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This Is Our Country
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Call of Duty: Nuclear War 2
Sgt Michael "Devil" King
TF141 and US Navy Seals
Suppressed M9 tac knife and Suppressed USP, Throwing Knife
Southern Ocean
Day 4, 2019
Follow Commander Martin's lead
Take the suppressed M21
Get topside
Reach the engine room
Follow Captain MacTavish and Captain Price
Place the C4 on the valve
Follow Captain Price
Place the second C4 on the door to the fuelling station
Steal the dossier
Get to the helicopter
detonate all charges
Shadow Company


Devil is sent to the Southern Ocean to obtain a dossier on Shepherd. They start on the deck of the ship then move down to the crew quarters and obtain a M21. Martin then leads devil to topside but is killed by an enemy claymore mine. Devil is knocked out then he wakes up with Price giving him a SCAR-H w/grenade launcher and helping him back to his feet. Price and MacTavish instruct Devil to follow them. Price then instructs Devil to plant a C4 block on the valve then follow him to a door with fuelling supplies on other side and place a C4 block on the door. They then proceed with the main mission objective and steal the dossier then get back to the helicopter. Which then they light up the ship.



"We will not stand around and watch this happen. Mike any info from the Russian."
— Captain Salmon
"All we got outta Richardovich is that the only guy Shepherd hates worse than the British is locked up in a gulag."
— Mike
"It's all we got. If this con's the bait to catch that psychopath, let's hang him from a tree."
— Captain Salmon

Wolf logo changes to the 141 logo

"We found the dossier. Let's go take it."
— Captain Price


(Level starts off with Devil and Commander Martin on the topside deck.)

  • Martin: Follow me, Devil and stay out of sight.
  • Devil: Roger that, sir.

(They move up and enter the ship. Devil sees a silence M21.)

  • Martin: Pick that up.

(He does so. They now have three weapons. They spot a two man patrol.)

  • Martin: Two man patrol, let's take them together. On your mark.

(He shoots one and Martin shoots the other.)

  • Martin: Good.

(They see a three man patrol.)

  • Martin: Same plan.

(They kill them.)

  • Martin: Beautiful.

(They finally get to stairs to topside.)

  • Martin: C'mon let's go!

(Martin walks out and a claymore mine explodes knocking Devil out and killing Martin.)

  • Captain Price: Wake up! Wake up!

(Price hands him a SCAR-H then helps him up.)

  • Captain MacTavish: Our covers blow! Go loud! Follow us Devil we have a plan.

(He follows them to the engine room while taking out attacking soldiers.)

  • Captain Price: Place one of your C4 charges on the valve.

(He does so.)

  • Captain Price: Let's go. Follow me.

(He does so.)

  • Captain Price: Place a C4 charge on there and make it your first C4 to go off.

(He does so.)

  • Devil: It's done, sir.

(Devil spots a folder.)

  • Devil: I think this is it. Give me a minute to look at it.
  • Captain Price: Okay.
  • Wallcroft: You better hurry!

(He confirms it and picks it up.)

  • Devil: Let's go, let's go!

(They head out.)

  • Devil: Kilo Six-One we're ready for extraction, over.
  • Kilo Six-One: Okay, get topside!

(They reach topside and aboard. The helicopter flies off.)

  • Captain Price: Blow the charges.

(He does so and the ship explodes. End of mission)


  • This is the only level where the player starts with two weapons
  • This mission is similar to Ship Invaders and the final mission for Medal of Honor: Rising Sun