"Ramirez! Fire on those guards while Price and I fire our machine guns!"
— Lieutenant Foley
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Brothers in Arms
The American Dream
Modern Warfare 4
Corporal James Ramirez
U.S. Marines
Suppresed Barret .50 Caliber


AK-47 Red Dot Sight

Canadian-Maine border
Snipe Shadow Copany

Find medical supplies for MacTavish

Make it to MacTavish before he dies

Shadow Company
Multiplayer map

The American Dream is the twelfth level in Modern Warfare 4.


Captain Price and Lieutenant Foley, armed with heavy machine guns, wait to ambush Shadow Company, while Soap MacTavish and Ramirez are waiting on top of houses with sniper rifles. Captain Jamie Salmon is dug into a small ditch and is spotting positions.

Salmon warns the squad that Shadow Company is coming and Foley and Price rip bullets cutting down the large amount of troops. They fall back into another house that has M249 SAWS and continues to cut them down, switching positions and crossing the street in the night.

Meanwhile, Soap is on a suicide mission. He will draw Shadow Company's attention with an Intervention rifle, while Ramirez fires with a silenced Barret .50 Cal. Soap, taking multiple injuries, goes back into the house and falls, nearly dead.

Ramirez, taking a few weapons ask permission to go to a pharmacy to get supplies for MacTavish. He is told that Shadow Company has taken over the pharmacy, so Ramirez clears it out and finds gunshot supplies and quickly runs back to MacTavish, where Sergeant Dunn heals MacTavish, as America has been cleansed of Shadow Company.