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Shut the Satellite Up
Satellite Dish Hunt
Call of Duty: Nuclear War
Captain Jamie Salmon
Wolf Company and TF141
Suppressed SR-25, Suppressed USP. 45 Tacital Knife and FAMAS F2
Cairns, Australia
Locate the Satellite Dish. Disable the Satellite dish. Get to the LZ.

Walkthrough Edit

Jamie and Soap use stealth to enter, Cairns. Then they stealthly kill the tangos. Then they get to the Satellite dish and disable it. They take it with them and get to the helicopter then Salmon throughs into the Pacific.

Transcript Edit

Briefing Edit

USMC logo changes to the Wolf Company logo.

"I'm sorry about your marines Mr. President. But now we have a bigger problem on our hands. Foley, that nuke was able to be launched due to a satellite called Duke. It uses satellite dishes to target areas. You need to go to Austin of Texas and get the dish. Price you and you need Arem need to head to London. Me and Soap will go to Cairns of Australia. Mr. President Request permission to for the Rangers to shoot on sight."
— Jamie
— Obama

Ingame Edit

(Jamie and Soap are in the water then move up to a car.)

  • Jamie: Let's do this.

(They move to a truck where two tangos are standing near a Pave Low.)

  • Soap: Two tangos spotted. You shoot one and I'll shoot the other.

(They kill the tangos. They find another three near a truck.)

  • Jamie: Three tangos insight.

(They kill them. They encounter several more and kill them. They reach Stockland. They use a rope gun to hook up onto the roof and climb up.)

  • Jamie: Okay this will take a several seconds.
  • Soap: Okay.

(Jamie disables the satellite. He then takes it and they head from the extraction point.)

  • Jamie: Skywolf 2-5 requesting extraction.
  • Skywolf: Understood. 2-5 heading your way.

(The helo arrives and they get in then after getting to the ocean Jamie throws the Satellite dish into the ocean.)

(End of mission)

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