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Task Force 121 (British-Australia)
Leader(s) General James Rogers
Appears in Call of Duty: Future Warfare: Allied Assault
Country British-Australia
Type Counter-Terrorism and Recon
Active 2000-2016
Motto No Gets Left Behind

This is British-Australian task force to its real life counterpart.

Notable Members

This list is stated in 2012 in the game so this ranks won't be the same.



  • Sergeant Frank West. Status (KIA, 2012)
  • Lance Corporal/Corporal/Sergeant/Staff Sergeant Jamie Salmon. Status (Transferred to Wolf Company, 2013)
  • Private Jack Allen. Status (Wounded and transferred to FNQR, 2012, later to Wolf Company, 2040)
  • Private Jason "Bomber" Leeson. Status (Transferred to Wolf Company, 2040)
  • Private James "Oldtime" Hollands. Status (Transferred to Wolf Company, 2040)