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Invasion of San Helios
San Helios
Call of Duty 8: End of the World
Sergeant Sam Jackson
U.S. Army Rangers
SCAR-H w/Silencer, Red Dot Sight, M4A1 Carbine w/ACOG Scope, Grenade Launcher.
San Helios, Afghanistan-China Border
Sneak into the base.

Find the intel.

Retrieve the intel.

Steal the jeep.

Escape the camp.

Shadow Company
Multiplayer map

San Helios is the sixth level in Call of Duty 8: End of the World.


Task Force 141 find a country mysteriously found two hours after Imran Zobokulov's massacre in Paris. It's called San Helios. Instead of them, 141 call in the Rangers, to investigate and find intel. Once at the base, they see that Shadow Company have secured the country from the Allies. Foley orders the squad to find the intel while he finds an escape route. Ramirez spots the intel and tells Jackson to grab it. Once stolen, the squad escape the base to their evac chopper without any detection. Dunn then contacts 141 and says the invasion is a go...



"I can't believe this has happened!"

--- Harrier

"Well it has. And we couldn't do anyhting about it. Neither the French."

--- Soap

Task Force 141 logo changes to U.S. Army Rangers logo.

"Here's the deal. 141 found a country uncovered two hours after the Massacre at Paris. We believe the Russians are behind this. Get in, get out. Don't be seen, Major."

--- Commander Stuart Jones

"Roger that, Sir. Hunter-Two-One Actual out."

--- Foley


(The squad are in a Humvee)

  • Ramirez: Stop.
  • Foley: What is it?
  • Ramirez: I think we're here.
  • Dunn: How do you know?

(Ramirez walks to a cliff and sees a sign reading San Helios)

  • Ramirez: How bout that?
  • Foley: Okay let's be like 141.

(The squad spread out)

  • Dunn: Climb down the cliff, Jackson.

(Jackson and the squad climb down)

  • Foley: Wait a minute. Jones, this is Hunter-Two-One Actual, this ain't the Russians.
  • Jones: Well who then?

(Dust clears up. Shadow Company are seen)

  • Foley: Shadow Company...
  • Jones: Well get that intel fast, Major. I'm sending in a Black Hawk at LZ Alpha.
  • Foley: Copy that. Squad, find that intel.

(After a while, Ramirez radioes in)

  • Ramirez: Found it.
  • Foley: Jackson, get to Ramirez. He's not far from here.

(Jackson finds Ramirez)

  • Ramirez: Jackson grab it.

(Jackson grabs the intel)

  • Foley: Squad, this is Hunter-Two-One Actual. I've found a jeep by me.

(They get in the jeep)

  • Dunn: Let's get out of here.
  • Ramirez: WATCH OUT!!!

(Radio Tower collapses)

  • Foley: Drive, DUNN!!! DUNN!!!

(Dunn is knocked out cold)

  • Foley: Jackson, grab the wheel NOW!!
  • Ramirez: Go, Go, GO!!!
  • Lopez: There's the Black Hawk!
  • Foley: Get in it!

(The squad are in)

  • Dunn: What happened?
  • Foley: We escaped.
  • Dunn: Task Force 141, this is the Rangers, we're ready for the invasion...