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Launch of the Raid
The Hunter
Call of Duty 8: End of the World
Captain Richard "Predator" Blackman
Task Force 141
ACR w/Grenade Launcher, Red Dot Sight, Intervention.
Quebec, Canada
Take out the M1 Shadow.

Find the market.

Capture the weapons.

Defuse the bomb in the palace.

Defuse the bomb in the base.

Kill Victor Rashzoza.

Shadow Company

The Hunter is the thirteenth level in Call of Duty 8: End of the World.


Predator and Harrier decide to take down the Shadow Company Black Market and kill Victor Rashzoza. The Black Market is full of chemical weapons, nuclear reactors, drugs and guns. They're dropped in Canada and make their way to the city Quebec, believed to be holding the Market. Once entered, they see many people screaming as a M1 Shadow tank rumbles past and takes out the buildings. Harrier hands Predator an RPG-8 and he takes out the tank with it. They capture the weapons stock and go to a palace to disarm a bomb. They do it and go to disarm another bomb in a Shadow Company base. They do it and advance to a destroyed M2 Shadow tank. Suddenly, they find Victor Rashzoza. Victor shoots Predator in the back with a Desert Eagle and fights with Harrier. Harrier is shot two times but keeps fighting. Victor is eventually kicked in the head by Harrier and is killed. Harrier trys to help Predator up but realises he's...dead. But Harrier is eventually killed too by a Canadian who thinks he's an enemy. The Canadian rolls them off a cliff into the Atlantic Ocean and the bodies float off.

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