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Trey Williamson
Nickname(s) Charlie Five
Appears in Call of Duty: Underground
Rank Lieutenant
Affiliations USMC, Military Colleage
Status KIA, awarded the Victorian Cross, 21 at death
Birth August 18th 1989, New York
Death Day 7, 2010 Home Coming
Weapon FN SCAR
XM8 Carbine (Only in the Cut Scene of Home Coming when he was polishing some guns)

Trey Williamson was a Swedish-American Lieutenant, second-in command of Vasquez' Squad and Lieutenant Vasquez' best-friend.


He is the son of a Police Captain and a Stage Actress. His father was a Swedish and his mother was a causasian American. He was born on August 18th 1989 in New York. He joined the marines at age of 20 after completing Colleage and due to his grade, he was allowed the rank of Lieutenant. He fought alongside his best-friend and his squad in 2010 Russian Attack. He is killed by a Russian when he prematurely used a Smoke Grenade to get Richard Fernandez out of trouble.


  • Trey was a great amount of respect towards Richard.