Next level
Thousand Years Of Warfare
Restrict Area 51
Call of Duty: Final Years
GySgt Jon Heritage
3rd/4th Force Recon (USMC), CIA, US Government
Combat Knife, weapons in armoury. M16, M4A1, M9, Mag 58, Barret .50 Cal, Intervention and Crossbow
Area 51, Nevada, US
Day 1, 2057
Leave the Meeting Room and go to the armoury.
Pick up the Crossbow, M4A1 and M9
Train with your new Squad
Lead your squad topside.
Get in the HMMWV.
Training Targets
Multiplayer map
Restricted Area

Walkthrough Edit

The levels begins with Heritage inside Area 51 with the CIA and US Government. He leaves them after the meeting and is told to go meet is new team by Captain Ryan Robertson. Here, he meets Kyle Simpson, Charles & Hamish Renegade and Hamish Johnston. After he meets them, he trains them to meet his standards. Then he is told by the Deputy Director to report to the Humvees.

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