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Right Hand Man
RHM intro
Briefing of Right Hand Man
Call of Duty: Nuclear War 2
Sgt. Michael "Devil" King
Task Force 141
AK47 w/Scope (30 + 300), M1014 (7 + 70) w/Grip ad Red Dot Sight, M1911 .45 w/Tactical Knife (8 + 80), Fire Extinguisher, 4 frag grenades, 4 flashbangs
Grand Rapids, America
Day 10, 2019
Go after Jackson.
Kill Jackson.
Shadow Company

The penultimate level of Nuclear War 2.

Walkthrough Edit

The level starts off with the player controlling Devil. They spot Jackson and go after while killing all the attacking units. They finally killed him.

Transcript Edit

Briefing Edit

Task Force 141 logo appears by it self.

"Jackson, I trust you to take care of MacTavish and Devil."
— Shepherd

Ingame Edit

(levels starts with Devil and Soap going to a walk way. Level theme same as Hellfire)

  • Soap: Let's go, Devil.
  • Devil: On your six, sir.

(They move up and Jackson is seen and runs.)

  • Shepherd: Matt, remember your mission.
  • Soap: After Jackson.

(Troops attack Soap and Devil.)

  • Soap: Don't get in our way!

(They kill them and continue to go after Jackson and most of the Bunker starts collapsing.)

  • Soap: Oh shit!!

(They continue to go up avoiding the collapsing roof. They get into an area with the roof removed, they jump down there and take cover.)

  • Soap: Get down!

(The bunker collapse.)

  • Soap: Through this hall.

(They go through the hall and troops attacked them but are killed.)

  • Soap: Let's go.

(They go up the stairs. They then go get closer to Jackson.)

  • Jackson: You'll not kill me!
  • Soap: You'll not get far!

(Jackson stops. Devil goes to take the shot but Jackson shoots him with a R700 in the chest.)

  • Soap: NO!

(Soap shoots Jackson in the heart with a single shot from the M16A4.)

  • Soap: Come on!

(Soap drags the Devil. Devil blacks out then Wakes to find out that he is out side.)

  • Soap: Stay with me! Stay with me!
  • Devil: Sir, you've been a good inspiration. But I...I can't hold on anymore.

(He finally blacks out. Level ends.)

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