Richard Blackman
Nickname(s) Predator
Appears in Call of Duty 8: End of the World
Rank Captain
Affiliations Task Force 141
Status KIA
Killed By Victor Rashzoza
Birth 1988, London, England, UK
Death 2019, The Hunter
Weapon XM8, SCAR-H, M21, HK146, ACR, Intervention, Mini-Uzi, G36C.

Richard Blackman is the character in Call of Duty 8: End of the World.


Blackman was born in London with a English father and an American mother. Blackman has a very strong English accent but a weak American accent. He joins Task Force 141 to avenge the death of his parents. Blackman joins with Colonel "Soap" MacTavish, Colonel John Price and Sergeant Benny "Harrier" Simpson for an assassination mission on Emperor Blaster. Blackman shoots Blaster in the head and attacks New Saudi. Then he joins Soap in Mexico to infiltrate a Ultranationalists base. They detonate the base and escape. Later, TF 141 discovers a nuke in a submarine in Russia. Blackman and Harrier infiltrate the submarine, disarm the nuke and escape. For his last mission, Blackman is sent into Canada with Soap and Price to stop the Shadow Company's Black Market and kill Victor Rashzoza. However when they arrive there, Victor shoots Blackman in the head and stomach and pushes him off a cliff.