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Saloon Fight


Bar Fight

Saloon Fight
Willie Bollard

Willie Bollard, the one who refused to tell Jack about the wounded arm man.




13 April, 1889


Gold Town Saloon


Jack Marston gets to the next level Bar Fight


Jack Marston

British's boys and other criminals









A couple of British boys and other criminals


Saloon Fight is a mission in Red Dead Revolver 3dn edition.


Jacky was entering the Gold Town Saloon after his meeting with Bonnie, Jack is standing at the bar when he overhears a couple of British's boys telling stories of a man who was shot in the arm so bad he almost lose it. Asking the men who they are speaking of, Jack is told to mind his own business, and in rage grabs one of the men and holds a broken sharp bottle to his neck. This angers the other thugs, and a bar fight breaks out.


Mission ObjectivesEdit

To complete this mission, the player must:

  • Knock out all of the brawlers and protect at least one whore.

Mission DetailsEdit

During the mission the player will be unable to use any weapons besides bottles. The player must also knock out all of the brawlers and protect the whores. The player can also beat up the whores and kill the barmaid, but then the mission will fail.

Mission FailureEdit

The player will fail the mission if:

  • All of the whores are killed.
  • If the player dies or if the player is thrown out of the saloon.

Mission Boss(es)Edit

  • None

New Game Elements IntroducedEdit

  • Bottle trowing.

Bonus ModeEdit

When playing this mission in Bonus Mode, the challenge is to keep all three of the saloon girls and the barmaid alive. Successful completion of this objective rewards the player with Sid Winkler as a playable character in Showdown Mode. The player may also unlock Sid by purchasing a towel. Thought the player unlocks Sid as playable character, Sid is not seen in this mission.

See more: Saloon Fight Dialogues.

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