Roger Pullman
Nickname(s) Rog, Roger, Pull, Alpha Five-Two
Appears in World of War: Revenge, World of War: Global Warfare
Rank Private, later Corporal
Affiliations USMC, U.S. Army Rangers
Status Alive
Killed By None
Birth 20th of February, 2013
Sex Male
Death None
Weapon SCAR-L, R700
"It's best for you, Josh. I'm gonna die soon..."
— Pullman, said before entering Olaf's office.

Roger Pullman is a main, non-playable character that is set to feature in many World of War titles. He is a U.S Marine and an ex-Army Ranger; he was substituted from the Rangers to the USMC one week after being put onto the battlefield.

World of War: Revenge

His first appearance, he is an experienced Private and he acts as a medic for the team. He revives Josh Holmes. He mocks Adam Bell and shoots him with his rifle, after Adam makes a hara-kiri snaps his own neck, during Human Rights.

World of War: Global Warfare

He appears in this installment as an elder, experienced private awaiting promotion. He appears to be good friends with Michael Baron and Josh Holmes, when a Russian shoots Josh in the shoulder, Roger savagely beats the Russian while shouting abuse and swearing: an example of his and Josh's friendship. Later Roger gets promoted to Corporal, and leads Josh into a woodland area trying to find intel. Josh starts to realise Roger's problem in the climax of the game, and Roger engages in a fist-fight with Olaf before Carl Bombarder enters, attempting to extract the group. The door locks on them and Josh asks why they needed to be extracted. Carl replies with "Zombies". Roger becomes a playable character during the Undead Carnage mode.