"Welcome to the new Russia Captain, er Major Price!"
— Captain Kamoravs first words to Price in over a decade
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The New Russia Captain Price
Modern Warfare 4
Major John Price


100 miles from Moscow
Find Makorav's Secret

Escape the Raid

Save Kamorav!

Communist Red Star Army
Multiplayer map
Russian Base

The New Russia Captain Price is the fourteenth level of Modern Warfare 4 and the first of Act III.


Leaving Shadow Company to the Marines, The SAS focouses on preparing Russia for the Second American/Russian war, by sabatoging a Russian Red Star outpost.

Everything goes according to plan, with Kamorav and Mactavish's squad taking out sniper towers, while Price and Salmon both break in, but suddenly they are found out, and Price shuts his squad up into a computer room, while he plans to download files on Makorav. But the Red Stars use mustard gas to get Price to leave. However, due to Price's torture in his capture during the Cold War, leaves him able to handle it for several minutes, while his men die around him.

When the Stars break in, Price holds them off with a M16A4 SOPMOD and manages to rip a gas mask off of a dead Star, as he sends the information to command, now he has to hold off enemy troops, as he advances outside with a convey waiting for him, and he does so.

But suddenly a C4 charge is blown on the Sniper Towers, with Soap being lost in the aftermath, but Kamorav hanging on by an inch, who was in a superior built tower, Price attempts to catch him, but Kamorav falls to his death, impaled by a giant splinter from the former's explosion and is wounded, and dies seconds afterwards, as they leave as more explosives go off, and the Red Star base is destroyed.

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