In the history of human kind at the time of the Renaissance, two enemy houses grew in England, the House of Lance and the House of Scythe. Their two leaders, Scythe and Lance, fought in epic combat over an incredible source of technology known as the Matrix.The Matrix had fallen from an alien spaceship and Scythe and Lance both wanted to use it, Scythe to gain unimaginable power, Lance to protect those not strong enough to protect themselves. In one battle, Lance was severly wounded and fell upon the Matrix. The Matrix activated, revealing it had to be activated by human DNA. It encased Scythe and Lance in suits of armor and with incredible weaponry and defenses, they battled anew each trying to overcome the other as if this would be their last. Whole mountains shook under their blows and soon whole reserves of rockets and pulsars,( a very concentrated form of lasers held together by a magnetic beam),had been used up. They retreated temporarily to rest and recover. But the war continued. Secret clashes and earthguakes have been used to cover up the outcome of their battles. And the war continues to this very day between the Lancers and Scythians. This is the war of Matrix. 

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