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Russell Northrop
Russell ready to fight

Russell ready to fight.

Biographical information
Real name Russell Northrop
Also known as Big Ape, Barbarian King, Aggressive Bully, retardo, Russ, North, Sell, Russy
Nationality England flag English
Born November 21, 1987
Died N/A
Age 31
Status Alive
Birthplace London, United Kingdom, Europe
Deathplace N/A
Cause of death/incarceration N/A
Physical description
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Brown
Ethnicity Caucasian-Anglo
Height 7'2" (218 cm)
Weight 275 lbs (125kg)
Blood type AB-
Gender Male
Career, affiliations and family information
Affiliation(s) Bullies (formerly), Jimmy Hopkins
Occupation(s) Bullies' leader, former student of Dixmor Academy
Notable family members Unnamed parents
Goals To beat Jimmy (former), help Jimmy finish his journey to defeat Gary, become the strongest person, get out of Bullworth
Video Games, Movies and Cartoons information
Main appearance(s) (Video Games) Bully
Voiced by (English) Cody Melton
— Russell while fighting

Russell Northrop is a character in Bully, and leader of the Bullies gang. He was one of the strongest characters in Bully.

Role in Game

Russell's first role in game is when he wanted to smash Jimmy Hopkins' face but was stopped by Umberto Hattrick. Then Russell threatened Jimmy in the mission "This is Your School". Then he demanded a bribe from Jimmy to leave him alone; Jimmy complied, and Russell walked away. He became friends with Jimmy after Chapter 1. In the mission "Tad's House", Russell lifted up Mr. Oh after he called him dumb. His final role is as being the one who chased two teachers away; Seth Kolbe and Max MacTavish running.                                                          

Personality and traits

Russell is physically larger and stronger than other students of Dixmor Academy and since Russell is so big, the students and townies fear him due to his massive strength and immunity to grapples. The larger students will just walk away from him. He hates all the nerds and is the most aggressive towards them. Russell is usually harder to apologise to and continues demanding bribes. According to Mr. Oh, he can lift a fully grown man into the air like some sort of JACK. After the events, Russell finally quit bullying and made friends, apologised to students who were bullied by him and became weaker after quitting bullying. Good job, Russell, keep up making friends like in a Sims game.



-Russell while chasing someone

"Russell is Dixmor Champion!"

-Russell admiring himself


- Russell getting angry at the teaches, chasing them like wild dawgs

"Me Russell!"

-Russell after winning in "Russell in The Hole"


  • Russell will still get busted by any authority figures.
  • If your Bullies faction is higher than the rest, you can hire him for $1 each day.
  • Damon West and Bif Taylor are behind from Russell for being the toughest character. That was until Colton Williams came to school.
  • Here are Russell's report card grades:
    • Art: F
    • Science: A+
    • English: D
    • History: C
    • Math: A+
    • Biology: B+
    • Chemistry: A-
    • Geography: B+
    • Music: F
    • Photography: E+
    • Shop: D-
    • Home Economics: C-
    • Gym: A+