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Shut the Satellite Up
Call of Duty: Nuclear War
Captain Jamie Salmon. 1st Lieutenant Michael Fontaine
USAF, Wolf Company, TF141 and SAS
F88 Austeyr, R870 and Single Action Army
Get to the village. Destroy the satellite. Set charges on the nuke. Escape the village.
Shadow Company and Ultranationalists
Multiplayer map
Stranger Town

Walkthrough Edit

Jamie and Soap go into Russia for a final attempt to destroy duke. They then fine the village and go in alone but then the player takes control of Michael Fontaine then they launcher some missiles into the satellite destroying it for good. Then Jamie and Soap plant a C4 charge on the nuke and then escape then are knocked outta the sky by the force and they jump into the water when they were at low altitude.

Transcript Edit

Briefing Edit

"Get Duke ready."
— Nikita
"Yes sir."
— Ultranationalist soldier
"I got a fix on the Satellite and the last satellite dish. Let's go get it."
— Jamie

Ingame Edit

(They already encountered enemy fire.)

  • Jamie: Enemy fire! Ambush! Left Side! Left Side!
  • Soap: We have to cut through!

(They push through. They get closer to the village. Michael Fontaine is now the playable character.)

  • Michael: Raptor 01 ready to fire anti satellite missiles into the satellite.
  • Jamie: Mike!
  • Richard: This is Sergeant Richard Fernandez of the US Army Rangers. Satellite dish down.

(Michael then launches a missile into space destroying the satellite.)

(Jamie is playable again.)

  • Jamie: Look at that house Major MacTavish if we blow this fuel depot those nuclear bombs will go off.
  • Soap: Then we can't blow it.
  • Jamie: We have to Major. If we don't then we can't stop Duke from Destroying this land. Nikita uses the camera on Duke to fire we he wants the nuke.

(They enter the village and Salmon attachs a C4 to a Nuke then runs to extraction.)

  • Jamie: Skywolf 2-5 get us the hell outta here.
  • Skywolf: Yessir.

(The helo arrives 7 minutes later then they get on and escape at lower altitude.)

  • Jamie: Stay low! (They are over water.) Kay blowing C4!

(He detonates the C4 and causes the nuke to explode (Shockwave) and then the helo spins outta control. Jamie, Soap and the pilot jump with the helo crashing into Africa.)

(End of mission.)

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Act II He Always Keeps Things Clean · Red's Squad · She's My... · This is Personal · Escaping the Mess · Church Defenders · File Retriever · Counterattack · Nothing is Easy · Shock and Awe · Aftermath

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