"Gaz, look at what they're planning! They can blow every country of the Earth!"
Jamie Salmon
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It's Gonna Get Bloody
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Don't Sit One Out
The Power of the Nuke
Modern Warfare 4
Captain Jamie Salmon
Task For xce 141



Akimbo Desert Eagles

100 Miles from Rio de Janerio
Get the missile intel
Brazilian Militia - Guerrilla Force

Shadow Company

The Power of the Nuke is the seventh level in Modern Warfare 4 and the final level of Act I.


In the SC warehouse vents Soap and Salmon sneak through the area, until they reach the labs.

Gaz and Price stand outside, holding off expert Militia, taking revenge for killing Rojas and Faust. But a smoke grenade knock them both out as they are taken by the Militia and are taken to Rio de Janerio for execution

Soap and Salmon are spotted, and they take down large waves off Shadow Company, as they download the nuke details and quickly lock themselves in another lab room, sending the info to the Army Rangers.

Gaz radios Soap secretly, and TASK Force 142 radio the SAS to go rescue them.

Then Army Rangers bomb the pace and secure Salmon and Soap, as America is being invaded by Shadow Company.

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