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Ship Invaders
SAS and Wolf Company
Suppressed Barret .50cal with Heart Beat Sensor, Suppressed R870 and Suppressed USP
Indian Ocean
Sneak onto the ship. Stealthy steal the Dossier. Use the jetskis to escape to the coast of India
Multiplayer map

Walkthrough Edit

MacMillan and Salmon use there stealth to swim through water then enter a ship. They use stealth and steal the dossier that Poach lost. Then they use Jetskis to escape to India.

Transcript Edit

Briefing Edit

USAF logo changes to the Wolf Company logo.

"Price, come 'er, I got a suprise for ya. MacMillan welcome back to the SAS. Your with a..."
— Salmon
"Captain John Price, Captain Jamie Salmon and this is a..."
— Price
"Captain John "Soap" MacTavish. Your government on Donald go it wrong Jamie."
— Soap
"Anyway, MacMillan and I are going to get the dossier. So see ya."
— Jamie

Ingame Edit

(MacMillan and Salmon swim through the water then they kill two soldiers on a boat. They get on the boat and climb up.)

  • MacMillan: Let's goh.

(They use rope and climb the side and Salmon tosses a tango down after stabbing him.)

  • MacMillan: Take off your gear.

(A dog patrol and two other soldiers are seen. MacMillan and Jamie snipe them. Then they get to the door and spot a tango on stair way. Jamie grabs him and throws the tango down the stairs, killing him.)

  • Jamie: Accidents happen :).

(Jamie and MacMillan move through the vessel. They spot a larger patrol then they take out 1 by 1.)

  • MacMillan: It's not too far now!
  • Jamie: Good.

(They find the dossier.)

  • Jamie: Alright, let's get it and go.

(They take the file and then start moving.)

  • Ultranationalist: (Translated) Fuck! They find the damn dossier! We have intrudes!!! Found the damn bodies on DECK!!! Secure the Dossier!!!!
  • Jamie: We're going to have some company.

(They fight through enemy waves.)

  • MacMillan: Let's go!!!

(They fight through the waves on the first floor and get back to top side. MacMillan gets on Jetski.)

  • MacMillan: Take a Jetski! That was an order!
  • Jamie: Lets go!

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