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Ship Invaders
Rescue Op
Call of Duty: Nuclear War
1lt Michael Fontaine
USAF and US Army Rangers
XM8, Glock 32 and SPAS-15
Vorkuta, Russia
Reach the house
Defend the house
Lend Winona a hand.
Get Winona to the helicopter.
Rescue the USN members.
Reach Extraction
Shadow Company, Ultranationalists and Russian Mafia

Walkthrough Edit

Mike is sent to reach a house then he defends it. Then Winona is shot in the shoulder and Mike drags her half to the helicopter and then picks her up and walks her to the helo and puts her on the helo. It leaves then They are asked to save some Navy men in a building then reach extraction.

Transcript Edit

Briefing Edit

"Michael, this is Lieutenant General Donald C. Wurster. We need you to reach a house and defend it. Can you please defend this house here."
— Wurster
— Mike

Ingame Edit

(The level starts with Michael and Winona in Skywolf 3-5.)

  • Skywolf: Almost there.
  • Mike: Roger that.

(They land near some dead Internal Troops.)

  • Mike: Poor bastards.

(Mike and Winona regroup with there commander and squad then move to the house. They encounter some enemy forces.)

  • Mike: Keep going!

(They make it to the house. They take it then defend it.)

  • Miles: Suppressing fire.
  • Wade: Riley, is here. Staff Sergeant Jackson
  • Mike: Okay, Claude.

(Winona is shot in the shoulder.)

  • Mike: Winny!!
  • Miles: Get her outta here!

(Mike takes her and drags her.)

  • Mike: Stay with me!

(He gets halfway.)

  • Mike: Come on, get up! Get up! Get up! We're almost here!

(She is put in the helicopter.)

  • Mike: Get her outta here.

(They go.)

  • Taylor: Mike, this Taylor. Some down navy men are down. Callsigns Black-Tooth and Toothpick. They are pinned down.

(They reach the navy men and then take them to the helicopter.)

  • Skywolf: Let's get outta here.

(End of mission)

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