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This is Personal
Call of Duty: Nuclear War
Cpl/Sgt. James Ramirez
Joint Operation, Wolf Company and Army Rangers
M4A2 (SOPMOD) and Berretta M92F
Finke, Northern Territory, Australian
Day 4, 2018
Follow Captain Salmon to rendezvous with Jack. Destroy the SAMs(3/3). Kill Mikhail Slaterovich. Get to the helicopter.
Ultranationalist, Russian Mafia and Shadow Company

Walkthrough Edit

Jamie is now angered that they capture his crush. Now he wants to teach them a lesson. So he goes to regroup wih Jack then he and the Army Rangers take on some SAM sites, leading in Colonel Marshall promoting Ramirez and Dunn to Sergeant. Then tey finally kill the leader of the Russian Mafia. Then they try to get to the helicopter but it's destroyed by a tank then the tank is destoy by Mike.

Transcript Edit

Briefing Edit

"Thank you for gettin' her out of there, Foley. I'll owe you some day, ur awesome. But now let's focus on the mission at hand. Meet Captain James Lopez. He is the actual commander of Hunter. He'll go with ya and Colonel Marshall. Now I'll be joinin' the fight. A man name Mikhail Slaterovich is there, time to teach these bastards a lesson. Captain Salmon out."
— Salmon

In-Game Edit

  • Louis: Let's do this!
  • Lopez: I hope you know what your doin', Salmon.
  • Jamie: I do. Follow me to Jack.

(They get to Jack.)

  • Jamie: Hey Jack!
  • Jack: Sir! Good to see you again.
  • Jamie: Likewise. Now do you have the C4.
  • Jack: Right here.
  • Marshall: C4!
  • Jamie: Yeah, SAMs are here. Why'd you think we're here for Marshall?

(They find the first SAM.)

  • Jamie: Cover me while I plant the C4.
  • Marshall: You heard the man.

(Soldiers try to stop Jamie but they are killed by the rangers.)

  • Jamie: Explosive planted get back!

(C4 explodes and the SAM is destroyed. The next two are spotted)

  • Lopez: Dunn and Ramirez. It's your turn. Don't worry, u can do it.

(They destroy the Sites)

  • Marshall: Outstanding work Corporals, I'm promoting you to Sergeant the both of you deserve it.

(Marshall is shot several times in the back.)

  • Jamie: Marshall! (He checks his pulse.) You did good, sir. Louis, call into overlord and tell Marshall is KIA.
  • Louis: Yes sir. (To Overlord.) Overlord, this Hunter Two-One Actual Marshall is KIA he was shoot in back.
  • Overlord: Shit, Roger that.

(They move up a hill, then Lopez is shot.)

  • Louis: No!!! Captain! Medic! Get a freakin' MEDIC!!!
  • Lopez: You are good guy Foley. So I'm puttin' you in for Captain you'll be taking my place. But I... I... (dies)
  • Salmon: Mikhail!
  • Louis: Mikhail Slaterovich?
  • Jamie: I've been huntin' for you, four years.
  • Mikhail: Hahahaha! Well here I am, kill me? You don't have the balls!
  • Jamie: New objective. Kill Mikhail.
  • Mikhail: Hahahaha.

(Mikhail is down.)

  • Foley: Nice work James. Hey am I free to call you Jamie, now Salmon.
  • Jamie: 0k.
  • Dunn: I think we should go.
  • Jamie: He's right, Skywolf 2-5 Jr. request extraction.
  • Skywolf: Roger, Team One, I'm on the way!
  • Poach: Hurry! Sir, I'm having feet that lot's of foot-mobiles are headed your way!
  • Jamie: I got that, Poach.
  • James: Let's go, we don't have much time.
  • Jamie: Follow me.
  • Skywolf: We're bingo fuel so we'll be there, ETA 2 hours 10 minutes. We'll land at the Simpson Desert.
  • Jamie: Roger that!

(They make it to the LZ.)

  • Skywolf: RPG! RPG!
  • Jamie: RPG!? Where?

(Skywolf is shot.)

  • Skywolf: We're hit, we're going down!!! Aaaa!!!

(The helicopter crash on the ground. End of Mission.)

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