Previous level
Guerrilla Warfare
Next level
Tank Rumble (Optional, if you captured the Tanks. No Achievements from this level.)
Tank Stop
Call of Duty: Underground
Sgt. Paul Jackson
All weapons carried from the last level including C4. If didn't play from previous level, M4A1, M9 and C4
Astoria, Queens, New York
Day 3, 2010
Destroy or capture the 4 tanks
Destroy 8 Mi-8 "hips" (Optional)
Russian Armed Forces
Multiplayer map

Walkthrough Edit

As the tanks head for Inner America. The Marines continue their pursuit to stop them. The Marines manage to make their way through the town and destroy (Optionally) eight Hips. Then they continue to the Tanks and destroy or capture one of them. They then get to the second tank and do the same thing. Follwed by the third. They finally get to the fourth tank and then have trouble getting capturing/destroying it. They finally destroy/capture it completing their mission.

Transcript Edit

Brief Edit

USMC logo appears

"Marines, those tanks have to be destroyed. It's..."
— Lt. Vasquez
"Vasquez, this is Shepherd I'm giving you a squad the option to capture them or destroy them if you want to support the cadets."
— Shepherd
"Yessir, understood sir."
— Lt. Vasquez

Ingame Edit

(Level starts off with Wilson firing his sniper rifle.)

  • IAV Stryker Driver: I'll return to extract you.
  • Gysgt Wilson: Roger that, mate.

(The Stryker leaves but it's destroyed by one of the tanks.)

  • Gysgt Maccerson: Damn!

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