"You guys ain't Russians. Ever since I heard what had happened when you guys rescued Price and a lot of people were betrayed, I thought the SAS was done for."
— Rogue S.A.S.

The Price of Rescue is the second level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4.

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The Price of Rescue
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4
Soap and Jamie Salmon
Intervention, M9, M16
North Korea
Rescue Price
Rogue S.A.S.

North Korean Army China Army Force

Multiplayer map
Gulag 2.0


Captain John Price was recently captured in a raid in Beijing. For over two months the S.A.S. have had no contact with him. Waiting is over, the best two guys are going in.

Salmon, with his trusty Intervention, blows up all the sniper towers with a Javelin while Mactavish runs in the M4A1 Carbine SOPMOD. Quickly in the surprise attack guards are everywhere, quikckly leaving Price alone.

Salmon is able to quickly kill most of the guards, while Soap and Price realize that a rouge S.A.S. member is loose in the jail. As they try to warn Salmon, the rouge jumps and lands on Price, dragging him through one hundred foot hole, where both are seriously hurt.

Salmon, while controlling the outside, sees a fellow S.A.S coming for help. Salmon helps him up and they both snipe the guards.

Soap ropes down to help Price, but to find that the rogue is gone!

Salmon and the rouge S.A.S. battle it out, as now Salmon punches off rouge's  standard S.A.S. mask, in order to see someone scarred in the forehead. Not wanting to kill this man, Salmon jumps for a M9 and shoots him in the leg, while Soap and Price come running.

While later being tortured by the three, the rouge says his name his Gaz, and that he remembers nothing else.