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Restricted Area 51
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Into The Desert
Thousand Years Of Warfare
Call of Duty: Final Years
GySgt. Jon Heritage
3rd/4th Force Recon, CIA
Crossbow (1+23) w/knock-out bolts and lethal bolts, M9 silenced w/tacitcal knife (15+30), 4 Flashbangs and M1A1 Abrams
Area 51, Nevada Desert, US
Day 1, 2057
Use the knock-out bolts on the guards.
Pass the guards undetected into the facility.
Follow the Pakistani Patrolman.
Commandeer the trucks.
Use the truck and Pakistani uniform to enter the compound.
Commandeer the M1A1 Abrams.
Exit the base in your own style.
Multiplayer map

This is the second level of the Final Years.

Walkthrough Edit

Heritage and his squad advantage into enemy turf, they slip pass them an detected. They then meet up with a Pakistani Patrolman Havildar Ashfaq Khan where they follow him and some resistance members to some trucks, after they reach the trucks Khan and Heritage aboard the first one. They use the the Pakistani uniform and truck to enter the compound so they can take control of the M1A1 Abrams, soon after Heritage and his squad gains control of the tank, Khan and his men leave via Pave Low. Then Heritage's sqaud leave the base with the tank.

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