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Higher Rank


Lower Rank



Make orders, do jobs for the Don, promote and demote lower and higher members, be a boss-s biatch

Known Underbosses

Charlie Trapani, Johnny Tattaglia, Bruno Tattaglia, Rico Tattaglia, Salvatore Stracci, Carmin Cuneo, Marco Cuneo, Victor Barzini, Francesco Barzini, Santino Corleone, Michael Corleone, Ray Scaleri, Lionel Scaleri, Ottilio Cornet


An Underboss is the second in command of a family and generally the Don's son, but can also be a very trusted Capo, who may be more able to become boss. Notable Underbosses included Michael Corleone, Johnny Tattaglia, Bruno Tattaglia, Rico TattagliaVictor Barzini, and Salvatore Stracci.

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