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Shock and Awe
Call of Duty: Nuclear War
SgtMaj Red Nancarrow
HK416, Mk. 24 (SIG PSS6 Navy) and SR-25
Saudi Arabia
Day 6, 2018
Secure the town. Rescue the Australians. Get to the LZ. Rescue the Pilot. Get back to the LZ.
Shadow Company

Walkthrough Edit

Red's team move into the capital of Saudi Arabia and secure the town. They then see green smoke then are asked to go rendezvous with Commander Rex Walt and Vice Admiral Matt Walt's squad. Then they get to the extraction then a Cobra is shot and crashes. They rescue her then get back to the helicopter but a nuke...

Transcript Edit

Briefing Edit

"This... is not over."
— Salmon

Wolf Company logo changes to the USMC logo

"Red, Blake is dead. But we'll continue, we need to secure a capital city that has half of it missing. Oorah?"
— Miles

Ingame Edit

(The level starts off in a Sikorsky MH-53/Pave Low with Red on a Mark 19.)

  • Red: Let's go.
  • Miles: Let's do this.

(They enter the area and kill/destroy some targets, then they go to secure the town.)

  • Command: Hurry Echo Three, we are picking a possible nuke in the city.
  • Red: Roger that. Echo Three out.

(They secure the town.)

  • Command: Red, this is Command. We have fix on a red smoke coming from the next street over, Vice Admiral Matt Walt and Commander Max Walt of the RAN. They need your help.
  • Red: Roger that.
  • Miles: Okay, let's save there asses time to pay back our debts.

(They get to Australians.)

  • Matt: Your our ride outta here.
  • Red: Where it. Vice Admiral.

(Pinned down from Modern Warfare.)

  • Echo Fifty Three: This Echo Fifty Three, go through alley way. We'll be near a building.
  • Mosin 2-5: Mosin 2-5 standing for orders.
  • Red: Fifty Three roger that. 2-5 under stand.

(They fight to the helicopter. They get on Red goes back on the Mark 19. They head.)

  • Command: Red, get your squad the hell outta there. We have possible nuke in the city. NEST teams are being sent in.

(A Cobra is shot down.)

  • Angel: This angel is going down, we're...
  • Echo 53: Command this is Echo 53, I see someone firing from the cockpit, request a search and rescue over.
  • Command: Do it fast, 53 you'll not be at safe distance if you take it slowly.
  • Echo 53: Roger that, we know what we are getting into.

(Echo 53 lands. Pinned Down.)

  • Red: Angel, you there? You're alright?
  • Angel: I'm here. Johns is KIA. Could use some help here.
  • Red: Hold on, we're coming to ya.

(They get to the down cobra and Red takes the pilot and carries her to the helo.)

  • Red: Get us outta, 53.
  • Echo 53: Roger that.

(They fly off.)

  • Command: Echo Three, we have a confirmed Nuclear bomb in the city and NEST teams are attempting to disarm. I repeat NEST Teams...

(Transmission cut. Shockwave from Modern Warfare.)

  • Red: Everyone, hang on!

(Matt flies out of the helo. The helo continues to spin outta control then finally crashes. End of mission)

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