Next level
Team Player
Call of Duty: Nuclear War 2
Sgt Ken "Aura" Harris
Wolf Company
FN Minimi, 970 and Hi-Power
Albany, Australia
Day 1, 2019
Shoot 30 targets in 20 seconds.
Shoot 40 targets in 30 seconds.
Plant some C4 on the RC Tanker.
Go through the course.
Cardboard Targets

Walkthrough Edit

Jamie's new guys have come in to train. Ken Harris, Troy Taylor and Michael Travis. And an old friend joins his side, Sovereign. Sovereign shows Aura how the Team One takes its targets. Then Captain Salmon shows him how 40 targets in 30 seconds is a good way to start. Then they show him how the C4 works then they run a course

Transcript Edit

Briefing Edit

"The more things change, the more they stay the same. Boundaries shift, new players step in; but power always finds a place to rest its head. We fought and bled along side the Russians; we should've known they’d hate us for it. History is written by the victor, and here I am, thinking we'd won. But you bring down one enemy and they find someone even worse to replace him. Locations change... the rationale, the objective. Yesterday's enemies are today’s recruits... Train them to fight alongside you and pray they don’t eventually decide to hate you for it, too."
Jake Shepherd

(Wolf Company logo appears.)

"Jamie, here's the new guys. Play nice now"
— Rogers

Ingame Edit

(Level starts off with Ken lying on a M1 Abrams and Leviathan giving kids some soup. He looks over to Michael Travis where he is talking to Sovereign.)

  • Aura: Nothing beats a good day.

(Jamie walks up to them.)

  • Jamie: Alright! Listen up. Aura, get off there I just cleaned that.
  • Aura: Yessir, sorry sir.

(Aura gets off. A kid goes up to Jamie.)

  • Kid: Sir, are you alright?
  • Jamie: Yes I am. Dude you don't have anything in there. Leviathan dish him a bowl.
  • Leviathan: Roger that.

(The finimi glows yellow indicating for Aura to pick it up.)

  • Jamie: Right...what kinda name is 'Aura', eh? How'd a muppet like you get past selection. Now grab that FN Minimi
  • Aura: Yes sir.

(He picks it up.)

  • Sovereign: Now Aura, shoot thirty targets in twenty seconds.
  • Aura: Yessir.

(He does so. He passes. 9 or below)

  • Sovereign: Good.
  • Jamie: ...
  • Sovereign: Sir, it's bringing memories back, eh?
  • Jamie: Poach. Jack. Jethro. Wayne. Man this is tight. My best soldiers are gone. Okay 30 targets and 40 seconds.

(He does so. He passes. 19 or below)

  • Jamie: ...Good

(The C4 flash yellow to indicate next training session.)

  • Jamie: Pick up the C4.

(He does so)

  • Jamie: Now plant it on the tanker. Don't worry if it was full then I wouldn't ask.

(He does so.)

  • Jamie: Come here.

(He does so.)

  • Jamie: Blow it.

(He does so.)

  • Jamie: Woah.
  • Jamie: Now pick up the shotgun and run through the course. They'll be indicators on the wall for your what you'll need.

(He passes.)

  • Jamie: Good work. Now Let's go, I got a job for you guys.

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