Verruckt is the second installment of the Zombies series.


After the events of Nacht der Untoten in early 1991, most of the zombies were eliminated with the exception of one in the Canadian Northern Territories. It thawed out and traveled unhindered to Toronto to begin what would be known as World War Z 2. A possible descendant of Lance Pikachurin, Max Buizel, along with Professor Oak had created what is known today as the Lance Pikachurin Reaserch Institute. With info on the zombies gathered with Lance's laptop, they helped distribute the immunity to Toronto.

At the same time in Berlin, four USMC soldiers armed wiht both modern weapons and WWII-era wapons attempted to hold the Wittenau Sanatorium, to prevent an experimental Nazi generator from being destroyed. They were joined after several days by a former Soviet agent, who carried a multitude of explosives and unconventional weaponry, from Semtex grenades to a large sword. Ethan Hunt had managed to survive, and was fighting with Jason in Washington, though he didn't know it at the time.

Mutations of the diseaseEdit

For reasons unknown to science today, the disease (officially called Solanum) mutated from the last zombie to the next. It spawned completel new zombie types, such as the Hunter, a zombie with the ability to jump great distances and claw anyone it pounces upon. It was named such because of it's grow heard whenever it gets ready to pounce. Another mutation greatly affected inmates at asylums, now known as Screamers. Screamers are zombies in straightjackets who wander about aimlessly, and upon spotting ny other human (be it healthy or infected) it lets out a terrible sceam, runs away and attracts every zombie in the area.

There is no known cure for this strain of Solanum at this time.

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