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"I can't believe those idiots where actually able to make it all the way to my hometown."
— Richard Fernandez during Homeland security.
Richard Fernandez
Nickname(s) Hunter 3-1, Sarge
Appears in Call of Duty: Nuclear War (voice), Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4, Call of Duty: Future Warfare, Call of Duty: Underground
Rank Sergeant, Warrant Officer Class 2, Cadet Staff Sergeant, Second Lieutenant, Captain
Affiliations U.S. Army Rangers, FL-20053, American Militia
Status Alive or KIA (Call of Duty: Underground) (player determined)
Killed By Ivan Braginski (player determined)
Birth April 14th, 1995, Queens, New York (25 years old in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4) (15 years old in Call of of Duty: Underground)
Sex Male
Height 5'10" (178cm) (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4, and Call of Duty: Future Warfare) 5'7" (170cm) (Call of Duty: Underground)
Weight 158.73 lbs (72 kilograms)
Hair Brown
Eyes Amber
Race Caucasian
Death Day 5, 2010 (Call of Duty: Underground) (player determined)
Weapon SCAR-H w/ ACOG scope, Desert Eagle, M4A1, M9,

AK-47, M1014, FAL, MP5K, And any weapon picked up in Call of Duty: Underground.

Richard Fernandez is the player's Squad leader during the events of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4, and is the main protagonist in Call of Duty: Underground. His voice is heard on the radio in the Call of Duty: Nuclear War level Shut the Satellite Up.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4

He is not seen until Homeland Security where he leads the player during the battle in Florida. According to qoutes from Richard, and the information in the cutscene before the level, he was part of the J.R.O.T.C at Celebration High School, and was born in New York and then moved to Florida. During the war, he carries a Special Desert Eagle with him.


  • As with Dunn and Foley, Fernandez wears a Delta Force-style helmet instead of the standard issue US Army headgear. According to the Hardened Edition handbook, the developers gave him this piece of equipment to show his leadership position in the squad.
  • Fernandez is the announcer for the U.S. Army Rangers in multiplayer in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4.
  • Fernandez has no spanish accent at all, and speaks with mostly a General American accent with a little bit of New York dialect. He can speak Spanish very well though, and knows some French due to taking French class in high school. Maybe one day he will be fully trilingual.