, the character who fights against the hero or protagonist. A female villain is called a villainess. Facts see villains as "cruelly malicious persons who are involved in and devoted to wickedness or crime or who constitute an important evil agency in the plot."

What makes a villain many times comes down to personal opinion on what defines "good" and "evil." Yet, there are a few acts that are factually accepted as villainous: betrayal, murder and deception as well as child abuse. Genocide, bullying, violence towards innocents, mass murder, torture, and crimes against humanity are almost always seen as evil acts apparently.

Furthermore, many villains do not see themselves as "evil." They only appear as such because they are in opposition to the good guys. Their evilness may come from the ways in which they achieve their goals, not the goals themselves. It should be noted that the stereotypical cackling maniac intent on destruction for the sake of chaos is a character-type that while still popular in some fiction, is beginning to fade away in favour of villains that display the same varied depths of emotions as heroes and normal people do; Making them more three-dimensional characters than they were originally intended.

All of the villains on this Wiki are from the same universe, but from different games that take place in the same universe.

Mortal Kombat

This here is a list of villains from the Mortal Kombat series.

  • Shao Kahn - Former Emperor of Outworld, now imprisoned.
  • Rain - A Prince of Edenia, used to work for Mileena.
  • Noob Sailbot - One of the leaders of the Brotherhood of Shadow.
  • Dark Kahn - A fusion of Shao Kahn and Darkseid, now deceased.
  • Shinnok - Former ruler of the Never Never Land; now deceased but his plans for world domination live on.
  • Shang Tsung - A wile and evil Chinese sorcerer who's status is unknown.
  • Triborg - A fusion of three robots belonging to the Lin Kuei Clan, Tekuni Clan and the Brotherhood of Shadow.
  • Onaga - The Dragon King; former ruler of Outworld, now deceased.
  • Mileena - Shao's heir to Outworld's throne, now deceased.
  • Quan Chi - Shinnok's right-hand and a powerful sorcerer, now deceased.
  • Red Harlow - An assassin working for Kotal Kahn for some coins.
  • Skarlet - A creation of Sektor's Flesh Laboratory, a true daughter to Shao.
  • Jade - An undead servant of Hell, formerly a hero and a part of Edenian Rebels.
  • Liu Kang - Yet another undead servant of Hell, formerly a hero and Champion of the Mortal Kombat Tournaments.
  • Goro - A shokan Prince, loyal to Reiko, Red Dragon Clan and Mileena.
  • Sektor - Former leader of the Tekuni and Lin Kuei clan, now a part of Triborg.
  • D'Vorah - A faithful servant of Shinnok and Quan Chi.
  • Reptile - One of Kotal Kahn's inner circles.
  • Ferra & Torr - One of Kotal's inner circles.
  • Cyrax - A part of Triborg, former Lin Kuei.
  • Sheeva - Former minion of Kahn's Army, now unknown.
  • Sindel - Former Queen of Edenia, now an undead servant of Hell.
  • Kabal - Former leader of the Black Dragon Clan and a police officer, now an undead servant of Hell.
  • Ermac - One of Kotal's inner circles.
  • Baraka - Former minion of Shao Kahn, now deceased.
  • Kitana - Former Princess of Edenia, now an undead servant of Hell.
  • Frost - An arrogant Lin Kuei who doesn't know sith.
  • Kano - An Australian assassin and Black Dragon who's greed has no boundaries, like Thomas Harlow's.
  • Smoke - One of the leaders of the Brotherhood of Shadow, also a part of Triborg.
  • Xenomorph - An extraterrestrial from Lotos Prime.
  • Tanya - A traitor to Edenia, worked for Mileena until her execution.
  • Havik - A Grim of Chaos, manipulated and destroyed Reiko with his own ego.
  • One Being - The most powerful deity on the Wiki, reality itself.
  • Kung Lao - Another undead servant of Hell, formerly a Shaolin monk and member of the White Lotus.
  • Daegon - Younger son of Argus, and leader of the Red Dragon.
  • Motaro - Former minion of Shao Kahn and General of the Extermination Squads, now deceased.
  • Drahmin - An oni of Hell.
  • Kintaro - Former minion of Shao Kahn, now deceased.
  • Hsu Hao - Former agent of the Red Dragon, now deceased.
  • Jarek - Former member of the Black Dragon, status unknown.
  • Kobra - Former member of the Black Dragon, now deceased.
  • Reiko - Former General of Shao Kahn, tried to become an Elder God, got his s manipulated and destroyed by Havik, his most "trusted" ally.
  • Moloch - A gorilla oni of Hell.
  • Kira - Former member of the Black Dragon, now deceased.
  • Navado - Second-in-command of the Red Dragon.
  • Oniro - Sadistic and greedy Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei, killed by his own son, Sektor.
  • Kia - One of the three assassins of Quan Chi.
  • Jataaka - One of the three assassins of the sorcerer Quan Chi.
  • Hotaru - Wanna-be dictator of Orderworld, commander of the Seidan Guardsmen.
  • Darrius - Leader of the Seidan Rebels, a real trouble-maker.
  • Predator - An extraterrestrial from Sota, known for hunting man and beast.


  • Gary Smith - A sociopath who's plans to take over Dixmor Academy failed.
  • Umberto Hattrick - An old-s authoritarian teacher who hates kids.
  • Ted Thompson - A young and determined leader of the Jocks.
  • Damon West - Damon's second-in-command.
  • Derby Harrington - A malevolent, spoiled, rich kid who leads the Preppies.
  • Bif Taylor - Harrington's right-hand man who's father is a lawyer.
  • Tad Spencer - A midget of the Preps who's goal is to lead 'em one day.
  • Johnny Vincent - A greasy leader of the Greasers.
  • Lola Lombardi - A manipulative whore of the Greasers who redeemed herself after the events of the game.
  • Norton Williams - A wanna-be right-hand of the Greasers, but no.
  • Peanut Romano - Yet another edgy greaser who thinks he owns the sith just because he is Vincent's second-in-command.
  • Vance Medici - A midget lieutenant of the greaseballs.
  • Davis White - A thug of Russell's, and while Northrop redeemed himself, White didn't.
  • Wade Martin - Yet another thug of Russell's who's s didn't redeem.
  • Trent Northwick - Russell's thug who stayed behind un-redeemed along with White and Martin.
  • Colby Smith - A new student at the Academy, a henchman of Colton Williams.
  • Kiley Winselton - A new girl student at the Academy, former patient of the Dixmor Asylum.
  • Colton Williams - A giant new student at the Academy, a much worse bully than Gary Smith ever was.
  • Alex Norcroft - Yet another freaking new student at the Academy, also mean as fawk.
  • Corey Evans - Wouldn't ya believe it? Another new student at the Academy, mean as the others and much worse than Smith.
  • Mr. Pearson - The new gym teacher at the Academy, a real bully and a pervert.
  • Mr. Hill - The new math teacher at the Academy, apparently a white supremacist.

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