This article, Task Force 121 (British-Australian), is property of Staff Sergeant Jack Jackson.

Task Force 121 (British-Australia)
Leader(s) General James Rogers
Appears in Call of Duty: Future Warfare: Allied Assault
Country British-Australia
Type Counter-Terrorism and Recon
Active 2000-2016
Motto No Gets Left Behind

This is British-Australian task force to its real life counterpart.

Notable Members Edit

This list is stated in 2012 in the game so this ranks won't be the same.

Officers Edit

NCOs Edit

  • Sergeant Frank West. Status (KIA, 2012)
  • Lance Corporal/Corporal/Sergeant/Staff Sergeant Jamie Salmon. Status (Transferred to Wolf Company, 2013)
  • Private Jack Allen. Status (Wounded and transferred to FNQR, 2012, later to Wolf Company, 2040)
  • Private Jason "Bomber" Leeson. Status (Transferred to Wolf Company, 2040)
  • Private James "Oldtime" Hollands. Status (Transferred to Wolf Company, 2040)

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