Richard's Desert Eagle

Richard's Desert Eagle.

Richard's Desert Eagle is a special weapon only used by Richard Fernandez and can only be used by the player by using cheats, or getting it in the museum.

Weapon InformationEdit

Richard's Desert Eagle is the Golden Desert Eagle from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. It doesn't have a firecap, it's gold plated, and it's one of the goriest weapons in the game. Close range headshots with Richard's Desert Eagle can decapitate enemies, blowing up their heads entirely, and shots to other parts of the body will send blood and gore flying out (Note that Juggernauts will not be decapitated by a head shot like normal enemies but they will die.) Richard's Desert Eagle usually kills a normal enemy in one shot, and Juggernauts in three. During the campaign Richard mostly wields his Desert Eagle during scripted scenes but is also sometimes seen wielding it during normal combat.


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