Kontoplatz Roberto "Robert" Quagmire Jr.
Robert Quamire
Nickname(s) Robert, Robbie, Bob, Quagmire
Appears in World of War: Revenge
Rank Private First Class
Affiliations U.S Marines, Prince's RS-13
Status KIA
Killed By Joe Valirover
Birth 1977, Monterrey, Mexico
Sex Male
Death Day 7, 2040 (Death's Door)
Weapon PRG-42.0

Pfc. Kontoplatz Roberto "Robert" Quagmire Jr. is one of the main, non-playable characters in World of War: Revenge.

World of War: Revenge

He appears as a confidant, and arrogant member of the USMC squad he is assigned to. After battling with the USMC, he is sent to Prince's RS-13, where he battles with Darren Brown before being killed by Joe Valirover with a knife.


  • He is the cousin of Glenn Quagmire.