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Evil Toothy
Biographical information
Real name Javier "Toothy" Garcia
Also known as Toot, Toothy Fruity, Tut, Marina's puppy, beaver, pink little freak, Tutti
Nationality Colombian flag Colombian
Born 12th of September, 1968
Died 22th of September, 1984
Age 16
Status Deceased
Cause of death/incarceration Pushed 3 meters away and impaled on a steel pole by Stephena Cojonez
Physical description
Eye colour Black, red (when angry)
Hair colour None
Ethnicity Mauve
Height 5'3
Weight 60kg
Blood type Red
Gender Male
Career, affiliations and family information
Affiliation(s) Marina Family, Raul Marina, Raul Marina II
Occupation(s) Marina assassin, underboss
Video Games, Movies and Cartoons information
Main appearance(s) (Video Games) Mafia II
Voiced by (English) Warren Graff
"Argh, bastardo! Voy a rasgar su cara maldecido con mis patas!"
— Toothy to Stephena when pushed

Javier "Toothy" Garcia was an Assassin, Soldier and an Underboss in the Marina Family in New York City. He was killed in 1984 by Vinci hitman, Stephena Cojonez.


Toothy was born in Colombia to a drug dealing family. He was a good friend of Raul Marina's in 1975, though he was only 7 at the time and Raul was already 49, they hung out as best friends. Toothy joined the Marina Family in 1977, and rose up to the ranks of Marinas quickly, especially during 1980's. 

In many times he helped Lucas Hernandez against the Falcone Family and his Underboss during battles. When he was seen in Hernandez's Slaughterhouse, Toothy along with Sergio Luccio and other mobsters (one of them being Raul Marina II) attacked Vito Corleone during the mission "Bacon n' Beans". Sergio was killed, and was pushed on floor for a distraction but Toothy and Lucas ran over his body. Soon after Lucas himself was killed, Toothy and Marina fled the slaughterhouse and swore revenge.


Stephena Cojonez was asked by Samuele Vinci to eliminate "the pink little freak", and was told that he needs to kill him quickly. While Toothy was picking up some stolen cash on his family's mansion balcony, Cojonez was already at the mansion and he pushed Toothy three meters away where he fell over the balcony and was impaled on a steel pole that Steve put there earlier where he (Toothy) died slowly. Cojonez then continued to kill the rest of the Marinas, but he pissed Samuele Vinci off, by killing Toothy slowly instead of quickly for some reason.


"I love you, Raul!"
— Toothy to Raul Marina
"I hate you!"
— Toothy to Cojonez
"Start praying, el hombre muerto!"
— Toothy when in battle
"Piss off! I'm not your plushie!"
— Toothy when hugged by Sergio
"Oh mierda! Lucas! No!"
— Toothy before escaping the slaughterhouse with Marina II, feeling bad for Lucas
"Shinnok darle mis saludos"
— Toothy when in a battle
"¡Urghh, chupa mi bolas y pollo!"
— Toothy when pushed by Cojonez

Journal Entry

This little thing is actually one of the best assassins Marina ever got. He is quite, young and usually has a lot of bodyguards with him to help him assassinate his targets. The fact that he became a soldier and a underboss is even more of a proof. If it weren't for Stephena killing him, I'm sure he would made it to Don very quickly.