(Jack steps into Gold Town Saloon, orders whiskey, he heards bounch'ol drunks yappin' bout a gold mined and an explosive arm.)

Abraham: Hahahahahaha! Wut I'm sayin' is if it would be ME to lose an arm!

Norman: Well, baybe, but a explosive bullets? Well zat's too many guns for any man.

Willie: (Angry) Ah!, shut your whiskey cold! U didn't no him before someone like I did! Only a explosive could got into that man's arm shoutgun.

Jack: How he "almost" lose his arm?

Willie: Well, we ain't tellin' u nothin' stranger! Near as I can tell, we weren't even talkin' to u! (Laughter)

Abraham: Take a walk!

Jack: (Pissed off, grabs Willie by neck) And u will tell me or u will be in my way!

Abraham: (Pissed off) Well shut up! (Whore runs through) And don't tell that stinkin' barry dog nothin'... (Rufus shows up) Ain't that right Rufus?

Rufus: (Jack, scared, lets go Willie) If u say so. And say goodnight mister.

(A fight starts where Jack fights to protect the whores, to tell him where are Willie and Rufus. During the fight there are many words heard.)

Norman: Bleed u bastards bleed!

Abraham: Is there anything to drinky? Is there-is there ANYTHING TO DRINKY!?

Norman: Carrots for lunch! Die, die, DIE! U yankee!

Abraham: Put 'im down like a dog!

Link: It's a damn paradise! Why shouden't we start this anyother day!?

Milord: I will do whatever it takes to protect my saloon!

(Fight ends, with Jack winning, he talks to a barmaid to tell 'im where are Will and Rill)

Ada: Well u're pretty good in a fight stranger, the only problem is u almost lost u're gun in all the ruckus. (Finds gun) 'Er ya go. You go on and finish with them brothers, they called u a "Kindly pillow".

Jack: Open the damn door woman!

Ada: (Opens the door) Well guud luck to ya, but I gotta lock this door up so I get up behind u. (Locks Jack in)