Scott Lawrence
Nickname(s) Rookie, Snapshot, Scott
Appears in Call of Duty: Domination
Rank Private, later Staff Sergeant
Affiliations Unit 13: "The Elite Squad"
Birth Classified, later revealed: 30th of June 1967

Scott Anthony Michael Richard Lawrence is a soldier and a playable character in Call of Duty: Domination. He is an operator working with the 13th Unit "The Elite Squad'. He is a private and an expierienced member of the unit. Earning many titles such as; 'Snapshot' and "Rookie". He got his rookie title when he graduated as a soldier.


When Scott got called up to fight with what he called the 'Big Boys', many hours and days of training was in hand, to become a 'Precision Plotter' sniper. He used his specialized Sniper Rifle, the 'Caretaker', to accomplish this. He was then given an M4A1 with no attachments on a Rifling Range. His accuracy was trumps and he eventually got a place as squad sniper, that role didn't last him long, as he seemed to be more of a Rifling kind of person. After a few months in the 'Elite Squad', Lawrence was recognised as a top-draw soldier and a well-respected member of the team, and these traits followed him over his operations and missions. He gained friendship with many members of his team, including Maj. Johnson and Cpl. Warner. He participated in a few stealth operations at first, before starting work. He then changed position to aid in the extraction of other soldiers, before joing back on the front line.

He appears in Call of Duty: Domination as a well-experienced Staff Sergeant.