The Dragons of War is a special force unit trained to stop threats around the world. They include war veterans and war commanders. The unit is featured in Call of Duty 10: Rising.


Current MembersEdit

  • Jamie Salmon - Second-in-Command of Wolf Company.
  • Soap MacTavish - Field Commander of Task Force 141.
  • John Price - Second-in-Command of Task Force 141.
  • Toby Lane - Commander of Bear Company.
  • Stuart Jones - Commander of Task Force 141.
  • Brian Harris
  • Ben Parker
  • Steven Flynn

Former MembersEdit

  • Lieutenant General Shepherd - Former commander of the U.S. Army Rangers and Task Force 141. Dead.
  • Vladimir Makarov - Former leader of the Ultranationalists. Dead.

Locations of OperationsEdit

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