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He Always Keeps Things Clean
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She's My...
Red's Squad
Call of Duty: Nuclear War
Sgt. Major Red Nancarrow
USMC and Russian Loyalists
M4A1 (SOPMOD) and Desert Eagle
Saudi Arabia
Day 3, 2018
Look for Jake Shepherd. Escort Commander Johnson to the enemy assault car. Drive to the the TV station. Look for Jake.
Shadow Company and Opfor

Walkthrough Edit

Shadow Company has betrayed everyone except for the enemy factions. And the USMC are holding fights against them. Red moves into Saudi Arabia

Transcript Edit

Briefing Edit

"Gentleman, I just got word that Soap and Price are out of jail. Red Nancarrow, Blake Johnson I'm commandeering Echo Team."
— Taylor
"Go ahead sir."
— Johnson
"I want you to look for Jake Shepherd. He has resumed Shepherd's corruption. Terminate on site."
— Taylor
"Roger that sir."
— Johnson

Ingame Edit

  • Red: Okay gentleman, let's go.

(First lot of sentries spotted)

  • Wade: Sentries sighted.
  • Miles: Open fire.
  • Red: Bloody Shepherd.
  • Blake: Just keep firing

(They kill all of them off and look through the possible places where Jake might be.)

  • Red: Nothings here. This is odd.
  • Wade: To right mate.

(An assaullt vehicle crashes through a gate and kills a randomly generated soldier. And another stops next to a dead BTR)

  • Blake: Get me to the car near the BTR.
  • Red: Yessir. Let's go.

(They fight off some soldiers then get in the car.)

  • Red: I'll drive.
  • Blake: Commander Johnson to command do you copy.
  • Command: Roger that. The next possible location is...
  • Taylor: The broadcasting room. Check there marine.
  • Blake: Roger that.

(They drive through the town and get to the TV Station.)

  • Blake: Disembark

(They get off and fight to the room.)

  • Red: Wade open the door.
  • Wade: On it.

(Wade shoots the door down. Then the marines enter.)

  • Blake: Blake to General Taylor. He's not here.

(End of mission.)

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