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Sino-Australian War

Sino-Australian War


January 1st-1st December 2012




Australian Victory





Prime Minister of Australia Rostino

President Wong


Over 5'000'000

Over 5'000'000





Battle of Western Australia

The 31st day invasion to Western Australian began on January 1st. The Chinese attack in Broome managing to kill five civilians. The Australian Defense Force retialate and set out to take back Broome. They manage to retake Broome and push the Chinese down to Port Hedland. After a few fights there, the Australias manage to push the Chinese from the town to town, city to city. They finally are pushed into South Australia.

Battle of South Australia

The 28th day battle in South Australia began on Feburary 2nd. The Chinese fight off the Australians in Mintable, Coober Pedy, Woomera, Port Augusta and Adelaide. They fight the from town to town, city to city and they are finally pushed into New South Wales.

Battle of New South Wales

The 31st day battle in NSW begun on March 1st. The Chinese manage to seize and destroy several Gas Mining Facilties and Gas mines on civilian properties. They also capture three Police Stations. They then are ratted out by Wolf one by one. The Chinese then go through King's Cross destroy all brothels, police station and the royal commission house. Wolf then finally pushes them out of King'S Cross and pushes them from each city to city, town to town.

Second Battle of South Australia

The 29th day battle in SA begun on March 2nd. The Chinese return to South Australia after discovering a major power supply that could be destroyed near Adelaide. Wolf Company attack the Chinese with the Royal South Australia Regiment. They attack the Chinese and manage to push some out. They then fight them in Adelaide and Port Augusta again. For the rest of days that they fight them in South Australia.

Battle of Kangaroo Island

The 15th day battle at Kangaroo Island begun on April 30 and ended on May 14. The Chinese set up some air strips and a defensive perimeter.

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