"We got two of our own in Rio de Janeiro. Exepct heavy resistence. Any Shadow Company traitors will be executed."
— Sergeant Grieg
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Saving Captain Price
Modern Warfare 4
Corporal Bob

Intervention Silinced


75 miles from Rio De Janiero.
Take down the towers

Find Price

Get dressed up

Shoot Gaz's noose

Brazilian Militia

Saving Captain Price is the eleventh level in Modern Warfare 4.


The group of three SAS troops, Sergeant Grieg, Corporal Bob and Corporal Washington, both break into a sniper tower and hold three of the militias snipers hostage, as Washington questions them.

Breaking into the last sniper tower, they push two snipers off of the tower, as the splat below and they go inside of the base vents.

Bob and Grieg see Price being questioned, and about to be killed. Acting quickly Bob drops into the room and slashes the guard's throat.

Price says that Gaz has been ordered for a public hanging in two hours. They would have to alert the whole town to save him. So they capture militia uniforms and go the exectuon two hours later.

Hiding Mini-Uzis, they sit in the backrow of seats, as Gaz is beaten up to the plaugue, with a beefy guard holding a Desert Eagle to his head. They guard quickly orders Gaz to be hung and his neck is put into the Noose. Seconds before his neck is broken, Price screams to attack and the trap door is pulled, thinking quickly, Bob shoots the rope.

Clearing the room of guards and chaining unarmed militia to the wall, they run to Gaz, but find that the deed has been done and Gaz has been executed. Price executes every single one of the militia and orders the group to return to base.

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