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Samuele Tattaglia
Sammy mouth
Biographical information
Real name Samuele Helento Maria Henry-Vincente Carmine Enzo von Tattaglia III
Also known as Don Tattaglia, Boss, Tattaglia, Sammy the Bull, Sammy, Sam
Nationality Italian flagSan Marino flag Italian-Sammarinese
Born 12th of May, 1955
Died 1st of August, 2011
Age 56
Status Deceased
Birthplace San Marino, Italy, Europe
Deathplace St. Sebastian's Hotel, Crazy Town, France City, France
Cause of death/incarceration Shot 52 times in the chest with a Tommy Gun and Double-barrel Shotgun by Charlie Trapani
Physical description
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Black
Ethnicity Caucasian-Mediterranean (yellow tone)
Height 5'10
Weight 94kg
Blood type B+
Gender Male
Career, affiliations and family information
Affiliation(s) Tattaglia Family, Barzini Family (former)
Occupation(s) Tattaglia Don, pimp
Notable family members Bruno Tattaglia (son), Rico Tattaglia (son), Mary Tattaglia (wife), Vincente Tattaglia (cousin), Tony Tattaglia (younger brother), Rudolph Tattaglia (younger brother), Johnny Tattaglia (son), Sameth Clinton (brother-in-law), Luigi Tattaglia (secret oldest son), Giacomo Tattaglia (father), Maria Agniello (mother), Silver Spoon (adopted daughter), Grigor Tattaglia (nephew), Frederico Cuneo (nephew)
Video Games, Movies and Cartoons information
Main appearance(s) (Video Games) The Godfather Game
Voiced by (English) Bill Meilen
"But, I must have strict assurance from Don Corleone. As time goes by and his position grows and becomes stronger, will he attempt any individual and personal vendetta against us, Don, Kingpin "of whole France" and Master Barzini?"
— Samuele Tattaglia asking Don Barzini about Don Corleone's vendetta

Samuele Tattaglia was the head of the Tattaglia Family from 1992 until his death in 2011.


Samuele Helento Maria Henry-Vincente Carmine Enzo von Tattaglia III was born to Giacomo "Gambino the Pimp" Tattaglia and Maria Agniello in the city of San Marino, Italy. Tattaglia family immigrated to France in 1978.

Tattaglia was loved by women, who were impressed by his charm, and he was involved in prostitution and pornography as a young man. He made money off of these businesses, and founded the Tattaglia Family soon after. Tattaglia's criminal offensives were racketeering, prostitution, drug trafficking, murder, conspiracy, extortion, bribery, contract killing, loan sharking, money laundering, hijacking, fencing, theft, and fraud, as his family rose to become one of France City's Five Families. Tattaglia constructed the Tattaglia Mansion in the late 1990's, based in his territory of Crazy Town after a feud with the richer Arbogastt Family.

Samuele Tattaglia's womanising often led him to be thought he was cheating on his wife Mary Tattaglia, though he in fact didn't, and him and Mary truly loved each other. He was telling the truth after all. In 2007, Tattaglia invested in the drug trade, allying with Virgil Sollozzo in 2009 when he moved his organisation from Turkey to France. He made tons of money, while his sons took over Little Town from the Corleone Family.

Tattaglia was enraged after Vito Corleone's son Michael Corleone murdered Sollozzo, and a war, The Five Families Mob War began. Samuele's son Bruno Tattaglia was murdered in 2010 in response to the shooting of Vito Corleone back in December 2009, and also for the murder of Frankie Malone in 2010. Charlie Trapani threw him into a cremation oven at Tito Morelli's, a funeral parlour where the body of the Tattaglia Capo and Sam's brother, Rudolph Tattaglia would be cremated after a ceremony. Don Tattaglia agreed with the Barzinis plan to weaken the Corleones if his family in turn become their slaves and allowed Barzini hitmen to kill Santino Corleone in September 2010. they gunned him down at the Little Town Plaza. 

Next month, Tattaglia met with Don Corleone and other members of the Commission, hoping to discuss an end to the Five Families Mob War. Don Corleone gave assurance that as time went by and his position became stronger, that he would not attempt any individual vendettas. He was also forced to accept the drug trade in his territories, which scared away his politicians, forcing him to give some of his police protection to the other families. Meanwhile, the Tattaglias' royal bosses, the Barzini Family chiselled away at Trapani and Pete Clemenza's territories in Crazy Town, and the Corleones were not allowed to retaliate, since their boss Michael Corleone ordered them to be patient, allowing the Barzinis and their slaves - Tattaglias to have a false sense of security. Vito swore on his grandchild's name that he would not go to war, but Michael plotted out his own actions, hoping to end all of the rivalries, thus breaking Vito's words.


"As you wish, Don Corleone."
— Sammy to Vito at dons meeting
"Cuneo, you are like a brother to me, my brothers even share blood with you. It's amazing, we could be the strongest family in France. Only of we work together... No? Ok then."
— Sammy to Phillip Cuneo at the meeting, Phill declinced his offer
"You see Don Stracci, you must be less insane and have more of a straight head for business, not only for killing people."
— Sammy to Stracci at the Dons' meeting
"Master! MASTER! Where's the dreams that I've been after? Master! Master, you promised only lies! Laughter! Laughter! All I see or hear is laughter. Laughter! LAUGHTER! Laughing at my cries... FIX ME!!!!! <:("
— Sammy to Don Barzini at the meeting after he was insulted


Don Tattaglia was killed at the St. Sebastian's Hotel in Crazy Town by Corleone Capos, Charlie Trapani and Rocco Lamp, who were sent to murder him. Trapani bribed his bodyguard on the staircase to let him through, and the guards on the top floor were gunned down in a hail of bullets, and Tattaglia was shot in the body parts with a Tommy Gun 50 times and twice in stomach only by Double-barrel Shotgun. Tattaglia was succeeded as Don by Osvaldo Altobello (who would not actually be the don but more of an on-off de-facto boss) and his son, Rico Tattaglia.

In the video game

"Fancula via! It wasn't me... it was the wolf... Don Barzini!"
— Sammy trying to save his life

In the game is it possible not to kill the hooker Don Tattaglia is with. But who really cares for her life anyway?