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South Town
South Town map
Scarface: Twiy, Scarface: Twiy 2
Montana Gang VS Gaspar's Gang VS Innocentz
Miami, Florida, United States of America
Big town
Modes (Console Only; PC can play any map in any mode)
Singleplayer, multiplayer
Console Codename (PC)
South Beach
Singleplayer Map
In Miami

South Town is a neighbourhood in Miami, located south of North Town and east of Trailer Park.



South Town is a neighbourhood of Miami that is an island off the coast of Little Havana and Downtown, connected by bridges to the Trailer Park, which in turn leads to Little Havana; their way to Downtown is a bridge that extends through North Town and the Industrial Zone.

In the 2000's, South Town and North Town were controlled by Gaspar Gomez and the Gomez Gang, the most powerful gang in Miami besides Nacho's Gang. The Gomez gang territory was taken over by Tony Montana and the Montana Gang in 2012, and it was under his control for a few months before the attack of the Innocentz.


The entire area is considered to be Innocentz turf and is the setting for their part in James Stalker's horror snuff film, Sudden Violence. During the events of the film, Jax is seen giving orders to the Innocentz from inside the abandoned South Town Church. After Jax dispatches the Innocentz throughout the neighbourhood, James Earl Cash raids an abandoned mall and following the Boss' instructions, witnesses the death of his family on Fox News just hours after saving them.

After that, Cash is instructed by Stalker to escort a tramp across the hostile streets of the district to a graveyard located behind the Church where he will be buried alive.

After arriving at a massive gun factory in the industrial section of South Town, Cash wipes out most of the Innocentz, leaves the neighbourhood for good, but is captured yet again by WV S.W.A.T and taken back to West Virginia.

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